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Why disarm at home?

This is a discussion on Why disarm at home? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry most of the time at home. Don't usually carry in the morning when getting ready for work, but put it on before leaving ...

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Thread: Why disarm at home?

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    I carry most of the time at home. Don't usually carry in the morning when getting ready for work, but put it on before leaving the house and leave it on once I get home. I live on a highway where alot of people run out of gas or have wrecks or other various problems, so I don't want to have to run and grab my gun to see who's at the door.
    I never drink when I go out and if I did ( maybe once a year ) I would not carry. At home , I see no sense in disarming if I'm having a few drinks. It's not like I take the gun out of the holster and "play with it". The only reason it would come out of the holster would be an intruder. I have the right to defend myself in my own home ANY time. If someone knocks on my door I want to be armed rather I've had a few drinks or not. I dont get "drunk".

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    I think I'm like the song "the more I drink, the more I drink" in that
    The more I carry, the more I carry.
    Pretty much always now, try not to go places that I can't, except work and wouldn't go there if I had a choice.

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    As long as I'm awake I have a holster with my "buddy"in it...24/7.
    The words can't and impossible are honey only to lips of losers. "Keith Matt(Me)"

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    One of the advantages of hardening up your home is that it buys you critical time.
    I've been burglarized once before (at my old townhouse) after whoever it was kicked in the front door. I mull over the scenario of what would've happened had I been at home.

    Some people have a false sense of safety, as if when they shut the door to their house, everything on the outside agrees to stay outside.

    I've long since moved to a better neighborhood, have a security system, and two great alarm dogs, but I still remain armed indoors. Even in this nice neighborhood, we had a rash of burglaries last year - the thugs deliberately picked nice places, because those were the places with things to steal (they even broke into one home where the occupant was still inside and she was armed and scared them off).

    Besides, it's more of a hassle to take the take the gun off than to keep it on.
    "Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power." - Yoshimi Ishikawa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old goat View Post
    The more I carry, the more I carry.

    As I told my wife the other day, "The first indication we'll have of a home invasion is when our front door gets kicked in." If we're in the living room with no gun, we lose because the living room is next to the door. We would be trapped because to get to any stored guns, I would first have to go toward the front door to reach the hallway or basement steps.

    So I always carry at home except in bed or shower, and during those times a gun is within reach.

    It's a good example for my daughter to see me carrying around the house. Sometimes when I first come out of the bedroom in the morning, I'll have sweatpants on (no shirt) with my gun in an IWB showing. I want her to think being armed at home is as normal as breathing. I've made some dumb choices in life, but I've got this one right.

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    I never ware a firearm at home. But, I do keep two loaded and strategically placed for fast access. I figure my home, is very secure. Dogs bark when someone enters the yard, long before the reach the door. And with quality deadbolts, on all the exterior doors, someone is going to have to kick at least twice before they can come in.

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    I do not always carry. I do a good bit of my work from home. I am not carrying now. However, before bed I put the gun, 2 magazines, a light, a knife, and a cell phone into a fanny pack that sits next to the bed. That way if something happens in the middle of the night, I can grab one thing and be prepared. Since I have not had to leave home today, the gun is sitting in the fanny pack on the desk next to my monitor.
    "The only people I like besides my wife and children are Marines."
    - Lt. Col. Oliver North

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    Because my wife says so!

    One picks ones battles and this is not one that I am going to win yet.

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    Right now the Kimber is riding IWB and the P3AT is in my pocket. I'm in my office right next to my safe.
    pants = gun
    "If I was an extremist, our founding fathers would all be extremists," he said. "Without them, we wouldn't have our independence. We'd be a disarmed British system of feudal subjectivity."

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    100% with you on this Cris.

    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    OK - this is contentious perhaps and hardly a new subject in many ways - many folks quite possibly disarm (well - divest of gun and rig off body when at home). OK - you live in the middle of nowhere - but is that somehow sacrosanct?

    I am thinking however of the oft mentioned statement - ''ah but - I have guns stashed everywhere and one is at least a mere few seconds away"!

    I contend that, the safest place for your carry piece is on your person - all the more so if you are way younger than me and have kids around. Second to that is - a ''few seconds'' might be critical. Count to five slowly and imagine what could happen in that relatively short time!

    Another factor is ...... avoiding that possibility of reach down to where Rosco usually lives, only to find .. whoops .... he ain't there!! Suddenly it's a real bad day!

    I am as some know a devotee of all day carry regardless - and tho I work from home and am stuck in my office most of the day - I am never without my friend. I guess I am always trying to promote dedicated carry - it is my way ... tho for sure no need to inflict that on everyone else, I know. JMHO - no more.

    Point is - how do we know, any of us .... when something will go down? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month or year? Hopefully never.

    Who knows, I sure don't. But I plan to be not having to rush and fumble for a ''house gun'' if Murphy arranges for an unexpected visit from some bad guy! I want the best chance fate can deliver and that means Mr SIG is there - from getting up to going to bed!

    All of course - just this old man's 2c
    Safest place to keep the gun is on my hip if not in a safe and it does me no good in the safe. If someone were to home invade my place by the time your brain registers the problem they could be on you. Now my two dogs are my early warning system that someone is near but nothing is as good as having your gun a simple "draw" away.

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    Unless in the shower or court room there is a gun either on my hip or in my pocket. When relaxing at home in PJ's is when the gun goes to the pocket.
    Stay Safe,

    CSSDSD Instructor
    ASP Instructor
    ACCJT Certified LEO DT Instructor
    NRA Instructor

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    I don't carry in the house. But there are no kids to worry about, so there are weapons within reach, and I use door bars that brace from the floor up to the door at an angle. With the solid doors, nobody is going to kick the door in, and even a battering ram would take awhile to bust it. I can stand in the kitchen and cover both doors from one spot with a shotgun. Anybody who makes it in will leave in a zipper bag. Our Castle laws make it all legal.
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    Opinions expressed here are based upon Michigan state law ONLY. Other state laws may differ. Know and observe your local laws.

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    I sleep with a 12 ga and a 9mm under my pillow. I'm armed at all times I'm not at work.
    Vis consili expers mole ruit sua.

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    Why disarm at home?
    I don't. I agree with you completely P95. The best place for your gun is on your person at all times.

    I carry at home just as I do when out and about. You may have guns stashed everywhere and they may be no more than a second or two away. But, it takes less than a second or two to be attacked or killed with out warning. My gun is on me. I am always within reach of my gun.
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    I carry at times way more than I should. Driving in the car it is a pain in the lower back but oh so comforting!

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