Far Left magazine publishes Pro-Gun editorial

This is a discussion on Far Left magazine publishes Pro-Gun editorial within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Excellent. And self-edited I presume as well. The morons in the papers don't write half as well as you do, and their junk goes through ...

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Thread: Far Left magazine publishes Pro-Gun editorial

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    Excellent. And self-edited I presume as well.

    The morons in the papers don't write half as well as you do, and their junk goes through an editor just to correct their half-assed grammar.

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    Again, thank you all for your kind words on the article. I'm glad to see alot of support from the more 'senior' permit holders.

    The first anti- letter was published in this week's edition:

    It's really unfortunate that Patrick Floto was robbed at gunpoint (Backpage, Nov. 6). He's obviously still reling from the experience, carrying a licensed concealed weapon around town (the St. Johns Town Center, for crying out loud -- one of the safest, most well-guarded places in Jacksonville) and waiting for his "Rambo" moment. I'm glad that he wrote his editorial -- it's a much healthier way of dealing with his trauma.

    It obviously makes him feel safer to carry a concealed weapon in public, but what's going to happen when one dark night, someone taps on the window of his car and asks for directions? Will Mr. Floto panic? Will he reflexively shoot first and ask questions later? I look forward to the day when he evolves beyond his "never again" mentality and no longer has to live in fear.

    Go ahead, Mr. Floto, make our day -- by walking among us in this community, unarmed and wearing a smile instead of a Smith & Wesson.

    Steve Peterson
    I find it quite cute that he likens me to a Rambo or Dirty Harry wannabee with an itchy trigger finger living in fear. Seems like he's attacking CC in general, rather than the idea of allowing CC on campus.

    If anybody would like their voice heard in the magazine, email your response to themail@folioweekly.com.

    Thank you for your support.

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    ...yeah it seems like he completely missed the point of your editorial. My comments are numerous but I'll limit it to one.

    "Carry a smile instead of a Smith & Wesson"... Okay. Beyond the obvious low comments I could make on this I'll suffice to ask why someone can't have both? And if you only have one, I can't remember the last time an armed assailant gave up his evil ways because someone smiled and asked politely for him to stop.

    Whatever. Let them have their cake. "Rambo"... right.
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