Maybe there's more of us than we think (gun supporters that is)

This is a discussion on Maybe there's more of us than we think (gun supporters that is) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just discovered an ally. I had to be out of town for a couple of weeks and wanted something to read. I picked up ...

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Thread: Maybe there's more of us than we think (gun supporters that is)

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    Maybe there's more of us than we think (gun supporters that is)

    I just discovered an ally. I had to be out of town for a couple of weeks and wanted something to read. I picked up all the gun mags I could find on the newsstand and since I have a lathe and milling machine, I saw Machinist’s Workshop and thought it might be interesting.

    To my delight, there was a section entitled, “The Gunsmith Machinist” featuring an article on relining a Ruger .22 pistol. Not only was the article interesting, it was especially good to know that there are some non-gun publications that support the gun world. I believe Popular Mechanics is another non-gun publication that supports guns.

    So, maybe there’s more of us and more folks that are interested in guns than we thought; that’s encouraging!

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    Thats cool i know popular mechanics used to have gun articles but i havent read a issue in years .. Also neat that they would have a article in the machinists workshop

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    from both an engineering and machinist standpoint... firearms are a very interesting challenge.

    Machinists must fit numerous pieces together with fairly exact specifications in order to get the firearm to work correctly. Engineers who are designing a new firearm must, on some level, be able to visualize how the whole assembly will function.

    And both should look at the amazing fact that most firearms, if treated in a correct manner, will outlast their orginal owners by an extremely long time...

    With all that said, I wish there were more "non-gun related publications" that gave firearms their due...

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    Having a strong background in engineering, design, machining & fabrication I can tell you one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is tolerance buildup.

    Each piece usually has a percentage above or below the exact size of acceptable dimension. If you manufacture all parts on the high side, your assembly might not go together and the opposite is true if all parts are made on the low tolerance side. It may go together but be unable to operate.

    It's always fun to try to make things work that dont fit properly!!!!!
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    Ditto tex - I am an old engineer - used to do a lot of prototyping and dev' work on my ''hands-on'' machinery - and tolerancing is always a challenge. I have immense admiration for the gun designers - indeed the ''sum of parts'' is where all the tolerancing decisions come together - and home to roost!
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    As being a former Machinist and having an Engineering background, I've made many "interesting" things in my time LOL..........made several "imporvments" in a few of my weapons' systems. made an imporved flash hider for my M60 that worked better than the GI one.. also.......fabricated a grip frame to fit onto my 1918A2 BAR (so it looked like a Colt Monitor)..I have done a lot of stuff, for friends and myself.......LOL........Glad to know there's mags out there that have you very interested

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    No kidding! My dad was a welder, and Knight's Armament had nothing on the machinists working OT on night shift with him

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