Save-A-Lot grocery store antigun?

Save-A-Lot grocery store antigun?

This is a discussion on Save-A-Lot grocery store antigun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Houston, TX at the intersection of Broadway & Belfort. There is a Save-A-Lot with the TABC 51% "consumption on premise" felony charge warning sign. Is ...

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Thread: Save-A-Lot grocery store antigun?

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    Save-A-Lot grocery store antigun?

    Houston, TX at the intersection of Broadway & Belfort.

    There is a Save-A-Lot with the TABC 51% "consumption on premise" felony charge warning sign. Is it an error or that is the position of the management.

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    If they have a real 51% sign, I would call the TABC for verification. I don't believe businesses can just hang that sign at will, and I doubt very much a grocery store derives more than half of its gross income from on-premises alcoholic consumption.

    (just don't tell the manager all he had to do was hang a 30.06 if he's dead-set on restricting his customer base)
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    The Save-A-Lot here in St. Louis or least the one by me used to have a sign in their doorway not allowing carry on their property. I talked to the manager and he said it had to do with insurance but about 3 months later the signs came down. Our Save-A-Lot do not sell alchohol.

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    We have one about 5 miles from me here in Florida. I'll check it out.
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    We got one in my town and not sign to be seen pertaining to firearms
    Course you don't see them anywhere around here.
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    I doubt that your allowed to legally consume alcohol at a grocery store, so it means nothing. Pacification of the sheep if anything.
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    I can certainly understand not wanting to shop at an anti store.
    I personally have not ever seen one here in Montana. But if I where to
    be going to a store to get something and then all of a sudden saw a
    "No Guns" sign, I think I would just walk right in and do my business
    and leave, I would make a mental note not to shop there again.
    I guess what I am say is, that "No Guns" signs don't intimidate me in the least.
    First in order to be turned away or kicked out they have to know that you are carrying in the first place. So unless you do something to expose your gun, then you don't have anything to worry about.

    Did any of that make sense?
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    IIRC it is illegal to consume on premises in Texas. The 51% sign has to be posted out of ignorance because 51% cannot occur legally, let alone any consumption.
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    yea. i would ignore it. it cant possibly be legit. at as you said, if they find out they may put a legit one up!

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    Havn't seen a no weapons sign yet. I do avoid certin places bacause of their antigun outspokeness.
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    My local Sav A Lot doesn't have any no firearms signs.
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    My local Sav-A-Lot doesn't have any 'anit-gun' signs either, but it doesn't sell alcohol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CelticWolf View Post
    Havn't seen a no weapons sign yet. I do avoid certin places bacause of their antigun outspokeness.

    Where do you live? I can show you half a dozen in the SE part of the state, but the neat part about it is they don't mean a thing. All they can do is ask you to leave, and if you do not you are trespassing.

    I usually do not enter a business with a sign, if they want to save a few bucks on insurance, they can do so without my business.

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    Attempted abduction

    I don't know if the nearby save-a-lot is posted. However, a 14 year-old girl was nearly abducted this afternoon right outside the store. The guy had a hold of her arm and was trying to get her into his vehicle; she was able to escape.

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    Around SW Ohio some Sav-a-Lot stores post, others don't.

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