Have you ever heard of someone having to reload when using a CCW?

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Thread: Have you ever heard of someone having to reload when using a CCW?

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    Question Have you ever heard of someone having to reload when using a CCW?

    Do you carry a spare magazine?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooterer View Post
    Do you carry a spare magazine?

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    I can't cite a particular case where a reload was needed, but I have heard of people being attacked by groups of 4-5 people or more (mob mentality stuff). I have also heard of meth'd out thugs walking through 15+ rounds from LEO's and never feeling them.

    The chances of me being in one of those situations are slim, but so are the chances of me needing to pull my weapon for any reason. And if you do ever find yourself facing multiple or drugged out attackers, wouldn't you feel dumb when the slide locked back if you have nothing left on your hip that goes bang...
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    Forget capacity...most auto failures are in some ways magazine related. A spare is just like an extra tire in your trunk, another option to sitting stranded on the proverbail side of the road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    Forget capacity...most auto failures are in some ways magazine related. A spare is just like an extra tire in your trunk, another option to sitting stranded on the proverbail side of the road.
    I always carry extra mags.
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    Yes, 2 spares.
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    Yes, I never carry a gun without at least one reload, sometimes two.
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    Extra mag in case of a Mag malfunction.
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    Not personally but I do know those that have.

    I always carry two spares with extras in the truck with a longgun.

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    No, I've never read or heard a story where in a civilian encounter, someone needed their spare mag. There are probably some out there. I've just not read one.

    As for myself, yes, I usually carry a spare.

    My mother keeps reminding me that out of our entire family and out of all the states that we've traveled to, my family has never needed a weapon in self defense so she doesn't understand why I feel I need to carry a gun.

    I remind her that out of the the millions of people who get preyed upon, it's the people who thought it could never happen to them or who thought there was no use for a weapon that usually get hit and hurt the worst, if not killed.

    Out of the hundreds of thousands of people who carry there are those of us who have had to use our weapons in self defense, but not many shots, if any, were needed. There could be those who carry who have the same opinion about a spare magazine that my mother has about guns in general.

    Out of all the times they've carried or in all of the situations they may have needed their gun, they never needed a spare magazine so why carry one?

    However, there is something else my mother used to say that stuck. When I used to do something stupid or foolish or dangerous and she would point out just how reckless it was, I would say, "I'm going to die when I'm going to die." She would then say, "Well, you don't have to tempt fate."

    It's not that I believe in luck or even bad luck, it's that I don't want to tempt fate and have to need my spare magazine the one time I think I won't, either because of a jam or because I just needed that many rounds.

    If I never need it, I'll be happy, but in the mean time, I usually don't leave home without it.

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    > Yes, a PA. LEO but, not due to running dry of ammo but, due to a double feed related firearm failure.

    > Also not first hand but, very reliable second hand of a semi~auto "complete and undetected" magazine ejection from a properly holstered firearm during a Missing Person search. The individual was not even aware of the fact that his magazine had been lost until later on.

    > I've also (first hand) seen a 1911 magazine w/ a "welded on" base blow right off the butt of a magazine during shooting.

    I always carry at least one spare & fully trusted magazine for reasons other than possibly needing more ammo.
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    Not CC, but a tragic encounter that led to an amazing reload story.
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    Well, just having started carrying, I will carry 1 spare mag. It doesn't get in the way or cause discomfort, so why not? Needing it for the additional ammo would probably be a rare instance, but in case of a failure, its added security.

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