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Why did you first start carrying?

This is a discussion on Why did you first start carrying? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Although my gandfater took me hunting, and taught us gun safety, as a young child I never used a gun since. Then last christmas my ...

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Thread: Why did you first start carrying?

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    Why carry

    Although my gandfater took me hunting, and taught us gun safety, as a young child I never used a gun since. Then last christmas my mom gave the last of his guns to the kids that he didn't give a gun to.
    I took the Marlin 336 and that got me thinking. That gun is good for killing large animals but dangerous for home protection and I wanted to complment it with something smaller.
    So I bought a few gun magazines and after some more thought I decided that a handgun would be the ticket. At the gun store the saleman wanted to know if I wanted the gun for home defence, shooting at the range or for carrying.
    Now I live in Delaware and had been told that to get a permit you had to be a cop, know a judge or be the son of a politician. Regular people couldn't get a permit and most people get the willies just talking about guns. The gun dealer told me that use to be the case but DE had eased up on that position and if you could junp through the hoops there was a good chance of getting a ccw.
    That lead me to explore the world of ccw, forums like this one, 2nd admendment rights and coming to understand that this is a protected right, to be able to defend oneself.
    The job that I transferred to is in a bad neighborhood and the people I work with were telling me that its a dangerous place. Now I've never been one to scare easily but all these things were coming together and I went about doing everthing the state required to get a permit.
    Well I got the permit in the mail recently and still a little shocked that in a decretionary state like Delaware they couldn't find any reason not to allow me to carry a lethal weapon!
    So now I carry. Every day, everyplace I go. Feels weird. And hurts some too.
    Nobody has made me yet and I try not to give it away that I'm carrying. Everyone at work knows, I used several of them as refferences to get the permit.
    I carry because I can and hope that I never have to use the gun. But I will if I end up in a situation that requires the use of lethal force, but only as a last resort.

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    I'm ashamed to say it took the tragedy at Virginia Tech for me to get my head out of my ... uh, out of the sand, and realize bad things can happen to anyone at any time. I dusted off my old S&W 59 that I hadn't fired for 20 years, bought an XD, and got my permit. Started carrying in public.

    After the home invasion/rapes/murders in Cheshire, CT, I started carrying in my house also. As I told my wife, "The first indication we'll have of a home invasion is when our front door gets kicked in. Then it's too late to go get a gun."

    It's a done deal. I carry everywhere I go, usually two guns unless it's deep cover and a tucked shirt is required (I need to buy a smaller BUG). If I'm driving, one is at arm's reach in a holster between the front two seats. (Two carjackings within 10 minutes of my house in the last couple days--one at 5 a.m., one in broad daylight.) I always carry at home except in the shower or in bed, and one is always close by even then.

    I was living in a fantasy world. How could I have been so blind for so long? I watched the news all the time. I just didn't expect it to happen to me... but neither did the college students at Virginia Tech that day, nor did the residents of that nice, upscale neighborhood in Cheshire (a far better neighborhood than I live in).

    I was a complete idiot and was negligent in not protecting my family for so long. That's changing... took my daughter shooting the other day, and last week bought her a Ruger SP-101 for her to use when I'm not home (I know, I know... not enough shots, but it's what she's comfortable with now. Hopefully soon I'll pass my XD9 to her). I'm saving for a .45... and a revolver for me... and a shotgun... and hopefully something for my wife when/if she decides to join me in reality.

    My life has changed course permanently. I'm NEVER going back to blindly stumbling through life expecting the police or circumstances to protect me. Can't believe I was so dumb for so long. Can't believe I bought into the lie of a peaceful society where we would always be protected by someone else. To adequately describe my stupidity, I would have to use coarse profanity, and I suppose that's not allowed here.

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    Grady: Welcome to the real world, and you REALLY get it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    Grady: Welcome to the real world, and you REALLY get it.

    Thanks. Your comment means a lot to me.

    Now I need to load up and go to work.

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    I took the class for my permit for no reason other than because I could. I highly doubt I'll ever be in a position where I need to have my firearm in public... The odds are against it, and I hope I never need it, but if I do I'll be thankfull I have it. Every day there are people in the world who never gave a thought to the idea of CCW and are put in a situation where they may wish they'd thought of it as an option. I don't want to ever have that thought cross my mind.

    My wife asked the other day, "Why do you need to take that to Wal-Mart?" She was refering to 'that' as my Taurus 85UL as I placed it in my Done Hume holster before I headed out the door. I told her that I doubted I ever would, but it's my right and I choose to take advantage of it.


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    The Boy Scouts of America Motto- Be Prepared

    U.S. Coast Guard Motto- Semper Paratus "Always Ready"

    I was into scouting in my younger days and I was raised by my father, he is a U.S.C.G. Master Chief retired. I still live by the mottos of the above organizations.

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    I subscribe to the "because I can" crowd as well. I generally accumulate alot of things because I believe heavily in better to have and not need than need and not have as well.

    Getting immersed into the CWP community has opened my eyes quite a bit. I'm just glad I did it before the time comes (hopefully never) that I may need it.
    Tad A.

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    Interesting replies folks. I guess ill be one to talk about a incident that happened to my wife and I.

    In 2004, my wife and I were shot at by a gangsta, we almost lost our lives, She almost lost her leg, and I had to play battlefield triage on her until Police and EMS showed up, 3 years later we bought our Glock 19, and we are both CCP holders. We wont be in that position ever again.

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    Forgive the long post.

    Don't know where to start, really. At a much younger age (roughly 12-14ish?) I remeber my grandfather showing me his Glock,and telling everybody how he goes his concealed class,around the time his son, my uncle (under 30, so I'm fairly close in age,always had a rather large impact on my life.) became a LEO. I remeber the original radio announcements talking something along the lines on the news about the laws changing and how there are going to be alot more CCHP in va,and etc. I remeber thinking without hesistation,when I am of age/valid to have one, I want to carry legally with a permit. I always said when I turn 21, the day I turn 21, I'm buying a handgun. I ended up getting my Kel-te p3at on my 21st birthday.

    Fast forward to reality.

    I have a rare disease,it affects my entire life. I bruise easily, things swell really bad,joints are lose. I had back surgery, also at a very young age (12 I believe.) having 4 screws in my lower back. A car accident in my mid teens left me with surgery just over a year ago, on my left knee. So not only am I incapable of fighting back in a fight situation, I cannot run either. I can't even really jog, with my knee. So my only option or hope,is to fight back.

    "To blame a gun for a mans decision is to foolishly attribute free will to an inanimate object"- Colion Noir.

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    A friend of mine was shot and killed in New Orleans while being robbed and I think that is what sparked me to get my first gun and CCW. I decided I would not let that happen to myself or anyone I loved.
    USA Carry - Concealed Carry Information, Reciprocity Maps, News & Articles, Forums, Directory and more!

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    Used to think my martial arts skills and avoiding situations are enough...
    I was reading the Ayoob Files one day...It was an eye opener for me. Trouble will find you and not gonna make an appointment.
    I am just prepared today.
    I carry a gun cause I can't carry a cop.

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    During the 2000 election season I started listening to talk radio, and started to become more cognizant of the gun debate. I had never been a gun guy before that. My family didn't have guns around the house, but the idea of armed self defense made sense to me. I joined the NRA, bought magazines (to read, not load ammo), and studied guns and Second Amendment issues. It wasn't until after 9/11 when I bought my first gun, and then went for my carry permit.

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    Why Carry?

    I started to carry a revolver as a Juvenile Probation Officer/Counselor in 1975. When I "retired" from the profession I obtained a CCW and have carried ever since. Why? I learned through about 13 years of P.O. work how often people are "messed up". I was threatened with death too many times in and out of court! The 2nd Amendment allows me to carry and so does the State. I don't go places, unless I have to, where I cannot carry. Nuff said!

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    First off, to protect myself and my family. I spent way too many years in places that I could not legally carry, which (along with a couple of incidents when younger) got me into martial arts. But in martial arts you learn that a knife is better than hand to hand, and a gun is better yet.

    Second, just the thought that it would spin up some anti-gunners out there pleases me.

    Third, it sends a message to politicians about not supporting gun control laws.

    Lastly, it eliminates the waiting period here in FL.

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    It also eliminates the waiting period in Michigan.
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8


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