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This is a discussion on Hug free zone within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I do the "half hug". Weak side goes in for the hug, do the "squeeze" and lean away. They don't say anything....

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Thread: Hug free zone

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    I do the "half hug". Weak side goes in for the hug, do the "squeeze" and lean away. They don't say anything.

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    Start coughing...loudly...make your eyes water. Talk about how you are sick and how you don't want them to catch it. Stick your finger down your throat to vomit if you have to show some other symptoms.

    I'm anti hugging and handshaking regardless...who needs the unwanted I'm pretty good at this technique.

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    Luckily, I'm not a hugging type of person. If you aren't my wife or my mom, you shouldn't be hugging me under any circumstances. Since I was a little kid I was just uncomfortable with people I don't know well being that close to me. (Of course, the list was longer in those days- but not much!) When I started carrying it wasn't much of an issue because people knew that wasn't my thing. I never knew how lucky I was to not be a hugger until I started reading the forums.
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    There are not that many people that are the "huggy" type around me. The few of them know I have firearms, so for them to feel it on me wouldn't be a "discovery" to them. These are people that I have been shooting with in the past and are pretty much the closest of my friends and family.

    If someone I hardly know tries to hug me, I back off weather I'm packing or not.
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    no problem, i am not a hugger. so it don't come up. anyway my family knows, because of my job.
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    Gotta get that hand out front for the handshake most of the time

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    I don't worry about it. I shoot for low but it's not like I am doing anything wrong if I get discovered. If there is anyone that I really wouldn't want knowing that I carry, they aren't on my hug list.
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    I was at a reunion once and my sister hugged me. I was wearing a around the waist with a Sig 232. She didn't feel the pistol but she noticed the waist band holster and thought it was funny I was wearing a I went with it.
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    My son works in a healthcare environment, so he could get hugged anytime, by patients, nurses, family, etc. Working in that situation he could be in the middle of a hug before he knows it, and it would be improper for him to avoid/deter the oncoming hug. In his work environment, especially with semi-strangers, it would be very awkward for them to discover his ccw. His best solution is a pocket gun at work, certainly not the best ccw, but a solution good enough to work well for him. Any other time, away from work, he has his 1911.
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    I don't know but it is hard for my girlfriend to remember that I'm carrying which I guess is a good thing because that means it is hid well. She will go to hug me feel it then she backs away and looks around to make sure no one saw a print of it.

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    Some solutions:

    1) "Just go low." (Haven't heard that before in this thread!)

    2) Turn a handshake into a hug -- reach for a handshake, then pull them into a hug. That pretty well forces them to hug you high on the shoulder on your strong side, makes it really unlikely they'll reach lower toward your hip. If you're a lefty, it's even better because you're absolutely controlling the hand they would put on your gun.

    3) The sideways hug -- at the last second, swivel your gun side away from them and hug side to side rather than nose-on.

    4) Carry something. Doesn't matter what: a small child, a Bible, a purse or man-purse, a bottle of wine, a book. Carry it in your strong hand during the initial hug-fest (eg, have it in your hand coming up to the door to visit, or pick it up when the doorbell rings). This does two things -- it naturally forces a sideways hug, and it explains any odd lumps or bumps the other person might feel.

    5) Desperately don't want a hug at all? Fake a sneeze into your hands, then excuse yourself to go blow your nose. Nobody will hug you after that.

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    It can be simply a matter of method. Say you are packing on the right side, IWB. Go in with right arm low, to ensure that the person's left arm goes above yours. You simply guide the "risky" hand high. With a little practice, it isn't even noticed. Gotta be quick with certain folks, though, as they are waist-ies every time. Anyway. That's one option, instead of the don't-touch-me route.
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    I always do the dog trick. Dog trainers offer the arm or whatever that is protected so the dog doesn't get a unprotected limb to attack. I dip to the right so that my grandmother'r arm goes over the right shoulder. Been hugging her sense november and she hasn't a clue - I do the same with everyone else. They don't even notice that they always get positioned if you will for the hug. :D

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    Keep your arm close and go low. Open up your weak side to seem more inviting and protect your strong side.
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    LOVE the HUGS! Bring em on!!

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