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Strange place to be asked to disarm

This is a discussion on Strange place to be asked to disarm within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There are Range rules like that around here too...owners I have talked with say they got tired of people pulling loaded guns on the hired ...

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Thread: Strange place to be asked to disarm

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    There are Range rules like that around here too...owners I have talked with say they got tired of people pulling loaded guns on the hired help and blowing holes in the floor...

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    I've yet to see one in my travels, but they exist. I'd take my money elsewhere if I came across one. The G.M. up here did post at the front door that you had to check all guns in at the front desk upon entering or something along that line when they opened. I didn't enter and called the manager when I got home and had a nice talk with him. The next morning when in town, I went by and the sign had been changed. "This does not apply to CCW."
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    I can understand the problems with idiots, but there are less restrictive ways of handling this. One local shop has a sign saying something like "CCW Welcome, must remain concealed and holstered at all times. Only uniformed police and security may open carry".

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    If a business does not allow me to carry a gun either openly or concealed, they will have none of my money.

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    I was once asked, by a very friendly and cute librarian, to disarm while in the public library. That was the strangest place.

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    The shop/range I work part time at does not ask the customers to disarm but we do have a couple of signs that ask them not to handle their firearm in the showroom, just on the range.

    It's not that big a deal. You really do see alot of internet commandos in a gun shop and for some reason, when they come in they feel much more comfortable there and as a result tend to do some really stupid things. I have only worked part time at the place I work at for a couple of months and I can't tell you how many guns I have been muzzle swept with. Of how many "gun experts" I have handed a semi auto from the case to with the slide locked back and the mag out of only to watch this person who proclaimed himself to be very knowledgeable about guns only moment ago not be able to figure out how to drop the slide.

    There are a lot of people out there who own guns who scare me. Most times they are not the bad guys, they are normal people who think they know what they are doing with the guns they own but in fact are almost completely clueless. I just wish everyone who owns a gun would continue with the responsibility and get some training.
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    Strange place to be asked to disarm
    Sounds more like a strange thing to be asked, period.

    As with many things, a child learns best when the fingers are burned in the actual fire, as opposed to merely being scolded about the risks of fire. From then on, it's pretty darned clear what the result are, when sticking one's fingers into the fire.

    Life would be simpler if folks were simply given free rein to judge based on physics and reality, instead of the smokescreen and warm blanket provided by those 500mi away (at the legislative capitol) who have done their thinking for them. There are certainly better ways to handle it, such as guiding those who would handle their firearms to the live-fire area of the range, instead of at the counter.
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    Any business that requires me to not have a loaded weapon, does not get my business. There was one range in the area I live that tried that a few years ago. Their business dropped dramatically so they were forced to remove the sign.

    I was in one place that had a sign that said something like, if you are seen with loaded firearms that are not on the range, it will be considered as a hold up and the appropriate action will be taken.

    I though that was cool.

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    I think it is a pretty common thing at ranges. They usually ask you to bring the weapon in, in a case (not holstered), unloaded.

    They inspect each firearm (to make sure you aren't bringing in something that shouldn't be fired at that range and that it seems to be in proper working order). Having to inspect a possibly loaded firearm leaves too much of a chance of an ND/AD and possible subsequent injuries.

    I've never had a problem with it, nor has there ever been an issue of anyone getting jacked outside the range either......

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    Its common and makes perfect sense.
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