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Stickers on vehicles or not?

This is a discussion on Stickers on vehicles or not? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm not in general a sticker type person. However, even if I was I wouldn't do firearm stickers in a car I might leave a ...

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Thread: Stickers on vehicles or not?

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    I'm not in general a sticker type person. However, even if I was I wouldn't do firearm stickers in a car I might leave a firearm in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuparadigm View Post
    The stickers say: "please break into my car and see if there's a weapon you can steal".
    Yep! I learned that the hard way the day after I had put an NRA sticker on my windshield. My Jeep soft top was sliced open, and my bag with ammo, magazines, glasses, and ear muffs were stolen. Fortunately, my pistol was with me. The NRA sticker has been removed.
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    I have NRA stickers on all of my vehicles. No problems at all.

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    Got two Glock Perfection Stickers a novelty sticker warning that the owner of this vehicle is carrying a concealed weapon. Glock Stickers been there for 4 years now. Also got a Big 5" round Protected by Smith & Wesson. Came with the M&P. All stickers comming off as the sun rises. I never gave it too much thought before.
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    My truck used to be my wife's from before we meet. She used to be a hippie, so it has a lot of hippie stickers on it. If anything, people probably think I am carrying huge loads of flowers. Guns would be the farthest thing from anyone mind.

    FYI, my wife is no longer a hippie. She's taking her CCW class next week. I have had mine for 10-11 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    no stickers... I pay good money to drive nice cars, I dont want them junked up no matter what the stickers are.
    Yep. I also remove the crappy silver lamet logos from car dealers and even the "Jeep" and "4x4" AND "4.0L" ones, too. I just like not having anything on the thing but paint (actually, there is an Ohio State Alumni sticker on the left rear window...that's it...go Bucks!).

    It seems like most LE generally understand how unwise it is to advertise that you're a cop or that you may have a gun in the (unoccupied) car.

    All this goes double for motorcycles. I don't have ANYTHING that indicates brand loyalty or allegiance to ANYTHING on my bike, helmet or leathers. I think it is essential to project an aura of neutrality when riding, since you're vulnerable to anyone's bumper if they decide they don't like you.
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    kinka of a catch 22 ilike toshow my support(nra life member)but at the same time i dont want a sigh that says i own guns. so no stickers on my car.
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    The only thing I put on my car is wax..

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    NRA sticker so far. I have seen a RKBA sticker here in VA and I wouldn't mind having one...a MOLON LABE would be nice too. Dont know where to get one of those though...haven't seen any on the internet for sale.

    Anyway, I was of the "gray man" mind set for a long time. But no longer. I have decided to be as vocal as the anti's. I have slowly come to the realization that, some times, keeping a low profile isn't all it is cracked up to be.

    So, I have moved to a "speak my mind" mentality...especially now with a huge presidential election in the balance. There are people in this country who would shout to take away my 2nd Amendment rights...and I wont abide by that. I am speaking out anyway I can from now on. If a sticker can do that while I am away from my car...excellent! If some fence-sitter sees my bumper sticker with me sitting in the front seat as I am driving down the lane and decides that I look like an ordinary schmoe who is also in a Navy uniform...and by some miracle he/she decides that pro-gunners aren't all nutty, great!

    Oh, and if someone wants to break into my car because they think there might be a gun in there, I just hope that I don't catch them at it.

    I do remove the dealership stickers from my cars because they don't pay me to advertise.

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    I have these stickers on the window of my truck:

    left side:
    Criminals Prefer Unarmed Victims
    Second Amendment: America's Original Homeland Security
    NRA Life Member

    lower center:
    Don't Blame Me- I Voted Libertarian

    right side:
    my college's initials

    My plate is: 4570GOV.

    I could care less what the public thinks. They are not for deterrence, they are an expression. I am not embarrassed to be a gun owner. I am not out to be tacticool and get the ninja drop on every criminal that comes my way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechGuy View Post
    What do you think about stickers on your vehicle such as NRA or USCCA or IDPA etc. Do you think it makes you more of a target ...?
    Information is power, and that knowledge can be used for a variety of purposes. That is reason enough, for me, to avoid pasting stickers and other things on the car. It's like concealing vs. not, in that it provides me with the best chances. I prefer giving those chances to myself, instead of giving them away.
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    NRA Sticker

    I have NRA stickers on all my trucks. They are proudly displayed. Sorry, I am proude of that, and will not let criminals (and liberals) dictate my vocal love of firearms. They can all go to (you know where).


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    in my opinion an NRA sticker doesnt yell 'i have a gun hidden in my car, break into it' at all, although some other ccw type sticker might. NRA stickers are simply too common especially with hunters.
    I agree NRA stickers are way to common ( i proudly display a small NRA sticker on my truck) but this next one "what an idiot" thats asking for trouble....

    Once when traveling in utah I saw a van that had "concealed carry" and the date written on the side and back windows. I later saw it parked in the lot at Impact Guns

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    Information is power, and that knowledge can be used for a variety of purposes. That is reason enough, for me, to avoid pasting stickers and other things on the car. It's like concealing vs. not, in that it provides me with the best chances. I prefer giving those chances to myself, instead of giving them away.
    Having no gun-related stickers on my car is not going to help me avoid a confrontation or provide a tactical advantage, tangible or otherwise. I have thought about this issue for quite a while and I can no longer see a sticker having any impact either way. I have found no evidence either way that a sticker was ever a factor in any kind of incident.

    I came to the personal conclusion that it is a psychological preparation issue and the choice to do either goes towards a individual's mental readiness. We all want the advantage and if the choice to not put a sticker on your car furthers your own sense of security, by all as your conscience dictates.

    I respect those that choose not to put a gun related sticker on their car, but to say that they chose to do so because it is an INFOSEC issue is in my opinion a bit far-fetched.

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