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This is a discussion on Hug free zone within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've never had a problem "going low." Being a guy helps, since the women-folk tend to go for the neck-hug (in my experience), but even ...

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Thread: Hug free zone

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    I've never had a problem "going low." Being a guy helps, since the women-folk tend to go for the neck-hug (in my experience), but even the ones that don't are pretty easy to force into at least a shoulder-hug.
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    I tend to just lean in with my gun side out. They go for the shoulders unless someone is trying to grab my butt. Realize that sooner or later someone is going to bump into you or spot it somehow. It is just about impossible to avoid forever. Besides, I like being hugged if it's the right person. You don't have to explain everything to people anyway.

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    Start coughing...loudly...make your eyes water. Talk about how you are sick and how you don't want them to catch it. Stick your finger down your throat to vomit if you have to show some other symptoms.

    That wore a gooder!
    ps. how about "Small of Back" if you know you are going into that situation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLewall View Post
    LOVE the HUGS! Bring em on!!
    +1 to that. Leaving aside the premise of wanting to avoid other people, it also bears remembering that there is a lot of inadvertant contact (bars, transit, busier cities, sporting events, etc.). Plus, some people just bump into each other.

    Hehe. When I'm carrying, I mostly resent other people trying to use rudeness as strength while I am purposely low-key, or otherwise being unsafe or inconsiderate. Hugs are pretty low down on the worry list.

    The people who've said that contact will probably be attributed to something else (PDA, etc.) are probably mostly right. I'm cautious enough that I understand why that isn't entirely reassuring (it wouldn't be to me if I was worried I'd been "made" and didn't want to be, for social or other reasons).

    One thing that has not been mentioned is choice of holster/concealment method. For me, that's a huge deal. With a big IWB rig, people I know can occasionally "make" me by the way my clothing moves when I walk. As far as conctact goes, I usually just try to turn away slightly as mentioned, and nobody seems to react strangely. With a marsupial holster (SmartCarry), this all works a lot better. And since it's in front of my crotch, nobody stares at it or rubs up against it who is not very clearly already in my zone of comfort.

    Wonder what else would work well. Ankle? Inner thigh (for the spy ladies)?

    I'm going to try OWB soon, for other reasons, which'll probably be worse from this particular perspective.

    Interesting thread.

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    I had this same problem last week and I did the exact same thing people here are talking about. We had some family in town from California and when we were all leaving for the evening there were hugs all around as usual. I just did the going low and all but one never noticed. The one who did was the cousin from California and he beat me to the low and knuckled on the rear sights. I wasn't worried as he knows I shoot competitively (I invited him to go to the match Saturday earlier) and carry. He is also retired LE. When he hit the gun there wasn't even a change of expression.

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    The "go low" thing actually works. Been practicing for about 3 months in anticipation of my permit.
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    If your pistol is on your waist, keep your elbow next to it.
    Be ready. You can't make an appointment for an emergency.

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    Check my avitar, I do not hug

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    Wow, I was not aware that hugging was like rocket science, but it seems so from this thread...So much thought seems to have gone into it. Another mystery solved on an internet forum, cool.

    Edit: For those who don't understand this is in jest, please rest assured it is. My apologies to those who are not able to ascertain that up front.
    Last edited by mocarryguy; October 29th, 2007 at 09:48 PM. Reason: Assuring others understand this is jest.
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    I start by

    not hugging guys. And the only females I hug are family and very close friends. Being 6'3" I have always had to go low. Never even thought about doing it differently when I started carrying.
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    I can understand, a little, abt some not really being the huggin type..I for one will NEVER pass up the opportunity to hug my dad when I see him, hug my brother when I see him, hug my best friend when we part for the day and never pass up a hug from all of my girlfriends! And if need be, I have no problem giving a hug and a pat on the back to ANY veteran to show how much I really care for him or her for being brave and doing what they do..yeah, hugs are good, pack'n or not!

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    Go low and keep your arm tight against your body over your gun. I've used this many times with good success..If I know I'm going to be somewhere I'll be hugging, I use a smartcarry or shoulder rig ( gun under armpit)

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    I don't see the need for a solution since I can't seem to imagine this as a problem. Just keep it out of the way; I don't know many people who hug around the waist, so I can't picture why a waist-level carry (3 o' clock to 9 o' clock) would be an issue. Hugs are a common thing among my circle of friends, so I'd have a real hard time explaining why carrying a weapon should keep me from being friendly with them.


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    Just don't see it as a problem. I've been hugged high and low while carrying large defensive pistols and revolvers and no one has noticed or at least commented. Of course my right elbow usually covers my gun butt at times like this.

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    Christmas party last year at my pastors house... My wife was on staff at the church as a exec assistant for one of the senior pastors so we pretty much HAD to go. I got off work at 7 and to be there at 7:30 no time to change clothes/carry method... We arrive and first thing our pastor does is sneak up beside me as I am hanging our coats and promptly rests his arm right across my 1911 in an IWB.. They look on his face was priceless... We had a nice long talk over some nog about what I was carrying, when I carried and the what if's of something happening in church.

    Which got me to thinking and with alot of military, and LE in our congregation he put out some feelers and about 15 of us got together at one of the Men's groups and actually started talking strategy on how to protect ourselves and our congregation in the event of a situation occurring.

    It was and still is a bit painful to have left an environment where you knew who had your back and could actually relax a bit in a venue of 1k-2k people .

    But I digress and have completely hijacked the thread so back on topic...

    I'm a go low type of guy anyway, and anybody that would be close enough to hug would know me well enough to know that I am packin.
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