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Guns & Kids

This is a discussion on Guns & Kids within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm planning to get an HK P2000 SK soon for carry but I'm worried about my little girl- she is 2 1/2 and I don't ...

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Thread: Guns & Kids

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    Guns & Kids

    I'm planning to get an HK P2000 SK soon for carry but I'm worried about my little girl- she is 2 1/2 and I don't want her to see me carry, say "what's that" I tell her it's a gun- and then when we are out somewhere she talks about it!!! I can't just brush her off and tell her it is nothing- esp. in a few years.

    My wife says "no one can know you carry" She is kinda freaked out by the whole thing. I work with teenagers so in some ways I agree that I would rather people not know.

    Any ideas?

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    Don't tell anyone. There are some people which you cannot avoid telling, wife...shooting buddies that will easily read between the lines even if you don't tell them etc. But don't let anyone know that doesn't have to know. There seems to be a general understanding among people who see eachother at a range or elsewhere to not tell other people that you train or practice shooting defensive weapons.
    Concealed means concealed, as you are already expecting, people will talk about this sort of thing and it's not something to make a conversation.
    Just my .02

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    i think daugther falls into the catagory of someone you cannot avoid telling. I think you are worried about getting made by your daugther, but to be honest I think the more you teach her about it and the more "common" it seems she'd be less likely to a. blow up your spot and b. less likely to get hurt with it if she ever came across it somehow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilenceDoGood View Post
    i think daugther falls into the catagory of someone you cannot avoid telling. I think you are worried about getting made by your daugther, but to be honest I think the more you teach her about it and the more "common" it seems she'd be less likely to a. blow up your spot and b. less likely to get hurt with it if she ever came across it somehow.
    I agree. My 2 yr old (3 in oct.) knows what my pistol is, knows what my rifles are, and knows not to touch them. she even repeats the steps to me that she is to take if she sees it. she is very smart about it, and never asks to play with them. it is like saying "hot". well to some degree.. (no pun)
    this is my daughter though, and you may have a different approach. i was around guns when i was 2-3 years old, and i understood the danger of a weapon at a very young age.

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    You could make it a game with your daughter since she is so young. Tell her, "This is our secret, only you and daddy and mommy will know about this.", or something similar.

    When she gets older I think you should teach her how to safely handle a loaded weapon even if she doesn't like them. You may be the safest most responsible gun owner on the planet but she will eventually be in other people's homes and you won't know if they have guns in the house or not and if they do how careful they are with them.

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    Holster up when and where she can not see. She will forget about it in short order. I will be only as big of deal as you make it. Your first 6 outing should be places that you will not be elbow to elbow with other people, so if she mentions it no one will hear. Nothing wrong with teaching young ones about gun safety and proper handling if they touch a gun, but really do not see the need for them to know when you are carrying.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dbshabo View Post
    You could make it a game with your daughter since she is so young. Tell her, "This is our secret, only you and daddy and mommy will know about this.", or something similar.

    "SHHH I have a secret".... kids can't keep secrets, unless they are afraid of something bad happening if they tell.

    I have carried since years before my daughter was born (now 4 years old). It is no big deal to her. Teach her young, teach her she is not to touch. It will be like wearing shoes, or underwear (underwear should be concealed at all times as well). She doesn't go tell her friends, or daycare that I wear shoes, or underwear, it is so commonplace it is unimportant to her.
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    As with anything, the less you make it a big deal, the less likely it will become one.

    My brother-in-law is required to be armed at all times. His job as a federal agent means that he's got more to worry about than what people think of his concealed handgun, but it was an important stage when my niece and nefew asked questions.

    He did it just right. He showed the kids his gun, completely stripped it and let them handle each part. In great detail, he explained why he carries a gun and why it is important to remember that not everybody needs to know about it. You could see the kid's chests swell with pride to learn that Daddy is a protector.

    You're no different, even if you're not L.E. Perhaps you should try making it less of a big deal by laboriously explaining everything about it to the child...chances are, they'll get bored and blow it off entirely. Your wife may not approve, but it sounds like she won't approve no matter what.

    I liken this to syringes. My father has been insulin dependent for almost sixty years, which means he's ALWAYS got a 'rig' on him. He's been known to inject WHEREVER, WHENEVER, but it sometimes gets looks. Most diabetics I know don't 'shoot up' in front of everyone. My father had to explain to his grandchildren what he was doing with the needle, aired it out for everyone to ask questions about, and it became a non-issue.

    Now that the kids take for granted that Daddy and Unky Scot are always armed, it isn't really worth commenting on. Like saying 'you're tall' or 'sugar is sweet'. Duh. Daddy has a gun. Big deal.

    This is one suggestion.
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    My wife is convinced that my 8 year old knows.

    I'm just waiting for my 8 year old to ask about it. I make an effort to stay concealed around my kids, mainly because I do not want my kids deciding when I need to use my weapon! An example of this is a convenience store that's being robbed, I don't want anyone hollering out "Dad, you've got a gun. Stop them." or anything like that. My wife knows that it's 100% my decision as to when I draw and when I don't but I'm not sure when to have that discussion with my kids.

    I'm sure that I will need to have it pretty soon. One of my kids has started making sure the lockbox in my car is locked. I've watched him do it, and if it's unlocked he doesn't open it, he just comes and tells me so I can lock it. I think this means he has seen me put my gun in there one of the many times that I have been forced to disarm/rearm in the vehicle with them.

    (Sidetrack, it frustrates me that I have to disarm so often. My two "favorite" places are my kids school and the post office. Someone must have noticed that I never park in either of those places' parking lot. I'm just waiting for one of the teachers to ask why I park on the other side of the street and run in!)

    Once I think that my kids will understand the importance of keeping Daddy's "secret" and not telling anyone without my permission I will tell them. I exposed them to guns pretty early, because I have a few, but I also explained house hold chemicals, venetian blind cords, bath tubs, etc. to them. (I'm not so worried about them at our house because we keep our bath tub secure, but one of their friends house has at least TWO bath tubs! And they are almost never locked up. I'm thinking about not letting them play at that house ever since I found out. Why on earth do they need TWO bath tubs! It's just not safe!)

    Anyway, the only reason I don't tell people is I want to be in control if a bad situation would occur. I don't know how my kids would react to a bad situation, so I haven't told them. Someday I will have to tell them or stop carrying half the time because they will be paying attention and will see me arm/disarm but until then I will keep it a secret. Hope that helps you decide for yourself.

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    The more routine you make wearing a gun, the less exciting it is for a child. Right now is the right time to start exposing your daughter to guns. Teach her young, let her touch it etc(unloaded of course)...and when she is older not only will having a gun be normal, she will have a healthy respect/appreciation for guns. This also applies to your wife. Don't tell a little child about keeping it a secret. Before you know it the whole preschool social club will know about it and parents will not want their child to play with yours. We had a similar experience. Since DH is LEO, pretty much everyone knows that we have at least one gun in the house. At my son's 3 yr birthday party,
    one parent declined her invitation because we had a gun in the house. (Never mind the huge safe where all guns were kept secure.)Another time,(play date invitation), another parent grilled me over how many guns were in the home, where were they kept, etc. I can understand parents wanting to protect their children. It all boils down to EDUCATION. If you teach them early and often, your child won't be a statistic. When she is older, you can discuss why you don't want a lot of people to know you are carrying concealed. Don't make it a big deal and it won't be a big deal. Good luck!

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    I think she might surprise you. Just sit her down and explain things to her, tell her that this is only for the family to know. My girls don't talk to anyone about my carrying. If you try to hide it, she may think there's something wrong with what your doing.

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    No big deal

    Don't make a big deal about it.

    My son doesn't ask me about my gun. He sees me put it on most days just before we head out to take him to school.

    Guns have been laying around my house (unloaded if they are within his reach) since before he was born. Now at 4, he doesn't even pay attention to them. When I come back from camp or hunting, or the range, many times they get laid on the kitchen table for a day or two until they are cleaned and put up.

    He knows they are not to be played with. He has gone shooting with us since before he could walk. He has only "helped" shoot a couple of times because at this point, he simply isn't interested in them.

    I don't agree with telling them it is our secret or any of that. It is kinda like a belt, or shoes, does your daughter ask about them, probably not, if it is a normal activity and she is used to it, there won't be any questions and shouldn't be any concerns.

    That is my take.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I started carrying about when my kids were 4-5 . They are now 11-12 and have never told anyone that I carry. Eventually your kid will see the pistol. Sit down and explain why you carry (simply) and tell her it is a secret that you trust her with.
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    My son is 4. I got him a movie called "Eddie the Eagle on gun safety". Its a cartoon that explains what to do if they see a gun and how not to touch. He watches it all the time and loves it!

    As far as carring and hem knowing, like everybody else says if they are familiar with them it takes out the curiosity. My son asked me once "why do you carry a gun?" I told him that it is to protect him and Mommy from bad guys and to try not to talk about it because the bad guys my hear him.

    Now he can't wait to go hunting and shooting. I take him scouting before the season and he loves it.

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    I always use an IWB holster. I usually put it on in my closet, so the kids don't see my arm myself. My wife is the only one who knows I pack. My kids have never made me yet, but when the get old enough (2 and 1 now), I will tell them why I do it. I still teach them firearm safety all the time, thats what my dad did and it worked on me. Good luck and stay safe, by the way that HK is a very nice piece.

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