My job or my life?

This is a discussion on My job or my life? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; House and Senate already passed SCHIP- President vetoed and they couldn't get enough to override it. The House is trying to do it again, but ...

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Thread: My job or my life?

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    House and Senate already passed SCHIP- President vetoed and they couldn't get enough to override it. The House is trying to do it again, but they won't get any more votes than they did the first time. If the Senate passes it as well, it will just get vetoed again.

    My first piece of advice to the original poster is to either not give such personal information or get a screen name that doesn't disclose who you really are. Not that your bosses read the site- but if they do I'm sure they can figure out who you are.

    That said, I'd be carrying. I'd have the 1911, extra mag(s), and the P3AT with me. It sounds like you're a pretty big target- and the criminals got away with it once. There is no reason to think they won't be back- next time they may not like the idea of leaving a guard around as a witness.
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    I don't want to hijack your thread, but a few years ago I applied for a security job for a warehouse distribution center, (walmart). They called and offered me the job, but I got hired at a resort hotel and had to decline the job. A month later the guard they hired was shot and killed while checking on a vehicle in the parking lot on graveyard shift. Protect yourself.

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    What about the possibility of getting a job as an armed security guard?

    I know, I know, that would change the whole dynamic of the job. But at least he'd be drawing a paycheck, be paid more, and it would go without saying that being armed on the job is permissible.

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    more power to you, carry a gun by all means
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    This is a very poignant thread for me also. I don't want to hijack it either but the situation is similar. I'm looking at a possible job offer in California. This would be triple our combined income just for me. My main hesitation is the difficulty one has in getting a carry permit in certain counties. If I take the job and carry anyway and get caught, I risk a firearms charge and may never be able to legally carry anywhere ever again.

    If I were working in your job where it has already been proven to be dangerous, I would carry without regret. Unless getting caught carrying against company policy could affect your ability to carry after said job is over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey View Post
    What about the possibility of getting a job as an armed security guard?

    I know, I know, that would change the whole dynamic of the job. But at least he'd be drawing a paycheck, be paid more, and it would go without saying that being armed on the job is permissible.
    This was going to be my response. When I did security the armed gigs payed a little more anyway. Start looking! If it's not possible or even in the meantime, pack something you are comfortable and practised with.
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    screw them.... I'd carry too !
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLewall View Post
    Carry and draw that paycheck up until they fire you, IF they fire have the right to defend yourself
    Sadly Not according to a great many employers, they want their numbers to be sheep and not sheepdog. That said even though my employer had a strict policy against weapons, their was more than one incident that prompted me to carry over the years, better fired and alive then carried by 12.
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    I had to decide recently on whether to carry at work where I could get fired if discovered.. I decided to get a bit smaller gun and carry more discreetly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon J View Post
    better fired and alive then carried by 12.
    You must be one big fella.

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    I work unarmed security part-time and I carry concealed on the job to protect my life - not property. My job description is to observe and report, so I will be very observant and not confront anyone suspicious. I will just call 911 and my supervisor and remain out of sight if possible. My job is to be a deterrant to criminal activity, but we all know that is only if the criminal is concerned about discovery. If they are determined to take what they want and know you are tlhere and unarmed, they will proceed anyway. The best you can do is not be taken by surprise. In my state, a security guard must have a security guard gun permit - I have only a CC permit. Therefore, I must keep it concealed and not use it unless my life is threatened. Otherwise, I open up a whole can of worms concerning legal issues, insurance issues, and company policies. I'm don't worry about losing a part-time job, and I'm looking for something in a different field so I can CC with no legal problems. Unarmed security is reallly no security but it makes for feel-good policy.
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    Heck carry it. Tell the boss you are going to, let him fire you if he wants. Tell him you are not going to be the odd man out when the next armed thieves show up, emboldened by their last easy mark. Ask his what exactly did his unarmed guard accomplish.
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    My job or my life?
    Sounds like a trick question. So long as you can accept the very real possibility of knee-jerk backlash if found out, it is a very simple question ... with a very simple answer for many folks.

    Up to you, completely, but it seems your firm's operations are a crime magnet, simply based on what it does as well as via proof from recent actions.
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    Six people on a jury will have to decide if 12 people are enough to carry Sheldon.

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    Thanks for the support guys.I was planning on retiring on dec28 anyway.I am aready drawing social security,so I don't care if they fire me.I just have a couple of months to go.If they find out and say anything,I will just sing them the johnny paycheck song,You know the one I mean,take this job and. sj

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