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Do you feel confident with your pocket carry?

This is a discussion on Do you feel confident with your pocket carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry a bug in ny left front pocket. I have tried carry it by itself a few times, just didn't feel right....

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Thread: Do you feel confident with your pocket carry?

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    I carry a bug in ny left front pocket. I have tried carry it by itself a few times, just didn't feel right.
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    I am. I plan for and practice pocket carry. It's very reassuring to have your hand on a gun most of the time.

    I get pants with deep pockets and thick material and wear long shirts. Most of the time I have my hand in my pocket when I'm out and about. It looks like I'm fiddling with keys or coins (or that I'm a prodigious pree-vert).

    We each have to experiment with a variety of weapons and carry modes to determine what works best for us.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    Don't you think that's just a little bit too personal... OH! You were talking about my gun!

    He he, I'm pretty comfortable with my S&W 640 but I rarely pocket carry so some practice IS in order!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I pocket carry daily. I pocket carry when I carry my full size gun as well. I recently switched back to my 442 Smith after carrying my Kahr MK9 for a bit. The Kahr was great for size and extra mags, but it tended to get snagged when trying to present the pistol. The good old 442 slides out like butter and always leaves the holster behind.
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    I also like pocket carry for being able to have my hand on the gun in cases of increased threat, but in big pockets, like in cargo pants, my gun sometimes rotates so that the grip does not fall readily to hand. I'll ocassionally reach down and make sure the gun is positioned correctly. Typically though, I don't pocket carry with cargo pants, because I am casually dressed with an untucked shirt, so I carry my bigger gun IWB.

    I usually pocket carry only when I'm wearing a tucked shirt. IWB can work then, too but I find less printing problems with pocket carry.

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    In general, yes. I love having the ability to just pick it up and go, along with the ability to have my hand on it and ready if I feel that is necessary.

    However, the Uncle Mike's Sidekick that I presently use(my first pocket holster) will be replaced with the round-cut one from Mika when it arrives in a couple of weeks.

    The Uncle Mike's Sidekick material is thin, and it still allows the 340 to print like a gun. Also, the squared corner and the large seams print, too.

    From what I have heard and seen, the Mika is thicker, and with the rounded cut and lack of overlapping external seamwork, should print less.

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    I have a S&W .38 that I pocket carry when I don't feel like/ or am not dressed to CC my Glock23. I would rather have the 13 rounds of .40 and longer barrel of the 23 but that's not always practical so the .38 is better then nothing- "nothing" being a 2 oz can of Fox pepper spray

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    Lately, I've been pocket carrying the M&P 9c.

    Conceals well, and my pockets are big enough to get into and out of easily.

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    I keep my Bersa 380 in a Desantis Nemisis for a 'run to the store quick' gun if I am down to my comfy clothes (t-shirt and warm up pants). I personally wouldn't carry in my pocket for a primary unless I had to keep a tucked shirt. Then maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccwguy View Post
    From what I have heard and seen, the Mika is thicker, and with the rounded cut and lack of overlapping external seamwork, should print less.
    I pocket carry a 642 in a Mika, and it works great. Stays in the pocket and doesn't print at all.
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    I notice alot of people saying "I can keep my hand on it if I feel it's necessary." What about if SHTF before you "know it's necessary"?
    I try to draw quickly from cargo pants ( a 642 ) and never get a good solid grip before the gun leaves my pocket.

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    I find between dress pants and 5.11 trousers using a Safariland model 25 pocket holster no issues in drawing but would have issues with regular blue jeans which I seldomly wear.
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    I love pocket carrying.

    @ roberererere being alert helps avoid these "omgz I need to draw" situations all together. If a situation starts to look sketchy my hand goes in my pocket (and on my grip). I imagine being matter how you are carrying will make it harder to draw.

    Also, I avoid keeping my gun (642 as well) in my cargo pockets because A.) they are big and the gun, even in a holster, moves more than I like B.) they aren't as easy to access as a normal pocket C) it looks kinda funny if you put your hand in your cargo pocket when things start looking sketchy.

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    Cargo pants are a good choice, but I use the regular pockets not the lower ones. You kind of have to use a weird movement to reach them. But I learned not to put valuable things in them either after running a $500 digital camera through the laundry.

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    The purpose of my pocket gun is to primarily protect me and mine ... that it will do.

    Protecting other people requires a much bigger gun ... much bigger... and more rounds ... lots more rounds.
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