Anti-gun friend actually needed a handgun!! (really long)

Anti-gun friend actually needed a handgun!! (really long)

This is a discussion on Anti-gun friend actually needed a handgun!! (really long) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yes, I didn't believe it either, who knew? I have to mention the history before I tell y'all what happened. First of all, my GF ...

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Thread: Anti-gun friend actually needed a handgun!! (really long)

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    Anti-gun friend actually needed a handgun!! (really long)

    Yes, I didn't believe it either, who knew?

    I have to mention the history before I tell y'all what happened. First of all, my GF has a friend who is very ANTI-gun. So bad, that when her husband received a GLOCK 17 as a wedding gift from his father, she told him that it will never be loaded inside the house and he cannot carry it (I have an opinion that is not appropriate to be mentioned openly).

    Now, the story....(mind you, my GF is telling me the story that her friend told her)
    A couple of nights ago, she was home alone while the hubby was at work (night shift). Their dog all of sudden got in the "ready defensive" position barking at the back door with the hair standing high and the tail straight as an arrow. She heard a noise at the front door and the dog zoomed to the noise barking crazy (note:this is not usual of the dog, ever). Then, the noise continued towards the back of the house. She immediately went to the closet where the GLOCK was waiting patiently to prove himself that his co-owner needed him (assuming she treats it as a "he"), she opens the case, next to it was a loaded magazine, she loads the magazine and (get this) "releases the safety". She grabs the flash light and inspects the back yard (bad move). She followed the sound and was startled by what appeared to be a raccoon. She shooed it away and all was well. She unloaded the GLOCK and never told her hubby because she didn't want to worry him.

    I just had to laugh. I mean, this is the same woman who teased my GF when she heard that my GF was got her CHL. This is the same woman that doesn't like the fact that I attempted to invite her hubby for a round at the range. NOW, all of sudden, she went from "This is a gun free zone" to "Don't tread on me!"

    Now, lets look back...
    1.) By "safety" I am assuming she meant slide catch lever unless it is one of those very rare GLOCK's with the safety lever.
    2.) she should've called 911 and waited patiently with the GLOCK inside the home.
    3.)She finally knows what it feels like to feel vulnerable and remedied that with a GLOCK, can't blame her, its a GLOCK.

    Just to let y'all know, I told my GF to tell her friend that she has an OPEN invitation to come to the range with me (w/ her hubby so not to over step) so I can teach her basic gun safety, teach her ALL the features of the GLOCK she used to defend herself, and to show her my collection should in case she gets interested in buying one for herself. Also, I told my GF to relay to her friend "Even anti-gun people should know who to use a gun, ignorance is not always bliss". Moments like these makes me glad that my gal can work an HK USP .45 anytime, any day.

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    I've heard a few stories similar to that one........the anti suddenly "discovers" a need for the "evil".
    Hopefully you and/or your GF have, or will, discuss the need for better tactics concerning "clearing" the backyard. grabing the G17 and the phone as you said.
    Great job on keeping the invite open for both of may find your GF and yourself bringing two 'new' members over to the "dark side".

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    Well, good thing it was just a four legged critter (instead of the two legged kind). Hopefully this will bring her into the light.

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    Good story...Hopefully she will see the error of her ways but my gut feeling is she will not be going to the range anytime soon.

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    Good thing the husband had the magazine pre-loaded. I have to wonder though if the real reason for not telling her husband was because she didn't want to worry him.

    "Thank God I Had a Gun" by Chris Bird might be an appropriate book for her to read right now. About 20 different true stories of people's encounters with BG's that'll make her story of the racoon pale in comparison. Lack of knowledge often fuels their hypocrisy.

    Good job on offering a trip to the range for her. If she's never fired a gun before, you might want to let her shoot a .22 initially.

    Also good job on the father looking out for the safety of his son and the gift of the g17. Wise gift by the father, who probably knows what's up.
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    Sad story

    From your description it seems possible that she didn't know enough about the Glock to chamber a round before she began to search the back yard with gun in hand. Had she suddenly had to use the gun it would not have fired and would be worse than useless.

    She would have done better to carry a kitchen knife or baseball bat. She badly needs some training in the gun, but may not be smart enough to realize that.

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    I've known gun-haters who enjoy the protection of an armed friend or family member when perceived and real threats happened. Usually their logic is that they have superior morals and intellect than do the "unwashed masses".

    We call them hypocrites in our house. john

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    Great story. Let us know if things change for her and hubby. I'm curious to see if this incident will change her disposition.

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    I think a good deal of anti's are only an anti until they need a gun, then they wish they had one. I wonder how many hardcore anti-gunners would wish they had a gun during the course of an armed robbery or home invasion.

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    Bravisimo !

    I sure hope she takes you up on that offer, and if so it'll make great reading while I'm avoiding work ;)

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    Fear tightens and clarifies things, that's for sure. She finally seems to have pulled her head out, which is the good thing. Perhaps she'll now see the inanity of reliance on wishes and prayer, when a stranger is probing the perimeter.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
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    One of the things I'm wondering, is if she did happen to load it correctly (maybe the slide was locked back, she inserted the mag, hit the release, and chambered one...) is there still a round in the chamber after she dropped the mag? maybe she locked the slide back afterward too and found a little present come out of the chamber. Just a thought.

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    I wonder also if the pistol is still loaded?
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    to be honest, I do not feel this will change her mind, or even lessen the degree of anti she is. She will rationalize that she felt fear for no reason, due to it just being a raccoon, and will probably just ignore the signs the next time. Possibly to her detriment.

    Irrational people will remain irrational until they are jerked back into reality, usually by an actual life threatening encounter.

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    "Thank God I Had A Gun" is a great book. I picked it up at a MO-CCW forum meeting at a gun range. My wife is reading it now (not that she needs to - she is very pro-gun).

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