Yes it was a mistake for you to "add" to the answer. When you work for the feds (in any position) do not go into to detail when answering a application question unless it specifically tells you to.

Carrying a firearm on your own time under a properly licensed CCL is none of the agencies business, unless you mix it with your work. Such as broadcasting that your work for XYZ while displaying your weapon, or bringing the weapon onto federal property.

Our administrative folks routinely possess CCLs but that is their business and none of the agencies, unless they get into an incident that involves the local authorities (except for a minor traffic citation) and then most federal agencies have a mandatory disclosure policy.

Finally, you bringing up the fact that you carry, is more likely to bring up the cowboy image, just by you addidng it to the answer, than not mentioning it. The only time you should mention that you carry a weapon is if you are in direct contact with an LEO during the course of him/her initiating contact with you due to a traffic stop or investigative stop, otherwise, keep it concealed both the weapon and the fact that you actually carry one.

Oh and if the three letter agency wanted to know if you have a CCL, its real easy for them to find out. They'll know about the license as soon as they run your name through the criminal history database, as all fingerprint request send to up are listed in it, weither as an applicant, security clearance, arrest, conviction, CCL, professional license or military application.

Wish you well, but me thinks you oops on your answer, but I wouldnt suggest you give up your carry, no reason to, as long as you dont take it onto federal property, into restricted locations (such as Wash DC) ect.