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Home Invasions EVERYWHERE !

This is a discussion on Home Invasions EVERYWHERE ! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Great thread. I really like blackbear's chimes idea. I've also heard that you can get a little buzzer set that can mount on a door ...

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Thread: Home Invasions EVERYWHERE !

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    Great thread. I really like blackbear's chimes idea. I've also heard that you can get a little buzzer set that can mount on a door and frame. When the connection is broken, it starts screaming. And they are cheap, to.

    The wife and I will be moving into our first house on the 15th of December (nothing like a house for a Christmas present). I haven't really reviewed the layout in a defensive sense, but we have already set up an appointment to have an alarm company come out and give an estimate.

    One thing I am considering...our bedroom has a bathroom off of it. Would it make sense to get a nice solid door for the bathroom, and if something happens the wife can hole-up in there with a shotgun while I clear the house, or especially if I'm not around? The room is long and narrow, so she could hunker down at the far end and make someone VERY sorry if they try to open the door without getting her approval first.
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    I guess I'll set the stay alarm more often.

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    I forget to say anything about a dog as I have always had one. Member of family stuff.....

    Here's mine. I really like a mix of Black Lab and German Shepard.....

    Another thing you can do. Harbor Freight sells a wireless alarm that lets you know when someone is comming down your driveway. It's only like 20 bucks and works well. I'm using one in my shop as a burglar alarm. Works on motion detection.
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    Tank Driver great topic, and if I may I have a unique insight, that I would like to share.

    When we purchased our house, we had it remodeled by a Christian contractor (converted in Jail) who use to do home invasions of drug dealers for the boys in New York. Basically stealing back the drugs and/or money.

    First of all, all the homes, where upscale homes, in fine neighborhoods and had larger yards.

    They (three of them) would fly into a nearby town, rent a car, stop by a hardware store on the way, and pick up a 10 lb hammer, (pay cash) and then wait until at least 1 am before visiting the target home.

    The home in question had already been checked out by surveillance a few weeks prior, by someone else. That way they knew if there where any quirks, including alarm systems, dogs, and where the master bedroom is.

    Then the three men would simply walk up to the front or back door, knock it in, if there was an alarm system, they would rush to the master bedroom with a shotgun, and make the owners turn it off.

    And by the time the alarm company called, one of the other guys would have brought one of the children to there room at gun point.

    Then the owners would be tied up, and forced to convey the location of the drugs, money, safe, etc.

    Interesting facts:
    No one was ever seriously hurt, and most drug dealers are never going to call the cops. The only reason they where caught is the DEA had surveillance on one of the homes they hit, and video recorded the whole event.

    What I learned from him is:

    You can not stop them from breaking into you house.

    They always hit the house, when your at home, so you’ll show them where the money/drugs are.

    Take note of any unfamiliar occupied cars sitting on your street. They may be gathering intell on your home.

    Make sure your house has deep set (long through) deadbolt locks, and steel exterior doors. While they won’t hold up long to the pounding of a 10-lb hammer, it will hold up for at least the first hit.

    Second get a dog that will bark should someone enter your yard. Or if you don’t like dogs, get a yard motion sensor that will beep your bedroom, and living area.

    Keep a cell phone in your bedroom.

    If your sound asleep and they are in your bedroom seconds after you hear the first nose, it’s almost impossible to stop them.

    The dog barking or motion sensor should wake you, then the pounding on the door, should alert you that it’s time to get up, grab your sidearm and wait for them at the door of your bedroom, or other place you have to take a cover shot from. At the same time have your partner call 911.

    Most importantly, make sure you do not go looking for them, let them come to you.

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    I actually DO live at the end of a No Outlet rural road. Sometimes the isolation can work against (as well as for) you. Several acres are covered by my two outside dogs (G. Shepherds) while the inside is patrolled by my Boxer/Pitbull. Dogs really ARE man's best friend. The guns are just tools.

    There are handguns & longuns in hard to find, easy to grab locations from my hip & the front door to the back bedroom. Extra cellphones are stashed as well. Our general intention is for the BG to be a LOT more surprised than we are should he/they mistake our home for an inviting crime scene. Both the politics & the mindset of my community GREATLY favor the home owner in a home invasion situation. The only criminals who would invade a home around these parts are, sadly, drugged-out teenagers taking advantage of an elderly relative...or are from out-of-town.
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    As an old geezer who lives alone I inadvertantly acquired a VERY good home defense tool. Being concerned about potential health problems, I got one of those "Help I've fallen and can't get up" alarms. The trigger hangs around my neck at all times, even while in the shower. If I push it, a piercing alarm goes off, then a person asks me in a VERY loud voice if I'm O.K. ,then, depending on my response or lack of response, in about 4 minutes I will have a Deputy, a Fire Truck and a Rescue Ambulance at my house - all involved will be in my house in seconds, even if they have to break in. I know it works because, once while I was out, my cat actuated the alternate trigger. I am still cleaning the glass up and my wallet took a serious hit to repair the results of their forced entry. I am very pleased by the incident, it certainly increased my sense of security.
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    I hope you gave that cat a serious talkin to , SeniorChief

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    I carry on me when at home since 10 feet away, or 5 feet away from might be too far in case of an B&E.
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    After I had someone come in through the window last year, we installed those little screamer alarms on the windows. As well, we put nails into each side of the window so it can only open about 6-8 inches. IF we are home or want the window open more, we just slide the nails out. Not that I think it would really stop someone from coming in if they were determined but I think it would wake us up if someone was trying to come in. Plus, the two dogs would start barking. After the lab was untterly useless last year we got another dog that was bred to be a gaurd dog. I think he taught the lab how to be a guard dog and now they both bark.
    The cops told us to plant thorny bushes too under our downstairs windows. We didnt because we have a small garden there but it's a good idea in anycase.
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    Lots of advice here. Definitely food for thought.
    Some ideas I plan to impliment. Thanks to all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankdriver View Post
    Another thing you can do. Harbor Freight sells a wireless alarm that lets you know when someone is comming down your driveway. It's only like 20 bucks and works well. I'm using one in my shop as a burglar alarm. Works on motion detection.
    This is a super idea. I also have a very long driveway (approx. 1000').
    Although I did not purchase mine through Harbor Freight I am made aware of every entry via the driveway.
    Having said that, there are of course other ways to the house. On foot through the woods on 3 sides, or off the road up hill avoiding the driveway. So thats where the dog's start to earn their keep.

    I've considered claymors but the wife would not let me dig up her gardens.


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    My best friend, (see avatar), and her new little brother warn me when anyone comes near our home. I always have a gun on my person and answer the door with my hand on it until I know who is there. (The door doesn't open, I look out a window first) Another thing to consider is if you have kids old enough to answer the door you need to devise a plan and do some training. If a BG gets your kids they in essence have you too.

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    Gainesville, FL has had some home invasions, but in fairness...they have been drug related.

    First warning system...
    I do have two dogs, one is a 125# Rhodesian Ridgeback...I know when someone is around. The RR can be in the back bedroom and you cannot...I repeat...CANNOT open a bag of chips quietly enough. I know he and the Golden would hear even the slightest noise outside the house.
    When my wife is gone, they hear her car before I see it in the driveway.

    Second warning system...
    Sounds like this...Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang,...

    I'm never at home without a sidearm on my person or 12" away!

    Stay armed...even at home...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyderdude View Post
    There haven't been any reports of home invasions where I'm at, but I know that doesn't mean it cannot happen.
    Dude, the only home invaders you're going to get are Grizzlies and reindeer!

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    Great post! And something to keep in mind, and be prepared for.

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