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Why did you first start carrying?

This is a discussion on Why did you first start carrying? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Why ? Because I can. There are a lot of bad guys out there and I have the right to defend myself, I have locked ...

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Thread: Why did you first start carrying?

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    Why ?
    Because I can. There are a lot of bad guys out there and I have the right to defend myself, I have locked up a few of these guys in jail and they dont like me ! Go figure
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    I stated carrying after I got out of the Marine Corps back in 1984. It was my grandfather that told me that I should get a permit to carry because it was my 2nd amendment right to do so. In Indiana we have had a permit system since I don't know when (anybody know when we started issuing permits?). I moved to Maryland in 1998 for about 8yrs and while I was in that wonderful state I had my house almost broken into (I was home w/ my M-4gry)and the police caught them in the act, I was waiting to pull out of a McDonald's and the car in front of me had a dog standing next to it and someone from the back seat pointed a gun out of the window and shot the poor thing and then turned around and looked at ME!!! I wrote the plate #, make of car and called 911, I never want to be that scared again!!! As soon as I was able to I moved back home, 2 weeks later I applied for my "Life-Time" carry permit and I'll never leave again(no amount of money is worth my life!).
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    After my kids were born I started think more about my responsibility as a husband/father to protect my family. Then in the past couple of years I became much more aware of the increasing crime in my community so last spring I got my permit. I didn't carry on a regular basis until June when I took the wife and kids to a city splash pad and witnessed some guy assault a his girlfriend 30yds away. Since that day I carry everywhere I legally can.

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    unfortunately it took me being a victim first before i got smart. after a home burglary, i've carried or had a weapon within arms reach ever since.

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    The original post is from York, PA. I'm from Lancaster. I began carrying after the Amish school shootings last year and several other shootings in the area.

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    I started carrying after 9/11 because I convinced my wife to get her CCW. She finally decided police couldn't be at all places all the time and we were responsible for ourselves.Bless her heart!

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    Hurricane Katrina convinced me to carry.

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    Before I met my wife, I never thought about carrying a gun. I carried a pocketknife, and that was it. Honestly, I never even really worried about being assaulted or needing to use a gun. I was brought up with guns, and we shot everything from handguns to rifles for sport and hunting, but self-defense was never a big issue. However, after meeting my wife, my mentality changed, because I realized that I would never be able to effectively protect her. Even if I was 7 feet tall and 400 pounds of solid muscle, I couldn't defend against bullets or knives. After realizing this, I made the decision to get a gun. At first my wife was very anti-gun and freaked out about guns (as if they were infected with anthrax), but after I talked to her about how I was raised to be safe with guns, and took her shooting, she settled down. I even disassembled my Glock and showed her all the internal safeties. The final piece of evidence that helped sway her mind was the stories of self-defense in American Rifleman magazine. Now, she and I are completely on the same page when it comes to firearms, self-defense, and the 2nd Amendment.

    My thinking on self-defense has also evolved to the point where I believe it is my duty to defend others who are threatened. If I ever find myself in a situation where someone's life is in danger, I feel that I am obligated to defend them. It is immoral, in my opinion, to stand idly by and watch someone be hurt or die when you have the ability to help. Would you watch somone drown? Would you let a child run out in a street? Would you watch someone burn to death when you had a fire extinguisher sitting at your feet? If you are armed and physically able to use your gun, and you see a situation where an innocent person is obviously being victimized, you are under the same obligation to help them as you would be if they were drowning and you had a rope to throw them.

    Some people say, "Well, I have a family to take care of, and if I get involved I may die and who will take care of my family?" To which I respond, "What if your loved one was being victimized and an armed civilian stood by and let it happen? How would you feel about the man who did nothing for your wife while she was being mugged?" I have nothing but disdain for any armed citizen who stands by when they know full well someone is being victimized. The man who does this is a coward and a disgrace to America and the entire CCW community.

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    Because I can and to defend myself and my family.

    On principle, I got my carry permit in MN after having returned from living for a few years out of state in a may-issue state that wouldn't issue to me. I didn't carry much after getting the permit. But then my wife got some unwanted attention from a whack job she'd crossed paths with years ago. She immediately got her permit and I started carrying a lot.

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    It was the slaughter of the Harvey family of Richmond in 2006 that made me decide to get a handgun and apply for my permit. The BGs cut the throats of two little girls (8 and 4), and murdered Mom and Dad, for about $30 and a basket of home-made cookies.

    Both BGs are currently on death-row...

    I will not have something similar happening to my family, if I am alive and able to defend myself.

    Also, in March of this year, my left leg was amputated below the knee. I am now even more of a potential target than I was before, as an older, heavyset guy. As Mr. T might say, "I pity the fool" who thinks that, since I am disabled, I am unable to defend myself...
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    I live in a non CCW state. However, after I became a LEO I was authorized to carry off-duty. I didn't, much, until I ran into the first couple of miscreants I had previously had dealings with, off-duty. The encounters didn't go badly, but they did make me think that perhaps being armed would be a good idea. That said, I strongly support CCW for the general populace. WI and IL are the only two states that don't have some type of CCW law.
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    I had a handgun carry permit in South Dakota where I was stationed, but I only carried while fishing, just to shoot snakes with and it was open carry. I never carried any other time. Then before returning home after my enlistment, I had a nasty break up with a girlfriend who's family was into all kinds of illegal stuff (hence why we broke up) and very good at making threats about me and my family when I returned. It took a while to get my permit here, but now I have it and I carry 24/7.

    I was ignorant of carry laws before this. I thought it was all like south dakota. You just went to the court house and payed ten dollars. Two weeks later you had the permit. Here in TN you have to take a 8 hour class (4 hours classroom and 4 hours range time), make an appointment and get fingerprinted, and pay lots of money (total over three hundred dollars) and evenually after a month or three you get the permit. All this after I already carried in another state!
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    Several reasons, an attempted mugging at an ATM. The collapse and anarchy of New Orleans. Increase in violent street crimes in the Chattanooga area.

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    Reason for carrying

    The safety of my family.

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    Well my motivation to carry is a deranged distant relative that threatens to kill or harm family members. It does not do any good at all in Missouri to talk to the police about this. The prosecuting attorney says that since the threats were verbal by telephone that there is no immediate danger. I told him if I called and threatened him on the phone that I bet he would have my butt arrested. Anyway my motivation is that you have to protect yourself because there isn't going to be anyone else there to do it for you. After a while carrying is just like putting on my pants in the morning, it's just part of my routine.

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