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In your car: Holstered or Unholstered?

This is a discussion on In your car: Holstered or Unholstered? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I always carry holstered, on my person, even while driving. An accident could occur, or I could have to exit the vehicle quickly, and I ...

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Thread: In your car: Holstered or Unholstered?

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    I always carry holstered, on my person, even while driving. An accident could occur, or I could have to exit the vehicle quickly, and I don't want to be searching for my weapon in an emergency.

    One note on the Desantis "Kingston" holster. I don't think this would fly in Texas, because the weapon isn't concealed.
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    I usually have mine on me. But occasionally I will have it in the console between a small towel I keep, or in the glove compartment on top of some napkins, next to car manual which keeps it very stable.

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    like many others it seem, primary stays on me, have a seperate cargun in my centrer console

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    Holstered, IWB or under seat. My driver (le ole' gal, hate driving) always has one holstered somewhere nearby, as well, in bag

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    Mostly on me, very seldomly in the center console between the seats.

    Ohio still has some stupid restrictions about what you can do with your CC gun in your car and some of the stuff you can do elsewhere (stuffing it between the seats) will not fly here.

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    Bass Lake, CA
    My favorite 2 options are as follows. A holstered 1911 government usually IWB, a comforting discomfort in the small of the back. Only other option is a fanny pack snapped to the passenger seat next to me, which is always a XD 40 with 2 clips plus more ammo.

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    lost in ny state
    Always on me always have a backup also on me!
    Always be alert and aware!!!

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    One in the hole and in a vehicle mount (self-made). Here is why...

    As a teen I grew-up with some GBI agents and one day an Agent asked to see my PPK. I popped the mag out, cracked the slide open and gave it to him (no round in the chamber). He said I was already dead. I asked why? He said because of the moment I wasted pulling the slide back and potential for a manually created mis-feed before getting one-round off. I'm an adult now and the advice is debatable but for now I'm doing this.

    The vehicle mount is because of an incident 2 years ago where a guy went road rage, hunted me down and purposely crashed into my car. This knocked the mirror off, ash tray out, and the glove box flew open sending the contents and my pistol in between the passenger door and seat.

    I was able to flee and dial 911.

    He was later convicted (3rd DUI (drugs), Leaving an accident and Failure to pull over to a law enforcement vehicle. His rap sheet on the Ga Dept of corrections though is nuts. 2 x 5 year terms, 2 prior DUIs, multiple possession of drugs, single felon of possession of a handgun, pending agg assault in another county. What the H...? How is is out and about.

    Nonetheless, I thought I was wise and prepared but I'm going to learn all I can from everyone on this sight to be as prepared as possible. It'll have to happen to you before you get very serious.

    Now though, I have a child and have to rethink the entire home and ccw routine. Any advice would be appreciated.


    I took a Uncle Mike's paddle holster and mounted in pointing down in my center console. You can buy a vehicle kit but this works great. Send me your email and I'll send some pics of it. There is a dual mag holder mounted as well.

    Check the laws of your state and this is not wise if a child could have access.
    Last edited by Merc; December 2nd, 2007 at 10:31 AM. Reason: Update on type of mount

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    I carry on me. In the car I sometimes have to shift the holster a bit farther forward--Just enough that the butt of my gun is against the back of the seat.

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    Its a car not a body cast .... The pistol stays holstered on my belt .
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    I carry on me, but when running into the PO or other restricted places, I've got an area in my truck where it goes. When I get back in, it automatically goes back on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robere View Post
    I'm with ya there. It's the same as keeping it at the bedside in a holster. Ya have to use 2 hands to pull it out first.
    I never have my gun "loose" in the car. I believe in having it on my person at all times. If you are in an accident, not even a bad one, the gun is going to go flying.
    Say you run into the back of someone, the gun goes flying "somewhere". The guy you ran into had a REAL BAD DAY and you just made it worst. He comes after you and you're looking for your gun. Maybe he jerks you out of the car before you can retrieve it. Road rage is always on my mind. I prefer to keep it on me at all times. I don't ever want to have to wonder where it is.....
    I do have a drivers holster that I use occasionally on long trips, but usually just keep it in whatever holster I have on at the time.
    Wow! Excellent post. I have carried mine loose, between the seats. It never occurred to me about the road rage accident. What a great heads up. Duly noted.

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    My guns stay in their holsters when I'm in the car.

    I do move the pocket gun to my ankle though for easier drawing. The Primary stays on the hip. I'll probably go to carrying three guns soon. Hip, pocket and ankle. That way I won't be having to transfer the pocket piece to the ankle and vice versa.


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    Always holstered. If you leave it laying on the seat next to you or something, where is it going to be if you have an accident or just need to stop hard?

    Your holster is the only safe and secure way to carry your gun no matter where you are.
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    Holsterd in the door.

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