Ammunition in baggage when flying

Ammunition in baggage when flying

This is a discussion on Ammunition in baggage when flying within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This question may have been answered in another thread; if so I apologize and ask someone to point me to it. I've flown with a ...

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Thread: Ammunition in baggage when flying

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    Ammunition in baggage when flying

    This question may have been answered in another thread; if so I apologize and ask someone to point me to it.

    I've flown with a pistol many times -- no problems. A while ago, someone told me that magazines counted as a container for ammunition -- as long as the primers of the cartridges were covered. He just stuck the loaded mags in a regular mag carrier inside the required lockable hard-sided case and everything went fine. If this works, I'd sure like to start doing it -- sitting in a restroom stall and loading 30 rounds into two magazines is a time-consuming PITA.

    Okay. I checked the TSA web page <> to be sure and found this, which makes no sense at all. Maybe it's just me.

    "You can't use firearm magazines/clips for packing ammunition unless they completely and securely enclose the ammunition (e.g., by securely covering the exposed portions of the magazine or by securely placing the magazine in a pouch, holder, holster or lanyard)."

    Can someone tell me what "exposed portions of the magazine" means in TSAspeak? If the magazine isn't in the pistol, the whole thing is exposed. Or are they trying to say to cover the exposed portions of the cartridges? If it means putting the magazine in a mag carrier, how much of the magazine has to be covered? I've made and used some really minimalist Kydex/leather carriers that only cover about an inch of the magazine. Would this work? Has anybody tried using magazines to pack ammunition? How did it go?

    Confused in College Station,

    Gene Charleton

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    If you and I are confused imagine what the TSA person will feel like. I have used a magazine holder that completely covers with a flap that Velcro's over the mag.. I don't think anything less would pass and even this was questioned once. I went back to using the box the ammo came in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charleton View Post
    sitting in a restroom stall and loading 30 rounds into two magazines is a time-consuming PITA.
    But how else are you supposed to feel like a hitman assembling and loading your gun in the bathroom stall?

    It would be real nice to just keep the mag loaded, but I'm with havegunjoe - TSA personell don't know even the simple rules half the time. So, we're left standing in the stall waiting patiently for someone to finish washing his hands so we can drop the slide on a freshly loaded mag without any unwelcome attention. I think it's just part of flying with a gun.
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    Recent thread on this HERE ......... but will leave this one open for now as you posed some specific questions ... which also may get lost if I merge.
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    I just flew from Denver to Charlotte, NC the other week. I put my pistols in a hard pistol case that has an ace lock and a combination lock. I put my loaded magazines in my magazine carriers The magazines are with the open end in the carrier. The magazines then go into a lockable plastic pistol case with a padlock. Leaving Denver I declared the firearms. followed the bag to TSA for xray. No problem.
    Never had to open the bag. On the return at check in the lady wanted to see the guns to make sure they were unloaded. Had to unpack the suitcase. She wouldn't loaded from unloaded. They never asked about the ammo at either end. It is a crap shoot what you will run into. I usually call or check the airlines regulations. Buying ammo after you get there is an option but is there a place close by to get it and will they have what you need.

    Someone should start selling ammo at the airports! What an idea!

    Semper Fi

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    Ammo in the Checkin

    The airline rules cover how the ammo is to packed.

    There are two ways:

    1. In the original Box, or an equivalant storage device

    2. Magazines, with the primers fully covered.

    I travel in/out of Orlando, and I have a list of just what airlines that serve MCO do about it.

    Airtran - Magazine
    America West - Magazine
    American - Box
    ATA - Magazine
    Continental - Magazine
    Delta - Box
    Frontier - Magazine
    JetBlue - Magazine
    Midwest - Box
    Northwest - Box
    Southwest - Magazine
    Spirit - Box
    Sun County - Magazine
    Ted/United - Box
    US Airways - Box
    USA 3000 - NO FIREARMS

    Check their individual web sites for the current details. Have a copy with you at the checkin counter.
    George H. Foster
    Orlando, Florida

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