Glenn Beck pro 2A

Glenn Beck pro 2A

This is a discussion on Glenn Beck pro 2A within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone hear the Glenn Beck talk radio show this morning (Friday, 28 Sept.)? I heard a small portion but could not catch the rest -- ...

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Thread: Glenn Beck pro 2A

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    Glenn Beck pro 2A

    Anyone hear the Glenn Beck talk radio show this morning (Friday, 28 Sept.)? I heard a small portion but could not catch the rest -- but he was talking about the 2nd Amendment and saying that the "people" in it are the same ones in the other amendments, NOT the state. Also essentially saying "what part of shall not be infringed do you not get?" Very cool, much better than Rush (I like Rush but he is rather lame on guns). Here is the carry issue -- Glenn was saying the 2nd observes the right to "bear arms" as in carry them.
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    I rarely get to hear his radio show but follow him when I can on TV ... overall he tells it like it is and seems to be a strong defender of the 2nd.

    It certainly is good to have a high profile figure endorse the 2nd and stand up for our rights ....... but when it comes to this occurring in the media, it is a sadly rare event. Too few 2A supporters get coverage - the anti's invariably win that contest.
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    I have head him in the past and he does seem to be a 2A supporter. sorry I missed him today.

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    I watch or listen to him every chance I get.
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    He was also talking about the pending bill to remove the 2A right for Vets that have ever been diagnosed with PTSD.
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    I like Glen.

    Rush is a fool!

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    every soldier ever deployed shows some signs of ptsd when they return its called stress and is often misdiagnosed by non-military doctors. and therefore is inadequate basis to take away the rights we are garunteed.
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    Beck is okay, but sometimes he gets old when he goes off on his crazed rants. Kind of like Uncle Ted. Glad he's out there, but he does come off as a lunatic at times which does not go unnoticed by the MSM.

    It's good that Beck is such a strong public 2nd supporter, but it also seems like he constantly talks about his past drug abuse and alcoholism. Probably not good to mix that with supporting the 2nd and, he's a self-proclaimed ADHD type. This new bill will ban anyone diagnosed with ADD/ADHD from owning firearms. He'd better be careful about what he puts out...

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    Here's a link to a speech that Glenn Beck gave to the NRA recently. It's about 30 minutes long, but it's pretty good.

    I love listening to Glenn, he does a great job of using sarcasm/humor. I don't agree with him on everything, (I'm a pretty "hardcore" libertarian) but he is fun to listen to. My wife and I went to see his stage show during his Christmas Tour last year, and it was great.

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by F4i View Post
    This new bill will ban anyone diagnosed with ADD/ADHD from owning firearms. He'd better be careful about what he puts out...
    Whoa, what bill is this? I remember the vets and PTSD but now ADHD?

    With an est 6-9% of children presenting with some form of ADHD (DSM-IV) and then 50% progressing into adulthood-that's a lot of potential hits for NCIS.
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    Beck actually JOINED the NRA! He seems very proud of that! He had Chris Cox on a couple of days ago and they meshed very well. Very good PR for our side!

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    Glenn has his concealed handgun license. But as he's pointed out, now that he's working in NY he doesn't get to exercise his rights. He's staunchly pro gun!
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    Beck is strongly pro 2nd Amendment

    He was invited to speak to the NRA meeting in Washington DC last week. The same meeting where the presidential candidates spoke.
    He is solidly on our side of this issue.

    He is a man who truly has a legitimate need to carry for his protection and that of his family and he can't because he works NYC. He hates Bloomberg too and is very vocal about it so I would bet that he is not one of those "special" people with NYC permits. I would think that his security detail is armed however.

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    He used to be on here, but lately (in the last year or two) the same slot has been occupied by several people, but they don't last.

    I remember hearing Glenn Beck, as well as Neil Boortz (I liked him). I'd heard both of them say positive things about gun rights.

    There's a woman on 850 WFTL down here in South Florida, named Joyce Kaufman. She's claims to be an "old-fashioned liberal," but about two major subjects she is squarely in-line with my thinking, specifically self defense and gun rights, and illegal immigration.

    She's of Puerto Rican descent, speaks English and Spanish, sounds like a Long Island Jewish woman, and is FIERCE in defense of this country. She routinely mentions that she carries a gun, and that we all should be able to do so to defend ourselves. I have called in and spoken about CCW several times on the air. And she has a "build a fence, deport the illegals, secure the borders, fight the invaders" attitude that just won't quit!

    She's on M-F from like noon until 4, I think, on 850 AM in s. Florida. She's big on the "get on your phone and call and pester your elected reps" thing, too, which is good.

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    I enjoy listening to him whenever I can. I honestly didn't realize he was THAT pro 2A; makes me like him even more.
    Tad A.

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