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This is a discussion on Corporate Firearms Policy within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Fragman Let me clear some points up for you. 1) Writing IS actual communication. 2) The cops don't decide whether or not ...

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Thread: Corporate Firearms Policy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fragman View Post
    Let me clear some points up for you.

    1) Writing IS actual communication.
    2) The cops don't decide whether or not you go to jail, the DA and the courts do. The cops just arrest and present evidence.
    Cops definitely do stand in a position to determine--at least cursorily--whether there's even been a law broken for which they need to take you off to jail.

    There are plenty of times when cops tell a complainant, "Ma'am, he hasn't done anything I can arrest him for!"

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    One of the things that has not been brought up is the state of mind of the police officers when they arrive. They are going to get a call something to the effect of there is a trespasser here, he's armed, he has a gun. Their ride over they may very well be getting pumped full of amped up with a mix of YEE HAW lets get the Bad Guy & Uh Oh is this the day I day. Than they get to meet you. My guess that gives you a good chance of having them draw their guns and laying you down eating dirt in front of all your co worker before getting hauled off to the jail house where they may sort it out and release you. No false arrest they responded to an armed and dangerous call. No false police report the corp reported armed trespasser. You are jobless and nothing you will say or do will erase your co workers image of you laying on the ground cuffed and being disarmed. Really really believe you need to contact a lawyer and as I said try changing the rule.
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    A company policy is just that, POLICY, and does not have the force of law, much like those no private use of the company computer and no dating another employee rules you see everywhere. What they are trying to do is scare you into following the store's policy since it has no legal weight behind it.

    If you are discovered with a weapon on company grounds, they will either ask you to leave and tell you not to do it again or fire you. Since you are on company (private) property, if you fail to follow their request, they will call the police, tell them you are trespassing and have refused to leave. If the local LEO's arrive, they will ask you to leave and you don't comply, you will be arrested, probably for trespassing and a few other violations involving failure to obey a police officer as well as carrying a concealed weapon if you don't have a permit.

    Bottom line is that it's their (the company) property and business, so they can - up to a point - make the rules. You agree to abide by those rules when you accept employment at a business or enter their property as a customer and they have the right to fire and/or ask you to leave if you don't follow those rules. The company can't get the police to enforce a POLICY, but can get them involved if you break a civil/criminal law such as trespassing. If you are arrested, you will be charged with whatever the normal charges would be and face the same penalty as any other person who is arrested for the same crime according to your states criminal and/or civil codes... but NOT according to a company policy.

    Whether you agree with it or not and like it or not, it's legal for ANYONE to ban weapons on THEIR private property, and the company owns the property in this case. What you have to ask yourself is whether it's worth the potential trouble if you get caught violating a company policy or rule of employment.

    Only you can answer that question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rachilders View Post
    Whether you agree with it or not and like it or not, it's legal for ANYONE to ban weapons on THEIR private property
    Not so much in Oklahoma and Kentucky, where employers cannot ban firearms kept in employee cars even if said cars are parked on company property.

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    I see the wording of this policy as an attempt to add some teeth to their anti weapons policy.A harsher version would be "trespassers will be shot on sight". The company can say anything they want,but fortunately ,they do not dictate what laws are going to be applied or enforced in the event that one of their policies are violated.There are a lot of possible scenarios that could play out , but for the most part, you have certain rights that you should be aware of. Pertaining to self incrimination and making statements to superiors at work that may result in discipline.Deep concealment is tough to discover unless you volunteer info or are seen by surveilance cameras.The basic idea that the policy is trying to get across is that they do not want weapons on their property.Unless you believe the risk of violating their wishes is worth the probable loss of employment, don't carry.Companies cannot make law, but they can say anything they want to.

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