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This is a discussion on Leo Conflict Resolved within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; state6three8 Thanks for your post. As a former officer and former fto I will say i wish more Dept's would select their training cadre from ...

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Thread: Leo Conflict Resolved

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    state6three8 Thanks for your post. As a former officer and former fto I will say i wish more Dept's would select their training cadre from the small pool of Officers who will " Filter the training " with a strong dose of common sense . As an Officer of the last century i have to say that in some aspects todays LE has grown in professionalism using tools and techniques i did not have . I have to also comment that it seems to me training standards have in many ways defaulted to the lowest common denominater and a " by the book, tab a slot b " approach to every situation has replaced Officer Discression . Of course i had little chance of getting sued for washing out an officer because he/she was simply unsuited to the job , or an idiot .
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    Thumbs up He Leaps Into Action

    Just consider that every time somebody yells "Hey, Leaps!" that fella is going to be thinking about his behavior....That'll take a year or two to wear off, and hopefully someday he'll think it's a funny story.

    I think you did the right thing, BTW. Top to bottom. Except the nickname
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    I'm glad it worked out, you took the high road by talking about it and having a meeting with them. Filing formal complaints and lawsuits are for the times when the parties can't/won't get together and work it out.
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    Sounds like it went ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetmak2002 View Post
    Link to the original please?
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    Glad to hear you took the high road on this - well done!

    I seem to remember that while he was "working you over", your wife and the weapon remained in the car for quite a while. Just wondering, do you think he even realized that while concentrating on you, he was leaving himself wide open to attack with the unsecured weapon/passenger?

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    wow. looks like that really turned out well.
    im glad leaps learned a lesson

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    Thank you for posting a follow up, i agree with your decision. I did take issue with something the CO said.

    I asked what the departments SOP is for dealing with armed citizens, and was told the officer is to secure the gun not the citizen until everything is verified and resolved.
    Nobody has the right to disarm me when i have done nothing wrong.

    Edit -
    I say this knowing full well that real life is different, if a cop feels threatened by me he will take my gun.

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    Glad it worked out, and the LEO will get the training he needs, and I’ll bet he will think twice before he draws down on a civilian who is not breaking any laws.

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    Thanks for the follow up

    I think you did the right thing and I'm glad it turned out well.
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    Thanks for the follow-up. This is a good ending.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Glad it all worked out well, mad props FOR NOT suing and handling it IMHO the better way.

    Suing is an end run that now days so many people 'leap' to as their first action upon being to their own view wronged in some way or another.
    In this case I bet far more was gained all the way around than if you had made the choice to retain counsel and sue.

    Good on you OP!
    Good on the officers boss/CO.
    And good on the officer for being contrite and adult enough to take the whipping he in fact deserved...something many people these days are not mentally equipped to do or handle.

    - Janq
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    I'm glad it all worked out OK. I just read the original thread - that was quite an ordeal!
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    Thanks for posting an update. I am glad to hear everything went well. If you run into the officer again, and he is not in the course of performing a traffic stop on you, might I suggest, initiating a pleasant conversation. You will know if he carries a grudge or not and why not? Cops are, by and large, good people to be on friendly terms with.
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    As a former LEO, I have to say you did the right thing. If you had filed a complaint/sued no where near as much would have been accomplished. The officer would have just been pissed, the department pissed and you and your lawyer a little richer.

    By taking the approach you did, you, the officer and the CO got to see each other in a different light. Leaps will probably have that name for as long as he is with the department. In time he may even wear it with pride and be able to impart a lesson to newbies in a manner allowing them to learn from his mistake.

    Good job!

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