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This is a discussion on OWB Paddle holsters within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Joe - I know these don't work well for everyone, that's a given. I do tho remember back in my ''P95Carry'' days , I used ...

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Thread: OWB Paddle holsters

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    Joe - I know these don't work well for everyone, that's a given.

    I do tho remember back in my ''P95Carry'' days , I used a Fobus paddle to great effect. I am 6.00" and 200 or so - fairly (relatively for age - like 36") Ok re waist and broad up top - some advantage for carry I admit.

    Thing I did reckon tho was - keep belt done up tight enough - not uncomfortable but very secure. This meant for me that the pressure on paddle against ''me'' was such that gun carried tight in and so no printing problem to speak of. I do think build has a lot to do with this - so as with all holster selections - this has to come in for the ''what works'' syndrome.

    Some folks have mentioned that Fobus rigs also are a bear to draw from. I found retention was strong but - made an ''intertial'' draw - meaning very brisk which breaks rig hold easily. It ain't like a draw from leather.
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    I know what you mean by the 'intertial' draw and that wasn't a problem for me at all. In fact, it was comforting to know that it took a swift jerk to get that gun to come lose from the holster. I really wanted the fobus to work but the best I could do was still not good enough for me. I must admit that I do not own a 'gun belt'. I was using a thick Carhart belt and I was doing it up pretty darn tight. I'm also not experienced in this concealed carry thing so there may be something obvious I'm missing. I should follow all input I post regarding carry with "I don't really know what I'm not talking about so take what I have to say with a grain of salt."

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    A couple of things, first, the Fobus is like the proverbial bad penny to me. I've enough high dollar leather and Kydex holsters than I'm ashamed to admit it. But, that humble, inexpensive, Fobus paddle keeps turning up like a bad penny and I have to admit it is one of my favorites. The Fobus paddle cant is less than an FBI cant (15 degrees) and that really works better for me.

    As several have mentioned, it's quick and easy to get on and off, holds the gun securely, holds the gun in tight, and doesn't print easily on me although I read that printing is a problem for others.

    Plus, and again as already mentioned, I'm not worried about the break away gun grab thing. I recognize that that is surely be a weakness, but since I strictly carry concealed, "they" shouldn't know it's there to start with.

    I've found that some Fobus paddles work better than others. The Fobus paddles for my Sig 229, 226, 226R & STs, and Glock work great. By great I mean the holster fits the gun properly and holds it in tight.

    I'm not satisfied with the way the Fobus paddle fits my H&K USP - something just isn't quite right. I believe it's one of those designs that "fit" numerous models of guns. The holster's trigger guard profile looks like the P2000 instead of the USP. Hmmm, I'm going to check the holster number (again) and make sure it's the right holster for the USP. Plus, this particular holster kicks the muzzle of the gun out too much - it looks funny.

    Another that seems to be a problem is the Fobus paddle for the Springfield XD-9. The holster doesn't fit the slide properly. I believe in this case, it is another attempt on Fobus's part to try to make one fit many. Hence the holster looks like it may fit an XD-40, but perhaps the 40's slide is wider and hence the 9's slide doesn't fit properly.

    Another Fobus paddle problem I've had is for the Sig 229R DAK. Either I got the wrong holster or the fit is an absolute disaster. The holster specified for the 229R seems to be the same holster that fits the 226R & ST. But that can't work because the slide on the 229 is significantly wider than the 226 slide.

    Then, here's a tip from Fobus themselves. If the trigger guard retention is too tight, get a hair dryer that gets pretty hot and heat the trigger guard retention area and insert the gun (unloaded of course) several times while it cools back down.

    Second tip, maybe before using the hair dryer, ArmourAll the inside. It should make the holster faster and help it release better.

    BTW, the Fobus website seems to be gone - anybody know anything about that?

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    I think the gun grab is over hyped. Even if the break it off your body, they need to remove it from the holster to use it. And they gotta see it to know it's there too.

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    I have a Fobus for my J Frame, works well as my "throw something on quickly" setup if I'm dressed properly.

    I have an Uncle Mike's paddle for my BHP, not as comfortable and don't really use it. Thinking of trying the Fobus as it's softer, more pliant material might be more comfortable.
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    I almost got caught up in the bad rap Fobus, but I realized to each his own. I carry my 637-2 and some times my 1911 in Fobus holsters. I will invest in a good belt soon. I currently use an old Garrison belt. I cover with long shirts etc. Moreover, you can sweat all day it won't bother the Fobus. I think they are very practical.
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    I read a post on this forum last year regarding the Fabus. The suggestion was to place your pisto, a G-22 in my case, in a heavy sock (unloaded) then heat the Fabus slightly until there is alittle flex,( which I did over some steam on the kitchen stove) then insert the socked pistol into the hoster and it cool. After doing this, I think the Glock and Fobus fit each other very nice with just the right amount of retention to prevent the pistol from sliding out on it own.

    I did purchase another paddle hoster, a Blade-Tech which is now my primary hoster. I really the like

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