First time carrying - thoughts, questions.

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Thread: First time carrying - thoughts, questions.

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    First time carrying - thoughts, questions.

    This past Friday night I went out for the first time and carried. I was wearing some nice clothes for going out Friday night to dinner (just nice jeans and a collared shirt). Anyway, the shirt was a little shorter than the average shirt I wear for whatever reason. I didn't have the "all eyes on me" feeling, but I was totally paranoid that I would learn a little to far over and my shirt would pop over my gun and stay that way until I noticed it again. Then, I tried it again today (just around the house) and wore a regular t-shirt, and when I bend over about 65% or more, the shirt comes up over the gun and it's exposed. Other than tucking my shirt it or wearing a jacket (which thankfully it's just starting to cool off a little) is this a constant "threat" (of having the shirt come up over my gun, exposing it, and potentially leading to the loss of my CWP, and a misdemeanor)??

    Anyway, I kept touching the gun to make sure my shirt was still covering it, so that may have drawn some attention, but I was about to have it pop out and me lose my license on my first night, and it was better than looking over at it. At least the hand is a little more conspicuous.


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    Anyway, the shirt was a little shorter than the average shirt I wear for whatever reason.
    We really have to dress around our carry - and so you will have to use/find a shirt of better length. Same with T-shirts - size larger maybe and go for length.

    Touching gun can be awful obvious to some - try and use subtle ploys like keeping strong side elbow tucked in over gun, plus of course modify methods of bending and reaching.

    It's not that hard but you do need to be creative. Even hand in strong side pocket can help keep a garment in place better, along with elbow tuck.

    In no time you'll have these things dealt with - but initially it can be a bit stressful
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    Wear oversized shirts. Or longer length at least. wardrobes need a bit of change when you start carrying.
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    best advice is camp shirts for warm weather. now that it is getting cool you can get away with a vest. I also stick my hand in my pocket and cover the gun with forearm when i'm "feeling" exposed.
    do what you can with what you have where you are at (theodore roosevelt)

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    One good thing: I've always bought pants a little loose on me (both because I prefer the looser feeling and because I'm anticipating getting fatter; no my pants to hang at all). So, even with the gun IWB, I'm still nice and comfy. Too bad the shirts aren't good. I never thought I would need longer shirts......

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    CCW is a way of life and not a fashion statement.

    Sometimes we have to be willing to make wardrobe changes in order to be more condusive to ccw.

    Constantly checking to see if your "heater" is exposed will eventually draw attention from some people. Obviously you want to avoid that!

    Learning to properly ccw was never promised to be an easy feat and no one ever said you'd be winning any fashion shows.
    Semper Fi

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    You didn't say if you were carrying IWB or OWB. IWB allows a little more room for the shirt to ride up because the holster doesn't show.
    All my life I wore t-shirts and jeans. Just before I started carrying, I discovered how much more comfy ( and cheaper ) cargo pants were. The ones with the elastic bands are great..Once I started carrying, I started wearing button up shirts untucked. I buy them large enough to give me plenty of coverage. I worried that people would think it looked sloppy, but I began to notice just how many people wear their shirts untucked.
    I usually carry my XD40SC, but if I carry my 642 IWB, I can wear a large t-shirt untucked.
    You may have to change your style of dress if you're going to carry. You can always go "deep concealment" ( belly band, shoulder holster etc. ) but i'd go with the longer shirts. You need to be comfortable with your carry rig or you won't want to carry and when you do , you may give yourself away constantly feeling for your gun.

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    I carry IWB. It's FL and is generally ~90 degrees regularly except in the winter. That means no jacket, vest, etc. Open carry is illegal. So essentially I am forced to carry IWB, which I would do anyway, but I am more worried about getting myself into trouble legally by my gun being exposed more so than being attacked, to be honest. But, as with many things, I'm sure this fear will go away with some time and experience. It's just a matter of time.

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    Check out your holster as well as your clothes. You may need to change how you carry versus what you wear. I didnt have to change what I wear because I was a pretty sloppy dresser anyway, according to my wife. :-) She conceal carries now and she has had to add a shirt that is untucked and jeans that are no longer skin tight.
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    When you purchase shirts look for the "tall" sizes


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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    When you purchase shirts look for the "tall" sizes

    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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