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Thread: Paranoid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    Maybe you should have offered her some 'Head and Shoulders.'

    An ounce of lead is worth 200lbs of cop.

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    Well, what if she wasn't the BG, but a target, and her question was innocent? You might have then just thrown a purse snatching in the gutter by being alert, without even knowing it?

    The DFW news is FULL of shopping center parking lot purse snatchings the past two weeks. At least one or two every night, in North Dallas, no less. The crime du jour. The victim is usually unaware, burdened by baggage, age, or little ones. The crimes have been brutal in some cases - accompanied by swift beatings, being drug by a car, what have you. There have been a lot of injuries.

    So, maybe you're a bit on edge, maybe not - but parking lots are BG "active", at least here in Dallas.
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    Doesn't sound paranoid to me, could have been an armed midgit in the car seat!! I should know....everyone is out to get me!!!

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    This just in...'Kansas Paper"

    "An attempted robbery today was averted by a man with a CCW permit. I seems that the 'mother/baby team' were working the WalMart parking...
    Police say that the lady had a bag full of bombs, and the infant had a hidden gun...
    A man called, 'takurpic' averted the attempted robbery/car-jacking...
    More tomorrow..."

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    "A woman pushing two carts was coming toward me. One cart held a baby in a child safety seat and the other cart was full of groceries."

    Just what is suspicious here??

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    Like my old man used to say "It's only paranoia if your wrong" Just don't start acting like this and you will be fine.

    Cannot say enough either way on the matter, too few details, however as long as you realize there is a possibility of taking it too far I wouldn't worry so much about it. Especially since your post did not indicate anything particularly rude or offensive by your behavior.

    The important thing is that you were aware of your surroundings, 99% of the people we come across mean us no harm (well probably only 75% in DC) but that just means people become more complacent and forget about that other 1% waiting for their chance especially during this time of year.

    In any event, keep safe and happy holidays!
    Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.

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    Why take a chance? You should have immediately double tapped her to CM and one to the head. Then keep the kid covered just in case.

    No, you aren't Paranoid. Everyone really is out to get you.

    I'm sorry! I couldn't resist.

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    Yeah, I would say that's a just little paranoid.

    Especially since she had a baby with her!

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    Quote Originally Posted by takurpic View Post
    Yesterday afternoon, I was walking into WalMart from the back 40 because the parking lot was rather full. A woman pushing two carts was coming toward me. One cart held a baby in a child safety seat and the other cart was full of groceries.

    As we were almost side by side, the woman asked if I had the time. My first thought was 'I can't believe you'd actually try to rob me, given the circumstances'. I've read several stories and news reports of muggings starting with a simple question- "Do you have the time?" or "Do you have a light?", etc.

    I stepped past her a few feet to create distance before looking at my watch, at the same time watching for any indication of a robbery about to take place. Nothing happened, but I realized I was in the mindset to recognize a simple question as a potential threat.

    So what do you think, folks? Never underestimate a lady, or too many stories have caused me to be paranoid.
    unless you were just doing this for practice,i would say yes, way paranoid.i doubt a criminal would wait in ambush w/two grocery carts and a baby too rob someone of some chump change. although better safe than sorry.better keep an eye out for the guy shopping in the electric wheelchair,he might be in league with her .

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    Yes. Paranoid.
    But not quite as bad a needing a loaded gun next you while you're cleaning another one.

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    Paranoid. Maybe a shot of Jack?

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    I say no, not paranoid. She could have been distracting you for someone else to rob you. I say staying alert was a good idea.

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    I didn't vote, but only because the first option said "Never underestimate a lady." In my opinion, you should never underestimate anyone. Change the scenario just a bit (just one half of a chromosome) and make the person a guy with full carts and kids. You shouldn't be any more or less worried. You should be attentive, and alert, and prepared. The fact that you didn't take action on it means you see wher erestraint should be exercised, so you're fine.

    I "war-game" all day long. While driving: "What if that car stopped suddenly?" At a red light: "What would I do if someone suddenly tried to get in the car?" At the bank: "What would I do if someone came in and started waving a gun around?" I extend this to everything, as often as possible. There's nothing wrong with being alert and aware. Considering possibilities is the other half of condition yellow.
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    What were the groceries?
    Produce is a dead give away...

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    I gotta disagree with the majority here. You never know who she is and who may be with her. She may be there to distract you so her boyfriend can jump you from behind. Especially in a Walmart parking lot.

    US Navy Retired Silent Service

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