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I Haven't Had a Good Rant In Some Time

This is a discussion on I Haven't Had a Good Rant In Some Time within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No prob with ranting (venting). I do it here sometimes since the pillow has gotten flat from the last beating. As far as the husband. ...

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Thread: I Haven't Had a Good Rant In Some Time

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    No prob with ranting (venting). I do it here sometimes since the pillow has gotten flat from the last beating.

    As far as the husband. That makes me ashamed. I see where he's coming from, but the direction could use some mapping. I started my gal with a Beretta .380, when she got comfortable, moved up to .40. At .40S&W, I started a monster. Now, she shoots a .45. We have an HK USP .45 at the nightstand and I am confident that she can pick it up and make your day the worst day of your life.

    As far as the "establishment". Well, if you work there and there is an opening (offering) at another place that you know will recognize your right to carry, then go for it. You can go anywhere to make money, its the ability to wake up everyday and looking forward to working is what makes the difference. "Do something that will give you pride in doing it everyday" is what my mother and father always told me. However, my father is still trying to understand why I chose nursing.

    If you're just a customer at the establishment, heck, go somewhere else.

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    Re: Being groped as a customer--I'm glad you're all right. I'm astounded that somebody would grab at your weapon like that. There are too many places to shop that welcome me to waste my time at places like that. As "that purty li'l gal", you have the disadvantage of being easily remembered. You don't blend well with the overweight, middle-aged white guy crowd. As previously stated, be sure to tell the management why you won't be back. Heck, reference this post (after you drop their name.)

    Re: Teaching women to shoot. It's a shame there are neanderthals out there like this guy. An ego is that last thing you need around a gun. Everybody I've taught to shoot, I started them off with a .22 and worked up. As long as you work them up to it, I see no difference in ability between men & women.

    An idea: If there is a range associated with where you work, see if you could start a Women's class. (Obviously, you would have to get certified, first.) You could do a CCW class or a beginner shooter class, or whatever. There are many aspects of CCW for women that only a woman can understand.

    Mi dos centavos,

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    When I dropped off my CCW for WV the other day it says "No Firearms Past This Point" for the little counter that handles the paperwork to get the permit. You'll issue the permit,but won't let me carry it in the 50 square foot area to recieve the permit.

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    Lima, That's a good rant.....I'm with you on all your points.

    When asked(face to face) I (try to)give the best advice I can and send 'em to a place/person who'll I know is better than me at providing information. What works for me is just for me....might work for you, try it and see. I'm more 'process' oriented.....how I got to the bottom line is as important as the conclusion that came out of that process.

    I've often asked for info/advice at gun shops and just been swamped with 'off ' information and sales pitches. I ask questions so the end result will be a sale for them and a purchas for me. Oh well, that's why we're posting/reading at this site.

    Lima......you outta write more......your good at it and your information is first rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    I feel like making and handing out cards with every gun purchase that say something to the effect of "Take everything you heard with a grain of salt, get a second opinion, and do some research. This is your life, protect it with sound advice."
    "Information posted on the Internet is subject to the same litmus test.
    Now go train."
    "Ray Nagin is a colossal disappointment" - NRA/ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox.

    "...be water, my friend."

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    I was bending over to reach a dropped pen ACROSS a desk, and "THEY" saw a bulge in my sweater and actually grabbed it.
    I am going to have the LEOs correct me, but isn't that Assault? I'd be very very upset if somebody would try to reach for my gun and I would place charges if they actually lay hands on it.
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
    Randy Cain.

    Ego will kill you. Leave it at home.
    Signed: Me!

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    One of the local gun shops in my area has a sign on their door that says no loaded guns permitted in the shop. When I politely commented to them that their sign surprised me as they were, after all, a gun shop and I assumed also pro Second Amendment, I got the response that it was an insurance liabilty issue. They also said that they had an incident where a customer took out his gun and handled it in a way that endangered others in the shop. So, who knows where the truth of this lies.

    "It does not do to leave a dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him."

    J. R. R. Tolkien

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    Would be nice to see this business unmasked.

    Grabbing bulges that might be handguns is bad form in the extreme as is the "handling" of women. Did they attempt to disarm you? I hope they "drew back a numb" for their effort! Do you intend to elaborate about this incident on your site?

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    Good rant. I was once showing a guy a Walther P99 and he wanted one in .40 caliber for himself. He then wanted a P22 for his wife and was lamenting on the the ineffectivenes of the .22 caliber. I suggested the 9mm P99 for his wife and he proceeded to lambast me about the utter worthlesness of the 9mm. Go figure.

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    Similar to Ron, the local gun shop / indoor range I used to go to didn't allow loaded weapons inside unless you were law enforcement. It was in the Bay Area in CA, so it was highly unlikely any non-LEO would be carrying anyway, but I always thought it kind of odd since they were a range as well! But I totally understand the insurance liability issue.

    Just out of curiosity, if Lima had turned around and cold-cocked the guy (I'm assuming it was a guy) after he grabbed her weapon, would the guy have any recourse? I assume he could call the police and that she could be charged with something, but would that charge ever stick? How would it be any different from a LEO striking someone who grabbed at their gun?

    I ask because I'm going to be applying for a permit just as soon as I get my finances in order, and this is just one of the many issues I've thought about myself.

    Finally, I just wanted to say that I've been reading this forum pretty regularly for the past few weeks, and I've found it to be the one I enjoy the most out of all the similar sites I've run across. Many posts are very insightful & well written, and even those that aren't are either entertaining or at the very least polite. I appreciate that, so thank you all!
    "It is only as retaliation that force may be used and only against the man who starts its use. No, I do not share his evil or sink to his concept of morality: I merely grant him his choice, destruction, the only destruction he had a right to choose: his own." - John Galt, from Atlas Shrugged

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post

    I feel like making and handing out cards with every gun purchase that say something to the effect of "Take everything you heard with a grain of salt, get a second opinion, and do some research. This is your life, protect it with sound advice."

    While handing out cards as you describe might not be a realistic option, I'm sure you could work this bit of advice into your 'sales pitch' for first time gun buyers. (Maybe you do this already...)


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    It's not clear who/how you were disarmed.... first, the poster Miggy above who asked about assault charges may be on track. It could even be aggravated assault since a weapon was involved.

    Actually, I'm a bit surprised that you let someone (other than LEO) disarm you. But maybe I'm missing something.

    My policy is, anyone (again, other than LEO) who puts their hand on my weapon or attempts a grab will be dealt with by force. Initially by grabbing their arm and pulling it away while twisting my body away. If their attempt proceeds, by any and all force required. Base of palm to nose works wonders.

    There is no way in hell I will ever disarm for anyone other than uniformed LEO, let alone hand my sidearm over to them. I'll leave the premises, go home, whatever.

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    Good rant. And I agree completely.

    I work one day a week at a gun shop. (It helps feed my obsession) In fact, I'm on the way there in just a while. Fortunately, everyone there, I believe, is knowledgeable in the basic principles of firearm ownership. We know there are no guaranteed one shot stops. Not everyone likes the same thing. What works best for us might not work best for you. When husbands come in to look at guns for their wives, we always tell them to bring them in and we'll try them out on a number of guns to see what THEY like. We will still sell them a gun if they insist, of course, but we'd rather let the wives choose. We also tend to direct people who have never shot before to a smaller calibre telling them that they can work themselves up later. But for the beginning, it makes more sense to learn and increase their skills with a smaller calibre. If nothing else, the ammo is usually cheaper so they'll be able to shoot more often and put more rounds down range. That always helps. An exception to this is when dealing with larger people with larger hands. They can usually handle larger weapons with greater recoil. In fact, as I'm sure you know, some have to have the larger weapons as they just can't hold the smaller ones due to the size of the hands.

    We do get the types of people you are talking about. I always try to inject a little sanity into what they are saying. Sometimes it is just because they listened to too many Hollywood believers and have not had the facts given to them. Sometimes they are just the know it all mall ninjas who thinks they know everything.

    Lastly, if someone asks me a question that I know nothing about, I tell them I know nothing about it. I then try to find someone who does know something about it and direct them in that direction.

    A good example of what I'm talking about happened a couple of weeks ago. An older lady who has her CHL and bought her P22 here came in looking for a slightly smaller gun. We tried her out on a few of them but she just couldn't work them. After a bit of probing, we realized that she was looking at them for the wrong reasons. She was unaware that the laws have changed a bit in Ohio (read car carry) and that what she already had would work. She asked for that information in writing so I looked up the CHL booklet and printed out the two pages that talked about it and gave them to her. We didn't make a sale but she left happy. I know that the .22lr P22 that she has is a lot smaller than what I would consider to be the lower end of defensive calibres, but she is rather small and frail and just can't handle anything else. A .22 in hand is better than the .45 sitting at home.

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    Limatunes, I agree, I worked for a gun dealer for awhile and I always recommended a shot gun for home defense , as far as the gentleman that was buying a gun in hopes that his wife would get interested in shooting he should have been looking at a revolver for her because if she was ever put into a situation where her life depended on it she will be in trouble with the auto, she will panic and not know how to use it ,if its loaded,etc... As far as the man that grab my gun , he would be picking his teeth off the floor.Just keep on giving sound advice and let them work it out for themselves.

    Romans 10:8-10

    Jesus Christ is Lord

    "Live your life right, so no one will have to lie at your funeral!"

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    Lima, No problems with that rant here. It's always a somber reminder as to what we all face. On the other hand....I'm very curious about this establishment you were "asked" to leave. Was this in VA? If so can you provide the name of the establishment? I thought we had the vast majority of those kind of places taken care of here. Wait! Don't tell me. It was in Falls Church, Manassas, or Norfolk?

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