Open Carry States

Open Carry States

This is a discussion on Open Carry States within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Some off topic discussions in another thread got me doing a little research on "Open Carry". Here is what I have found. The following states ...

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Thread: Open Carry States

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    Open Carry States

    Some off topic discussions in another thread got me doing a little research on "Open Carry". Here is what I have found.

    The following states allow open carry without a CHP except as noted.

    Indiana (Handgun permit required)
    Mississippi (discouraged by LE)
    Montana (banned in most cities by local ords.)
    New Jersey (with valid CHP only)
    New Mexico
    Ohio (local ords apply required by CHP holders in vehicles)
    Oregon (with restrictions)
    South Dakota (required in vehicles)
    Virginia (20 round magazine limit)
    Wisconsin (some restrictions)

    In car open carry is ok without a CHP in the following states.
    Missouri (restrictions apply)
    North Carolina

    I didn't break out Ohio and South Dakota which require open carry in your vehicle.

    There are a few states with local preemption laws, but most of them do not have this. So local laws could trump the state laws. I didn't do this to endorse open carry, but to see which states actually allow it at some level. Some states have laws that are in place for hunting or to protect CHP holders who may expose their gun from charges.

    I can say that Virginia has true open carry. I can strap on a pistol and go about my business. In fact open carry is required in establishments that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises. So you will usually see a few pistols at the restaurant. Some people get a little excited and LE may be summonded, but the LEOs I know usually just do a Wants and Warrants and if you are clean you are on your way. We have had some problems with inexperienced LEOs, but last year VA did a lot of training on this subject and we haven't had a case since that I'm aware of.

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    I guess this is the proper venue for this post:

    In a fair number of states open carry on your person is totally legal. Virginia is one and so is Arizona. Alaska too, I'm told. I have a buddy that moved to Arizona from Florida. He was tickled to find the new changes. He started carrying his 45 cocked and locked on his hip in plain view. Some of the newer residents of a liberal bent got all BENT outta shape when he did this so he took to carrying the proper section of STATE LAW laminated in his wallet. Once he went to a movie theatre carrying and the manager started frothing at the mouth saying how he couldn't bring THAT THING inside the theatre complex! So my buddy pulls out the law and says "If that's the case, you MUST provide a locker for my weapon while I am on the premises...." and the manager points to a set of gym type lockers all rusted and decaying and says "I wondered what THOSE were for...." So they reached an accomodation. The theatre refurbished ONE locker just for him and he locks it up whenever he goes to the movies and they let him wear it THAT day.

    In Virginia it was open carry for years but nobody ever exercised it. As soon as CCW was passed a lot of folks got permits. Nowadays, folks who carry openly will probably be stopped a LOT by cops (products of the public schools antigun AGENDA, no doubt) but they can't do much. There is a move on to bring back open carry in Virginia as a normal thing.

    As stated above there are a fair number of open carry states and it seems to me that there also seem to be a fair number of anti-gun weenies who are card carrying HOPLOPHOBES who just mess their pants at the sight of any weapon, but especially a firearm. I'm thinking the War On Terror might provide some Darwinian natural selection once things get moving for real here in the homeland. But that's just a thought.
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    Michigan is also a open carry state but dont think on doing it

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    Oregon, the rainy part.
    Oregon allows open carry, with the exception of Portland and Beaverton. According to state law CHL holders can open carry anywhere. Portland is not following the law, nor is Beaverton. Anywhere else is fair game. If a business owner doesn't want you armed, he can ask you to leave, and if you refuse, call the cops. Same as if you loiter without buying. Just a misdemeanor trespass.
    All in all, the laws here are pretty nice. I see posts sometimes where people have to leave their gun in the car to go to church, or a restaurant, or gatherings of more than a certain size, etc.
    None of that here. Full auto, Silencers, all legal.
    And we have a gun lobby that is pushing for Vermont carry.
    I love Oregon!
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    Minnesota too is an open carry state with a CWP.

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    Starting September 1 I know Texans will be allowed to have guns in their vehicle without any sort of permit. I don't recall any requirement to conceal them.

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    Texas used to allow open carry...that was before JFK killed...I know it applied to rifles and shotguns, not real sure about handguns....I remember a newsman, in the aftermath (1964) investigations, going to a pawn shop and buying a mil surplus rifle and walking around downtown Dallas....nobody questioned him. Boy how things have changed. I'm glad to see other States loosen up...and with a few new changes here, maybe Texas will get there too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prospector
    Texas used to allow open carry...that was before JFK killed...I know it applied to rifles and shotguns, not real sure about handguns....
    I don't think Texas ever allowed you to openly carry a pistol or even have one loaded in your car. You were supposed to have it locked in your trunk or glove compartment (inaccessible) and unloaded and separated from the ammunition. Rifles and shotguns were okay because (if you remember) I used to carry my sawed off 12 gauge in my car all of the time. I also used to carry my pistol occasionally, too, but it was not really legal to do it at the time. I am really glad to hear Texas is opening up now.
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    PA is considered open carry - purely because there is no statute that expressly forbids such - therefore - ergo - it is legal!!

    That said - I doubt there are too many places where excercizing this option will be particularly popular - certainly not in bliss ninny town regions. Once more rural then I don't think there is as much to worry about but on balance concealed saves a lot of hassle.

    I have always since carrying, been open around house and property - I also in hot weather divest of any cover garment when at gun club, model flying club etc - all places which anyways are private property. Otherwise - concealed.
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    I may be out of the mainstream gun owner here on the open carry subject; there very well may be reasons to open carry in places you work or hunt or camp. Open carry among normal every day life will tend to bring on comments and uncomfortable situations. I am for ccw that may be exposed from time to time due to body movement, I can understand that. I also think that to carry a shotgun in the car loaded and ready is a good thing so I am not trying to be a prude on this subject.
    I don't recall the year even but there was unrest in Texas with the blacks and they were walking around in groups carrying shotguns and LEO was not taking any steps to remove them. I believe it was during the 1960's!!! The same thing happened here in CA on the capital steps and law makers passed a law forbiding shotguns to be carried around the capital.
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    As mentioned above Michigan is an open carry state, but it is kind of a hassle as you can't carry in your car so as soon as you go to leave you have to pack it up locked in the trunk etc, unless you have a CCW. However most cops around here with get their panties so far in a bunch you'll be sure to have to do everything including a field sobriety test in order to get them off your back. It's a shame that something as inalienable as the right to carry can be stepped upon by some over zealous officers. That's my two cents.

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    Idaho has no issues.

    Utah you can open carry with permit, otherwise it has to be a non-loaded chamber or the chamber under and next in the cycle on a revolver.
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    A couple of questions(that I hope are "relevent") Please remember that I am a strong proponent of concealed carry.>>>>> How do people feel when thay walk into a bar/lounge,establishment that its PRIMARY purpose is to serve alcohol and see a person sitting at the bar with a weapon strapped to their side?? Do they automatically know that this person is a trustworthy,trained(?),licensed,fingerprinted,back ground checked gun owner/carrier??? Do they know how many drinks that this person has had? Do they understand that his "cuttin' up" is just because he is a fun lovin',happy guy,and he's not drunk? Step back and take a look through their eyes for a moment. Is some extremely intoxicated customer gonna hassle the gun wearer? Will it seem to the big,mean,stupid,drunk,that you are cooler,meaner,more manly,etc.,etc.,than him so he's "just gotta try you"? If a armed robbery goes down,who are the BG/BG's gonna shoot and/or relieve of their weapon first? Probably the ones that they KNOW have a weapon. If it's just a "simple" mugging you will not have any kind of advantage if the BG/BG's see that you have a weapon on your hip. In fact,it might make you more appealing. I suspect that at least a few of the BG's out there know what a Kimber,Wilson, Baer,or Brown,is valued at these days. It would be a no brainer to relieve a person of their $1000-$2000 sidearm if you knew who had them on by just lookin'. Also,I do not want to be interrogated,scrutenized,scanned,screened, or otherwise hasseled unjustly,by any more LEO's than I have to. I don't want them to touchie-feelie,finger,or fornicate with my weapon for any reason,real or imagined.For me, open carry(hopefully)will never be an option. This, with respect to all CCWers.------

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    RSSC, I agree 100%++.

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