DD-214 General under honorable, CCW possible?

DD-214 General under honorable, CCW possible?

This is a discussion on DD-214 General under honorable, CCW possible? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My father was discharged from the military for smoking pot years ago...He has a general under honorable dd-214. Can he get a CCW or no? ...

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Thread: DD-214 General under honorable, CCW possible?

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    DD-214 General under honorable, CCW possible?

    My father was discharged from the military for smoking pot years ago...He has a general under honorable dd-214. Can he get a CCW or no? Thanks in advance?

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    While many more here will voice in and many will know more than me , my first blush statement is that if he has an honorable/ non medical involved . discharge he is eligible .
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    He should be okay.

    It was not a 'dishonorable' discharge and the reason for discharge, if asked further which is unlikely, is for dope smoking/possesion from assumedly a lifetime ago.

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    He's fine
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    Do you mean "other than honorable" discharge? That might make a difference in some states...

    ***EDIT TO ADD***

    Just checked MI LAW, here the only impact would be a "Dishonorable" discharge, so he would be OK here.
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    Back in the 1970s I was stationed at RAF Chicksands while an Airman in the Air Force. Everyone in my dorm had a Top Secrect Codeword clearance. 70% of those Airmen smoked pot every day. It was so bad that when the SPs would make a show of trying to control it they would bring explosive dogs in the dorm and only bust the idots that got caught throwing their hash out the windows. Otherwise they would have to shut down the "hill" where we all worked. After 1980 the Air Force cleaned up it's ranks and started doing pee tests on everyone for pot. By the time I retired in 1994 I didn't know anyone that smoked pot. Sure made the Air Force a better place.
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    The military cleaned up the pot problem pretty good starting around 1980.
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    Not so sure about this myself. This is what the NC law says. Take a look at #6.

    The sheriff has ninety (90 )days from the time all application materials are received to
    either issue or deny a permit. N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-415.15(a) In order for an applicant to
    be approved, he/she must:
    1. be a citizen of the United States;
    2. have been a resident of the State of North Carolina for not less than 30 days
    immediately preceding the filing of the application;
    3. be at least 21 years of age;
    4. not suffer from any physical or mental infirmity that prevents the safe
    handling of a handgun; and
    5. have successfully completed an approved firearms training course (unless
    specifically exempted from the course by state law).
    N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-415.12(a)(1-5)
    The sheriff must deny the permit if certain prohibitions exist. The application must be denied if the applicant:
    1. is ineligible to possess or receive a firearm under federal or state law;
    2. is under indictment or against whom a finding of probable cause exists for
    a felony, or has ever been adjudicated guilty in any court of a felony;
    3. is a fugitive from justice;
    4. is an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana, alcohol, or any depressant,
    stimulant or narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance;
    5. is currently, or has previously been adjudicated by a court, or
    administratively determined by a governmental agency whose decisions are
    subject to judicial review, to be lacking mental capacity or mentally ill.
    Receipt of previous consultive services or outpatient treatment alone shall
    not disqualify an applicant;
    6. has been discharged from the U.S. armed forces under conditions other
    than honorable;

    7. has been convicted of an impaired driving offense under N.C.G.S. §§ 20-
    138.1, 20-138.2 or 20-138.3 within three (3) years prior to the date of
    application submission;
    8. has had an entry of Prayer for Judgment Continued for a criminal offense
    which would disqualify the applicant from obtaining a concealed handgun
    9. is free on bond or personal recognizance pending trial, appeal, or sentencing
    for a crime which would disqualify him/her from obtaining a concealed
    handgun permit; or
    10. has been adjudicated guilty, or received Prayer for Judgment Continued or
    suspended sentence for one (1) or more crimes of violence constituting a
    misdemeanor, including, but not limited to, a violation of an offense under
    Article 8 of Chapter 14 of the North Carolina General Statutes; (This
    encompasses most assault offenses).
    11. or a violation of a misdemeanor under the following provisions of the North
    Carolina General Statutes: N.C.G.S. §§ 14-225.2, 14-226.1, 14-258.1,
    14-269.2, 14-269.3, 14-269.4, 14-269.6, 14-276.1, 14-277, 14-277.1, 14-
    277.2, 14-277.3, 14-281.1, 14-283, 14-288.2, 14-288.4(a)(1), or (2), 14-
    288.6, 14-288.9, 14-288.12, 14-288.13, 14-288.14, 14-318.2, or 14-
    415.21(b), or 14-415.26(d). (see Appendix for a brief description of these
    disqualifying offenses.)
    N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-415.12(b)(1-11)

    Looks like NC is a great one to get in terms of reciprocity.

    Here is a web location with the laws:


    Good luck. I would simply go and ask the sheriff before you apply. Chances are he'll say it's ok, but it could save you a lot of grief if it isnt. All he can do is say no. Or you could just go ahead and apply. I don't think there will be anything in NCIS about old minor indiscretions in he military. To me, "General under Honorable" means honorable. What you don't want to do is falsify the application in any way. That could lead to some major problems.

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    "Other than honorable" could be a problem. But, are you talking about a "general" discharge as opposed to an "honorable discharge"? I thought that popping positive on a drug test was handled as "general discharge". Also, if that's the case, I've heard but don't know, that you supposedly can wait 6 months and then petition your congressional rep to get it upgraded to an Honorable.

    Are the types of discharges still the same (in order as I recall them): honorable, general, other than honorable, bad conduct, dishonorable? I can't believe I actually absorbed that part of the Navy admin class from OCS many years ago. "Dishonorable" is equivalent to a felony conviction and might be what most states are looking for as a disqualifier.

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    There are two types of general discharges. Under honorable circumstances and under other than honorable. If his discharge is for honorable circumstances I don't see there being a problem for him anywhere. It is no different than a medical discharge.
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    I'm quite sure a General Under Honorable Conditions Discharge alone will not cause them to deny your dad a permit.
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    My brother had a general. No problem. He has 2 permits.

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    There are five grades of military discharges. North Carolina's law reads like most state's. It states that a concealed carry permit cannot be issued if the applicant:
    6. has been discharged from the U.S. armed forces under conditions other
    than honorable
    The five grades of discharges are Honorable; General (Under Honorable Conditions); Other Than Honorable; Bad Conduct; and Dishonorable. The wording of the North Carolina law is specific and would require the state to deny a permit to individuals with any of the last 3 discharges, i.e. Other Than Honorable; Bad Conduct; and Dishonorable. Honorable and General (Under Honorable Conditions) discharges both qualify for a permit.

    Just so you know: Other Than Honorable is the lowest discharge that can be given without a court martial.

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    Well my old man lives in PA. I told him he would have no problem, but noooo why listen to you 25 year old son. :-)

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    General under honorable is fine in PA. May not be ok in other states though.

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