Nevada CCW for professors - online poll

Nevada CCW for professors - online poll

This is a discussion on Nevada CCW for professors - online poll within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The Nevada Board of Regents are considering allowing college professors to be armed. There is a poll at this site:

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Thread: Nevada CCW for professors - online poll

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    Nevada CCW for professors - online poll

    The Nevada Board of Regents are considering allowing college professors to be armed. There is a poll at this site:

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    It's running close guy's 46% yes 47% no so get out and vote!
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    If trained, do you think college faculty should be allowed to carry guns on campus?
    Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far.
    Yes 46%
    No 47%
    I'm not sure 7%

    Still real close! Only takes a second to vote, lets get in there and help out.
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    47 yes/46 no

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    Yes 47%
    No 46%
    I'm not sure 7%

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    @ Wits' End
    Yes 48
    No 46
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    I wonder how many of those "not sure" would vote for it if someone somewhere walked into the place and shot it up.

    Its a no brainer to bring a gun to a gun fight.
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    From the article:
    The college will also pick up the $3,500 price tag and provide paid administrative leave for 20 weeks during the course.
    Twenty weeks! That's one heck of a CCW class!

    Seriously, though, it looks like this is more then just letting the (otherwise qualified) proffs carry, it seems that they would, in fact, be making them reserve police officers. Interesting take on the situation, though I have some issues with it...

    Typical silly BS from the antis, though... Ol' Professor Spangalo basically says that they do not want to talk about possible threats to their students - at all, ever - because it "goes against the dynamic" (whatever that means). Yes, getting killed where you sit because no one ever discussed what to do in an emergency (much less let you plan for active counter-measures) is much more within the dynamic, right Professor?
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    added my vote hope it makes a diffence.

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    I would prefer that the Nevada legislature simply added a CCW exemption for the "no guns at school" laws, then anyone with a CCW could carry whether faculty or student.

    But, this might be a good first step. Unfortunately, the implementation sounds a little like the arming pilots policies. A 20 week reserve police officer course? Please.

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    20's not CCW, it's POST

    Or at least POST lite.

    I live in Las Vegas and I'm part-time faculty in the college system. And while I usually support all things 2A, I thnk this is a stupid idea (but I did vote yes).

    It will take already scarce resources away from the Uni's primary goals of education and research *or* it will raise taxes or tuition.

    It targets a population of group-think weenies who continue to believe, for example, we can defeat islamofacism with words, not deeds. They will resist.

    And it ignores the very fact that there are many CCWs in the form of students, staff and the occasional faculty that could and should be allowed to defend themselves should the need arise.

    IMNSHO, the plan is just another Big Brother, bureaucratic band-aid to a problem more easily and cheaply addressed.

    There, I sure feel better!

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    As a Nevada college student, I hope this will pass. This could make campuses more CCW friendly for everyone, not just faculty.

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    Yes 49%
    No 45%
    I'm not sure 6%

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    After my vote it is now 49% yes, 45% no and 6 % unsure
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    Some of those Professors really need a gun too! SHEESH!

    Okay... I'm voting now!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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