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I Haven't Had a Good Rant In Some Time

This is a discussion on I Haven't Had a Good Rant In Some Time within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by limatunes No, not Gilberts... I don't even know where that is, but that does seem weird. What's weird here is that customers ...

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Thread: I Haven't Had a Good Rant In Some Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    No, not Gilberts... I don't even know where that is, but that does seem weird.

    What's weird here is that customers can carry all they want, whether it's concealed or open... just the employees can't.
    That is just stupid! Go ahead and carry and if you get canned then you can file suit. Any lawyer breathing would take that case!!! I just visited your site. Very nice. Loved the videos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rljohns View Post
    We're going out with our class on Saturday and I hope the instructor has a smaller cal she can try. She sometimes says she wants a smaller revolver (maybe a Lady Smith) and then she backs out. I think a 9mm would be good, but running the slide is a technique she would need to practice.
    I took my wife to a range where they rented guns. We rented about everything they had in the store one at a time. Some she only fired one cartridge out of. What did she like? An S&W 686 6" barrel and a Ruger GP100 with a 4" barrel - both .357's shooting .38+p ammo.

    SShe bought herself a beautiful used 6" 686-1 "and" an S&W Model 17 .22LR because it is a .22 about the same size so she can practice with it. I bought her a GP100. Both her .357's have CT grips. So does our daughters GP100.

    I reload, so I load her practice ammo at .38 special muzzle velocities in .357 brass so the guns are easier to clean. Reloading is the key - when the three of us go to a novice steel plate shoot, between us we burn all of 600 rounds in one morning. I hate to think of paying retail for that.

    She doesn't do well with semi-autos, she shoots the revolvers just fine. She has a CCW but doesn't carry. One of these days I'll have her try an all steel .38 SP. snubby again. I think she will be able to hande it better now that she has a few thousand rounds down range.


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    We took my Sig P229 .40 S&W and she put ~100 rounds through it with no prolems except she can't rack the slide fully. She gets it half way back and loses the momentum

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    I try to avoid most of the gun shops in my area.It seems almost every salesperson wants to talk about the .45,as if it is the ONLY gun that is effective.It is a great caliber for sure,but they seem to worship that caliber and shun all others and want you to do the same.When I ask about ammo price,I always get this,"do you want ammo just to punch holes in paper,or for self defense?"When they ask this question it is with raised eyebrows.If I buy solid point bullets they seem let down.So,only super duper self defense bullets could hurt anyone?I will stay with Academy or Gander Mountain.At least it is self serve and they do not engage me in conversation.The cashier does tell everyone purchasing ammo that they cannot return it.

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    I'll see your Rant, and raise you....

    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    I have a couple bones to pick with the general populace, but because I'm too polite to say anything I'll regret latter, I'm left ranting here (you poor people).

    "THEY" saw a bulge in my sweater and actually grabbed it.

    (Yell, and ask them LOUDLY why they think they have a right to fondle your colostomy bag!)

    ....this was a self-proclaimed PRO-gun establishment, I was shocked at the vial anti-gun arguments that came out of the mouth of an individual who claims to be a supporter of the civilian public to keep and bear arms.

    For the first time in the last two years (other than when I went to visit family in Wisconsin) I was disarmed.

    "THEY" said they didn't want me to get hurt, ...

    (So, they accosted you - physically? I'm not particularly aggressive, but if you grab me or any appendage of mine, you'd better be really attractive and buying the drinks...)

    Anyway... On to rant number two.

    People and their pride.

    A man comes into our shop today and wants a Glock 23 or 27 for home protection/range practice and there's nothing wrong with that.

    Then I overhear him say that he's hoping his wife (who's terrified of guns) will also be able to handle the gun and get interested in shooting with him.

    I ask him if his wife has ever shot a gun before, to which he responds that she has not.

    I suggest that perhaps the .40 in such a lightweight frame might not be the best starter pistol for her and that perhaps he should look at something in a little less potent of a caliber.

    Apparently I committed the carnal sin. (WOOHOO!! And I thought Cardinal sins were fun!)

    He yelled, "Nothing in my home will ever be less than a .40! If I had it my way my wife'd start with a .44!"

    (Control freak, magazine-article-junkie: "No calibre that starts with a number less than "4"... Curious how much shooting experience he has - other than from the mouth, that is. Can he handle a major caliber? Does he even know? Hmm...
    Also likely, one of those that inwardly hopes she WON'T take up shooting so he'll always be THE MAN...)

    And last but not least.. Do people actually not have a problem passing on complete fantasy as truth?

    I mean, we know that the antis do it all the time. We have come to expect that. But what about us gun folk? Shouldn't we be held to a little higher standard?

    (Sorry to be so blunt, but owning - even shooting well - a gun, doesn't make one a gun person. I have "friends" that invest hundreds of dollars and countless hours I couldn't even begin to match into firearms, and although they are good shots with lots of experience, they aren't "gun people"- in spite of their investments, they're still ignorant wannabees. You can't be a real "gun person" until you learn to shut up and learn what you don't know, REGARDLESS of what you do know.)

    When someone comes to us, seeking advice, isn't it up to us to make sure that advice is sound?

    (If you're a responsible "gun person," yes!)

    I sat and listened in disbelief as a man recommended a .22 magnum to a woman who came searching for a gun for home defense and carry against her ex-husband who is currently under investigation for the murder of his previous wife.

    When the woman actually ASKED for a more powerful gun as she really felt she needed a bigger bullet, the man proceeded to recommend a .38 and talk her OUT of the .357 that she had been eye-balling.

    (The b@st@rd brother of the previous guy?)


    (Pull it out of the "other" orifice..?)

    We, as gun people, are the "go to" guys. What we say is expected to be true, even though we know that we can all make mistakes and that a second opinion should be acquired.

    (Only real "gun people" know the difference between the "Gun People" and "wannabees." Most are civil enough to NOT want to argue an obviously-to-them dumb point publicly - unlike many wannabees. Such is the shame of ignorance.)

    I'm tired... and even more tired of being told I'm wrong or being condescended when I try to interject a little reality into the conversation.

    (I have no fun quips for this one, sorry. I saw your picture; you're young, petite, and pretty, in a testosterone-drenched, male dominated world. Not my choice - I mean the "male dominated" part, of course!")

    ... and when I'm told I'm wrong I seek out either the proof of my error or my confirmation.

    (One symptom of a real "gun person." Poor baby!)

    I feel like making and handing out cards with every gun purchase that say something to the effect of "Take everything you heard with a grain of salt, get a second opinion, and do some research. This is your life, protect it with sound advice."

    (Do so. Might catch on!)

    We aren't advising people on what color to paint their living room walls. We are advising them on what tool they should rely on to save their own life if it comes down to that. Shouldn't we feel an awesome responsibility to get our facts straight and give good advice?

    I know I do.

    (Another symptom of a real "gun person." POOR BABY!)

    Anyway, those are my rants... I feel better... but only a little bit. I'm still irritated!
    (Of course you are. Ignorance is bliss only for those that live in it. The rest, who just occasionally/accidentally step in it, can still smell it though.)

    You're a treasure. Don't let it get to you; just wipe it off on the grass when no-one is looking.
    Nothing you can laugh at, can get you down.

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
    (curmudgeon apprentice)
    Why do I use 230 gr. for my .45acp?
    Because I can't find a source of 250 gr!

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    Lima, glad to hear that you are out of there.

    Second "pat" is pushing sexual harassment. The "Grab" definitely crossed 2 lines (sexual harassment/assault, and assault) and both the Grouchy old guy and the shop is now 100% liable for charges.

    My wife (then girlfirend) when we first went shooting with the boys, the first thing she grabbed was my Desert Eagle .44.

    I responded with, "Why don't you try Viking's 9mm first"

    "No, I want to shoot this one."

    "Seriously, try the 9 first. My Beagle is a bit big for a first timer"

    Glaring at me she grabs the gun, mag, and walk up to the line. "You going to show me how to shoot this or am I going to have to get someone else?"

    By now everyone else has stopped shooting and is staring at us. Half of the "Boys" are snickering, the other half have the "don't get me involved" look. So I go up, instruct her on the proper grip, stance, and tell her that if she does not keep her elbows stiff, she is going to get popped in the forehead with the rear sight. This gun is going to jump when the hammer falls. I instruct her on inserting the mag, finger off the trigger, double check the safety to be on, rack the slide, point down range, safety off, brace, aim, finger on the trigger and squeeze...BANG.

    Her expression


    Everyone else

    Mine again

    Then she looked back down range and proceeded to empty the mag in a very nice 12" group at 20 feet. Cleared the gun, strolled back to the tailgate, picked up the other three mags and went back to the line. It took two more mags for the rest of the "boys" to start shooting again. She did eventually try the other guns there, but preferred the DE.

    God I love my wife.

    Grasseater // Grass~eat~er noun, often attributive \ˈgras-ē-tər\
    A person who is incapable of independent thought; a person who is herd animal-like in behavior; one who cannot distinguish between right and wrong; a foolish person.
    See also Sheep

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    Sticks, that is the funniest story with the little icons in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    I won't get into much of how "they" knew I was carrying (because it was concealed) other than I was trying out a new holster, I was bending over to reach a dropped pen ACROSS a desk, and "THEY" saw a bulge in my sweater and actually grabbed it. I won't get into much of the exchange after I felt someone grab my gun, but let's just say it wasn't pleasant.
    Emphasis mine. I know exactly what would have happened were it a stranger grabbing me, especially grabbing my weapon. I applaud your self-control, assuming you didn't do what I'd have done.


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    He said that the ATF requires every gun to be brought into his store to be logged into their books and so it would be a hassle for me to log it in and out every day (which, I know is some MAJOR BS),
    The gun only has to be logged if it stays over night in the gun store per ATF regulations.

    As for not being able to carry when working at a gun shop, I know how that is. I work at a sportsmans warehouse. We cannot carry while on the clock unless we are LEO. We also cannot bring a loaded gun into the store anymore. They provide us with lockers in the gun room to store our pistols if we have CWP. They now require if we carry to unload our gun before we come into the store. This came about because a hunting manager brought his rifle in LOADED before the store opened. He showed it to another employee who did not check to see if it was loaded (first mistake) and then he pulled the trigger. Luckily it did not hit anyone or anything (it did make a nice hole though).

    So now the only people in our store that can carry are our customers. Being that 90% of the customers that come in creep me out, I don't exactly feel safe working when my only backup is a knife and a panic button.
    ‘‘To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.’’

    — George Mason

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    The rant about the husband that would only shoot .40 or above and wanted his wife to learn to love shooting msde me very happy to be married to my husband. He knows I don't like a lot of kick and searched for weeks to find me a heavy 9mm that I would like. He carries a .45 and although I can shoot it and hit the target, I don't like it, if he had been pigheaded like your customer, another ccw would not have been born. I would have remained a and let him take care of me. Although I can shoot a rifle and am a very good shot, it doesn't help when they are locked up in a safe and I am at the store. He doesn't shop with me, and I don't need him to, and now I know I am safe. I am glad you said something to the man, even if he was to pigheaded to realize a gun does not replace a People like him make me angry too!

    Sorry, got on a bit of a rant myself. Well, you did good with trying to educate the sheepy masses, and I am applauding you


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