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This is a discussion on Hug free zone within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; One can guide the other's arm a bit if they are reaching around your waist. My wife asked a few months ago why I had ...

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Thread: Hug free zone

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    One can guide the other's arm a bit if they are reaching around your waist. My wife asked a few months ago why I had my permit but hadn't started carrying. I told her I'd been carrying for several weeks. She was stunned that she didn't know. She likes to hug around the waist, and I would just nudge her arm up a tad as she would reach around. She never noticed what I was doing. Now of course, she always checks to see if I'm carrying and looks shocked if I happend to be wearing something that I can't without printing (I.e., all the looser shirts are in the wash...). I'll be curious to see how long it takes her to notice the pocket holster after I get it made...

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    I guess I have never really cared.. if someone is hugging me that 'deeply' and they happen to brush across the butt of my pistol then so be it. I bet most wouldn't even ask, and if they do ask I would blow them off. Tell them it's 'nunya'.

    People I don't know very well usually do the awkward hug with a pat on the back anyway.

    "When among wild beasts, if they menace you, be a wild beast."
    -Herman Melville

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    It can be simply a matter of method. Say you are packing on the right side, IWB. Go in with right arm low, to ensure that the person's left arm goes above yours. You simply guide the "risky" hand high. With a little practice, it isn't even noticed. Gotta be quick with certain folks, though, as they are waist-ies every time. Anyway. That's one option, instead of the don't-touch-me route.

    I'm not a hugging person, but there are times that someone sneaks one by.

    This is the same thing I do. It works and keeps their arm on the outside of yours. You can guide them away from any sensitive areas.

    Practice with your significant other to get the technique down.

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    I carry all the time and get hugged all the time and when hugged people don't know if it's a cell phone, a blackberry, or whatever. Nobody asks, either. Most of the time their hand does not go on my belt at the 4:30 position but they do, occasionally but nobody thinks twice about it if they feel some gadget there.

    So carry, hug all the people you want - and it's all no big deal and nothing to worry about.

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    Carry a small weapon in your pocket. It is the way I carry about 50% of the time anyway. Hugs are no problem.

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