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This is a discussion on Exposed weapon! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I wear western style shirts with snaps. If it gets too warm I unsnap all but the last two snaps. If I have to reach ...

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Thread: Exposed weapon!

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    I wear western style shirts with snaps. If it gets too warm I unsnap all but the last two snaps. If I have to reach my firearm in a hurry it is real easy rip the shirt open. Also you don't have to sew buttons back on. If using a jacket carry some change in the pocket on the same side of your firearm. It helps hold the jacket in place. Also when you clear for a draw it helps move the jacket away faster.

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    Have the same problem with boot carry on my motorcycle, I got some strange looks out on the hi-way while passing cars and sure enough the wind had blown my pant leg up high enough to reveal my Smith stubby clipped inside my right boot.....
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    I'm still looking for a good concealment option when I go cycling with my backpack for grocery runs. It's not so bad on the trip up, but once the pack is loaded I have to tighten a waist strap which causes any shirt that I'm wearing to ride up over time until first the holster, and then the grip, of the sidearm is fully visible. I've noticed my sidearm becoming fully exposed many times now.

    Fortunately open carry is legal in KY, so I've not been too terribly concerned about it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure of a comfortable alternative carry method for when I'm on the bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob The Great View Post
    someone will give you a surprise hug
    Had something like this last week. I was at my fire station where we are rather open with each other about CCW and you will probably find more guns there on drill night than at the police station. One of the other guys being a smart Alec came up from behind me as I was leaning over a table doing something and went to (jokingly) grab my SS hip. He realized what he did ad his hand was bent back and wrist starting to hurt as my weak hand went for the gun. Stupid him sneaking up on my and reaching for the wrong hip. He apologized.

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    Thanks for all the reassurance and great advice! I though for sure that I would get my chops busted, but you all have been very helpful and polite. I really like this forum so far.

    More than a few of you have mentioned “cover garments”. I have though about getting a vest. My wife told me that if I wear a vest then she will no longer hang out with me! I am still a young man (30) and would like to get a versatile yet stylish “cover garment”. Does any one have any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AMH View Post
    ... would like to get a versatile yet stylish “cover garment”. Does any one have any suggestions?
    You can go the jacket route. Coronado Leather carries a number of styles. Nice thing is, they gear toward the concealed-carry crowd with much of their stuff. They are expensive, but functional.

    SIG carries their SIG Tac jackets.

    Cabela's (online, or store) has a number of shirts geared toward hunting and the outdoors, with nice features such as oversize, Tall lengths. This helps, of course, for finding something big enough to cover.

    There's the Israeli "shabak" style shirt/jacket. Several folks, here, have purchased one and seem to like it. Hunt around for some of the reviews/comments.

    Me, I'm partial to keeping the shirt buttoned or simply going with a light jacket over everything. So, for me it's simple: oversized/tall shirts, plus a couple of light jackets that don't need to be removed. Otherwise, it's pocket carry for those times/places where a IWB isn't going to work.
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    You've carried for 9 years, and only have had this happen recently? You've done very well, my friend. It does happen to all of us, sooner or later. It happened sooner for me. As I've posted before, earlier this year (or late last year), I walked into Bass Pro Shops. I was wearing a Sig Tac vest as a cover garment for my XD 45, carried in an IWB holster. As I walked in, a security guard asked if I had a CCW permit. I replied yes, and then he told me that the gun was showing. My vest had ridden up while getting out of the car, and got hung up behind the gun. They were very nice about it, and apologised for stopping me. I told him that I was happy that he did. I now do the "Picard Maneuver", pulling down my cover garment each time I get out of the car. And that wasn't as bad as 2 months ago, when my fanny pack I was using (I was dressed for gym) opened while I was leaving a casino after cashing my check, letting my XD fall on the floor, in front of 2 security guards. That did require a bit of discussion, but no problem, other than the embarrassment. So, don't sweat it, just learn from the experiences. I sure did!

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