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License/DWI checkpoint...Show CCW or not?

This is a discussion on License/DWI checkpoint...Show CCW or not? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by FN1910 Interesting comments in this thread. For The interesting part is I have read many comments especially on other boards is how ...

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Thread: License/DWI checkpoint...Show CCW or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FN1910 View Post
    Interesting comments in this thread. For The interesting part is I have read many comments especially on other boards is how some people would seemingly refuse to provide their DL much less their CWP unless arrested. .
    What bloody fools!!! I wish them luck.
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    I'm in Arizona, disclosure is not mandatory. I don't have that much call to deal with LEO's but I make it a habit not to disclose for the following reasons.

    I talked to a Phoenix officer in a gun shop a while back, what he told me is that they are required to disarm anyone who has a weapon. Even if they disclose their carry status as a "courtesy". I'm unsure if it's his personal policy or department policy, but either way I consider it an unsafe practice under most conditions (i.e. if it's not being handled, it won't go off).

    Completely understandable in many situations, but for a simple traffic stop? I figure once I've provided the proper credentials (CWP) that should be the end of it, but in Phoenix it's not.

    I recently had an accident, (not my fault) and was with the officer on and off for about an hour. I did not disclose that I had a firearm or permit so it wasn't an issue. Had I disclosed this as a "courtesy" the officer would have had to disarm me. No matter what the outcome, you look guilty if an officer disarms you in public. Another reason is that I don't want everyone knowing I carry a firearm.

    If there was some discretion involved that would be one thing, but since there isn't I choose not to disclose on most encounters. Of course if the situation warrants disclosure I certainly would.

    Please note, this is not a bash on LEO's, it's just my opinion and reasons behind it. I don't have that many encounters, but most of them have been stand up, polite and professional folks.
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    I don't care if a LEO feels the need to disarm me. He is there to take care of any problems that come up- and officer safety is important, and if they feel that is the best step I'm all for it. You'll get your gun back when you're done. And from everything I've heard it seems that CCW holders often get off easier than the average person.
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    Are we supposed to show our CCW permit in this situation? Has anyone had any problems during these checks?
    If it is state law, then it wouldn't hurt to inform. If it is not required in your state...then don't worry about it.

    As one that participates in DAL/Sobriety checkpoint on occasion, I don't really care if you are toting or not. Show me your Drivers license, and if you roll down the window and the smell of alcohol doesn't slap me like a 2x4 then you'll probably be on your merry way. In this state, it isn't required to inform, but a lot of people do anyway. I have never seen or even heard of a problem with that...other than people wanting to talk about their guns and taking up way to much time to do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    Yes, since North Carolina requires you to inform LEO’s that you have a permit and are armed it would be appropriate to present it at the Revenue Enhancement Check Points.

    I would only add that it is more than appropriate it is mandatory.
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    I present it at check points and when pulled over. I consider it a courtesy even though I am not required to in my State. I haven't had a single incident presenting it and answering "of course" when asked if I was armed. stated, if the law requires it in your State there really isn't any other answer than yes.

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    In Ohio, if you are carrying, you have to inform. If not carrying you don't need to inform. In this situation I would not inform if I wasn't carrying because there would be no positive reason to do so. If I was pulled over for something like speeding or some other traffic violation I would inform either way because the LEO just might give you a break for being one of the good guys.

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    I havent. At check points I dont think its a problem. Not untill youve be pulled over to the side for further questioning. Then I would. I think they would like to know then.

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    In a state where it's required you do it.

    In a state where it isn't you don't...what's the point?! Unless it's relevant to the conversation, why do folks feel compelled to show their permit? Please, don't start that "...the LEO wants to know of the threat..." story; you're not a threat. Or, leave out the hope that you'll get some special break or bond with the officer...duh.
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    For a traffic stop, yes. For a license check, no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncffp163 View Post
    My question is this: Are we supposed to show our CCW permit in this situation? Has anyone had any problems during these checks?

    No different than any other kind of stop! Conform to your state law regarding duty to inform LEO of ccw status and you'll have no worries.

    If your state has NO requirement to inform and you don't inform them, they aren't gonna treat you any different than if you did offer to inform them.

    Where you will get jammed up is if you are in a state where you are required to inform anytime you are stopped and you don't. Then, don't expect any officer friendly telling you to have a nice night and send you merrily on your way.

    For me personally, I've never been hit in a DUI check point but they do frequently have them here during holidays.

    In Missouri, we are not required to inform LEO's unless asked, but I certainly understand that during a DUI check points, they are gonna be doing a lot of vehicle stops and they are attempting to get dangeous people of the roads so I would just out of courtesy take the opportunity to let them know I was carrying and have my permit in hand with my DL.

    Anything I can do to be upfront, ease any apprehensions and make their job go smoothly during such an opperation is no problem for me.

    And I'm not going to be offended if they don't offer me any "kudo's" for being an upstanding guy and telling them. They have a job to do and probably have other things on their mind.
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    No requirement here in New Hampshire.
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    No such requirement in MA and if you were to inform in Eastern MA, you are likely to taste the pavement! LEOs here aren't used to finding good folks armed and their reaction may be a bit over the top.

    If they don't ask you to get out of the car, don't mention it in gun-unfriendly states like MA (unless state laws says otherwise).

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