The issue of allways wearing a gun is exactly why i made a choice to downsize from a full " duty " sized gun . When i was an officer more often than not i carryed a full sized gun off duty, however i did not as a rule do a lot of work off duty lol . Now that i am in the world of working while concealing i carry a slightly smaller tho still full caliber gun . The gun is no good if i leave it at home or in the car , also it is no good if i shoot some doped up psyco and he just giggles and comes on . Nowdays i wont go to a NAA .22 for convience , nor will i carry a full sized 1911 everyday . You have to find a balance of just how much pain in the butt your carry gun can be with your lifestyle and then carry the most pain in the butt you can tolerate lol .