Carrying With Winter Jackets - How to Draw?

Carrying With Winter Jackets - How to Draw?

This is a discussion on Carrying With Winter Jackets - How to Draw? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had to go into work late last night, and brought along my MK9 in a OWB holster. But I noticed that with a winter ...

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Thread: Carrying With Winter Jackets - How to Draw?

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    Carrying With Winter Jackets - How to Draw?

    I had to go into work late last night, and brought along my MK9 in a OWB holster. But I noticed that with a winter jacket on, drawing the gun would be a bit slow. I'd either have to unzip the jacket, or try to pull it out from under the jacket on the side (which sounds very dangerous).

    How do people carry in the winter with jackets or heavy layers of clothing, and always be ready to draw the gun if needed?

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    I will wear a plain white t shirt as a bottom layer just like I always do. Then I will cover that with a nice long sleeve t shirt, then some times a t shirt if it looks right, all three of these tucked in. then i will have my jacket unzipped or just zipped up like 2 inchs, enough to wear if i sweep my jacket back it will unzip and i have smooth access to my weapon
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    This is one of the reasons I carry at least two handguns.

    I will have the BUG in my pocket, for my "support hand" and the "primary" stays on my hip.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    This is one of the reasons I carry at least two handguns.

    I will have the BUG in my pocket, for my "support hand" and the "primary" stays on my hip.


    I usually carry two at once. Always a 340 M&P in a Mika Pocket Holster along with a 2" Model 10 in a SmartCarry. The 340 in the pocket holster gets moved to whichever pocket is most convenient. A speed strip with six .38+P's that will fit into either gun goes in the other pouch of the SmartCarry for a total of 17 rounds.
    If I am going to a place where I think the 340 is too noticeable in my front pants pocket, and I don't feel comfortable putting it in the specific coat I am wearing, it gets locked in the car, but whatever is in the SmartCarry always goes with me.

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    Might be a better way but I just try to keep my eyes and ears "extra open."
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    Cooler weather is great because coats make it is easy to conceal, but the extra layers do indeed make a quick draw more difficult. If I'm just making a short trip from the car to a store, I'll keep the coat unzipped. If I'm all zipped up for a longer outdoor exposure, I try to stay extra vigilant, but will quickly unzip if I perceive any potential threat.

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    I am fortunately not outside usually long enough to need too many layers but - whatever I have on I try and leave open at front.

    I carry OWB and a weak side arm cross sweep coupled with a lean left can expose the rig fast as the strong hand goes for the grip. I also try and practice strong side sweep too on its own. Heavier garments do make for an easier clearance IMO.

    If however I had to be outside and mega cold - such that outer garment needed done up - I'd have my dear wife sew some velcro patches on such that buttons or zipper could be, if required, circumvented and then a fast ''rip'' will easily separate the front for the sweep.

    'Plus one' for having a pocket BUG in outer garment pocket - very wise.
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    how about a vertical shoulder rig? Galco makes a really comfy one. check it out I like vertical so you don't sweep everyone around you, thats just me tho.
    Last edited by SilenceDoGood; November 29th, 2007 at 11:37 PM. Reason: they acutally don't make one for your firearm, but whatver.

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    I just leave my coat unzipped regardless of how many layers I'm wearing. That way I can sweep the coat out of the way and hook the hem of my shirt(s) with my strong-hand thumb to clear the weapon (sounds more difficult than it really is). If I know I'm not going to take my coat off, I'll just my shirt in and leave the coat open so I only have to sweep the coat back.
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    I wear a sweater or fleece as my second layer and just a light windproof insulated jacket. Goes down to the pocket cuts on my jeans. I have a parka with a huge slanted chest pocket on the outside in a cross draw manner. I keep my Bersa Thunder in a Nemisis holster there (except while at school) and my primary IWB (Glock) or OWB (1911).

    I shoot IDPA in the winter time with a jacket on sometimes. I wish the rules allowed gloves to simulate winter carry. I just practice dryfiring with them on.

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    ditto i leave coat open w/sweater or long sleeve knit shirt underneath.carry same as always IWB strong side.
    in Austin i am usually comfortable in the weather not to have to zip up,even in the cold,which i like anyway.

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    coat pocket carry a second gun.

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    I carry as usual, right hip. I don't zip my jacket so I can sweep it back for the draw. Yeah, it's colder that way!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    It's all about the training! Train/practice for it and you will become much, much better at however it is you are carrying. Train in all weather conditions, hot, cold, rain, sleet or snow, train in them all.

    When I am attending my twice monthly combat pistol classes it does not matter what the weather is, except if it's lighting, we train so we get a taste of all of it throughout the year. Makes a huge difference and makes sense as well. You cannot rely on the weather and conditions being perfect if you ever have to use your ccw.

    I also believe in a pocket BUG, especially in a coat pocket for easy access as well as leaving your coat unzipped if at all possible. For me, I still want my access to my primary if at all possible, but if it is just to cold and you have to zip up then your BUG is right there.

    Gotta give yourself as many opportunities as you can to win. This is just one aspect or the “dilemmas” of carrying.

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    While we don’t have winters for say, I do ware a motorcycle jacket when it gets cooler, and when I get off the bike I automatically unzip the jacket.

    It’s something you just have to get use to, and practice shooting with.

    When I go to the range, I practice with a jacket on, and off.

    While CCL holders do not have to qualify, I like to have a friend once a year, time me through this test.

    Fire a total of 50 rounds, half with a jacket on.

    2 shots within 8-inch circle at 5-meters within 3 seconds
    5 shots within 8-inch circle at 7-meters within 7 seconds

    Then multiply by 2 for total score. Where I use to work part-time you had to score an 80 or better with each weapon you wanted to carry.

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