uh, not exactly dichotomous, unless you call Charity, or maybe you call it Love, a force. And this isn't a kissy sort of thing, it's the motivation for a soldier (sailor, airman, marine, coastie, cop, firefighter) to do something for a buddy or "civilian" and the sort of thing we didn't know we had in us when it comes to protecting family. We do what is unreasonable without coercion.
I belive i understand what you posted , and where i come from we call it morality . We dont stand by and see a woman or child struck , we dont stand by while a pure beating is handed to another man even if he " asked for it " by somones opinion . The elderly here are still sir and mam and doors are still held for all who may be behind you ( not just women ) . Of course where i live is heavily armed and morality and the freedom of arms seems to go hand in hand .