What guns do you own and when do you carry them?

What guns do you own and when do you carry them?

This is a discussion on What guns do you own and when do you carry them? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Kind of an operational view of your handgun fleet. I own a Glock 26, Keltec P11, Glock 23, Sig 239, P3At and a Walther P22. ...

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Thread: What guns do you own and when do you carry them?

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    What guns do you own and when do you carry them?

    Kind of an operational view of your handgun fleet. I own a Glock 26, Keltec P11, Glock 23, Sig 239, P3At and a Walther P22. The P22 is for plinking, the 23 for home protection (with a rail light), the Sig always gets carried. P3at for when I cant carry a "gun", and the P11 and 26 get tossed iwb with a cheap clip on holster when I have to run out real quick. When I go to the range, I strap about three of the bad boys on and go all out Rambo.

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    A 5" 1911 98% of the time, a Colt Mustang the other 2%

    As for which 5" 1911 and which Colt Mustang, well it depends on how I feel that day!

    However, I am looking at the polymer devils in 9mm and just have to decide which one I want...

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    I only have ten sidearms...one of three is always in use when I'm out and about...inside the house there are other variables!

    75% of the time, my Kimber Ultra CDP II...

    20% of the time, my Glock-36...

    5% of the time, my KelTec P-3AT...

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    I am fortunate enough to own all of them, the bank doesn't have a lien on any of them.

    I find my-self carrying my Kel-tec PF-9 most of the time. I carried my XD-9sc last week-end because I have a paddle holster for it, and find it easier to take on and off as needed because a few places I had to go into don't allow CCW.


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    XD40SC most of the time. A 642 for those "special times". Soon will be capable of carrying my S&W 64-3 revolver.

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    I have lots of pistols, but its pointless to post them all here...

    What I carry most of the time is a G23, a PM9 or a Sig 220. Once in a while I'll carry a 1911 of some sort.
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    USP Compact almost all the time. I used to carry a full-size 1911 in an OWB holster around the house back when the only holster I had for the USP was a CTAC, but I've since aquired an OWB for the USP too, so the 1911 stays in the gun closet now.

    Oh, and I have a P22 I take to the range, but it never gets carried.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robere View Post
    XD40SC most of the time.
    w00t. What holsters do you use? Most I can find are for the larger 4" not the 3" barrel.

    XD40SC and Kel-tec p3at are my two carry peices, I think its pretty self explanitory when I divert to carrying the Kel-tec,bu I love them both and have NEVER had any trouble/problems with either,so I feel as I can trust my life with them.

    Also handgun wis,a Hipoint JHP .40S&W wich I open carry sometimes,also no problems to date w00t

    "To blame a gun for a mans decision is to foolishly attribute free will to an inanimate object"- Colion Noir.

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    I have access to just about every firearm out there but keep my normal carry to a Glock 23 (internal Crimson Trace laser)/27 combination. I favor full-size 1911's also but tend to gravitate to the Glock for the majority of work.
    Stay Safe,

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    XD 40 SC for concealed carry - usually in my briefcase in an outside pocket with a velco flap.

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    When I feel lazy in the Miami heat (which is mostly), it's a S&W M642 in a pocket holster. When I feel the need to be more serious, it's a Sig P226 "Blackwater" edition with Mec-Gar 17rd mags in the gun and for backup. Sometimes I wear my Sig P245 with a P220 8rd mag as backup.
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    To answer the first question, I ain't telling .

    To answer the second question,

    My "carry pack" depends on my mood and may include
    XD40SC in a bianchi "carrylock" model 82, and yes it's designed for the 4" barrel but the SC fits just fine,

    or M&P9C in the same style holster (yes you will notice a trend)
    or M&P40c which uses the same holster.
    Or a Beretta 92FS, in a (yep you guessed it),

    Colt defender,

    Glock 22 (this is actually my SHTF gun since I can trade out mags with my Keltec sub 2000 in 40s&w)

    Forgot my Para 14.45 LDA, with holster

    For times when discretion is necessary:

    Keltec p3at or

    colt Pony,

    or Colt mustang,

    or Keltec PF9

    Or if feeling really froggy I'll put on the trench coat and hang a keltec plr 16 from a single point sling under each arm and forget it.
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    My gun list is in my sig, I typically carry either the Sig P239 SAS .40, or Glock 19 9mm. About 70% Sig, 30% Glock.

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    I own many handguns. The ones I carry are as follows:

    Glock 23 carried 95% of the time.

    Sig P239 carried only if the Glock is out of commission for some reason or, if I just feel like taking her out for some exercise.

    Taurus PT111 carried only when I need to deep conceal because it is small. This gun will be retired from carry as soon as I acquire a Glock 27 or 26, probably a 26.

    My wife carries only her XD .40sc. But, she does have a Rossi 6 shot .357 magnum revolver with a 2 inch barrel if the XD is out of service for some reason. She is scary accurate with that thing. With the XD too.
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    I carry my 4" XD.40 in a galco m7x matrix holster which is a OWB holster.

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