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Stickers on vehicles or not?

This is a discussion on Stickers on vehicles or not? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; None. I even pull the dealers sticker off. Course, it's white too. It just looks like the other 14 bazillion white trucks in Texas........

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Thread: Stickers on vehicles or not?

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    None. I even pull the dealers sticker off. Course, it's white too. It just looks like the other 14 bazillion white trucks in Texas.....
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    I wont ever put stickers on my car regardless of what they are.

    But I don't think an NRA sticker makes you a target. If anything, it could be a deterrent, like putting an alarm system sign on your front door.

    If I were going to carjack or rob someone, it sure as hell wouldn't be someone with an "NRA", or "Got Sig" sticker on their car. I'd move to an easier target.

    Of course there's no way to know if your NRA sticker actually helped you avoid an incident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    no stickers... I pay good money to drive nice cars, I dont want them junked up no matter what the stickers are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swiftyjuan View Post
    It is fun to put them on liberal's cars, and see how long it takes them to notice!
    Actually I did just that to my buddies wife. Bush stickers on the front & rear bumpers. She was pissed when she found out and chewed him out. Funny thing was He was in the garage while I was placing the stickers, guess he didn't notice.

    No stickers for my rides.
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    Kinda depends on your local. Around here, probably as many pickups with NRA stickers as not. Somewhere else, might be noticed, but in this area, sheeesh, inclusive of CCW, I would be suprised if less than 50% of pickups in the area had a gun in them while heading down the road.
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    No stickers for me. Not because I have a nice car, because I don't. Fancy cars are just not my bag. But, there often are weapons in the car and why advertise?

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    Not an NRA sticker, 'cause I don't really want the people in my neighborhood to know which house has guns int it. Haven't seen the IDPA logo, but I figure the vast majority of scum wouldn't know what it was. So if it didn't give away "gun-related" to outsiders i don't see a problem with it. But the only stickers on my car are and American flag and the AOPA sticker. (It's a Pilot thing)
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    No stickers--I'm living gray.

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    You guys must leave or take your vehicles to some bad places.....

    I have one sticker in my back window (Most people don't know what it means!). I had one woman who thought it was a permit to ride in the HOV lanes.....

    The other indication would be the NRA license plate. Which has it's own advantages.....people no longer tailgate me!

    The only time I would leave a firearm in it would be in the Gun Vault I have have bolted under the seat! (truck is also alarmed).

    To quote John Wayne:
    Everybody knows what's in that box....What we're doing by this ostentatious display, is telling them they can't have it!.....Hell, we might be saving some poor miscreants life......
    (for 10 the movie........)
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    I dont think bg's know what IDPA is hell most good people dont know.But with that said I dont have any stickers on mine.Except a small Harley sticker but I dont keep one hidden in my tahoe.

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    Once when traveling in utah I saw a van that had "concealed carry" and the date written on the side and back windows. I later saw it parked in the lot at Impact Guns. I still haven't figured out why somone would do that.

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    I have a small Harley-Davidson sticker on the upper left side of my rear SUV window...this is the first and last sticker I've ever had...nothing else!

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    I don't put stickers on my truck. I also don't wear any clothes in public that are not gotten from the Thrift store, so that folks don't think I have money and try to rob me. No jewelry either here..
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    No stickers for me. Like some one said before, I even make the local dealers take off there little stickons. Unless of course they will give me a free car wash every other week for as long as I own that car.
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    The only gun sticker I have on my trucks is a Gunsite Raven. Unless less you are in the know, it looks like just a bird sticker.

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