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In your car: Holstered or Unholstered?

This is a discussion on In your car: Holstered or Unholstered? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Holstered and I make sure it's positioned so my shirt/jacket and seatbelt don't interfere if it is needed....

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Thread: In your car: Holstered or Unholstered?

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    Holstered and I make sure it's positioned so my shirt/jacket and seatbelt don't interfere if it is needed.
    Tad A.

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    I have a kydex holster mounted under the dash of my Durango directly beside my right knee. I also have a double kydex magazine holder mounted on the inside of my drivers side door.

    Edit: BTW, It is a separate dedicated car gun with a high capacity mag (I just don't want to get caught out with out enough fire power). Also FYI - Colorado allows for car carry even to persons without a ccw permit.

    I always carry my Kimber Ulta Carry II on my person. The car gun gets locked in a safe when I exit the vehicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustynuts View Post
    For those that IWB (or even OWB) in the car, how do you sit? I carry more at 4:00, not right on the hip and I can't bear sitting in a car seat with it on. That fact alone forces me to pocket carry most of the time.
    P225 IWB at around 2 or 2:30. No problems.
    "I am a Soldier. I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight." GEN George S. Patton, Jr.

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    If it's a short trip, or in and out of the truck a lot, it stays on my hip. On a longer trip it goes in the console.

    The console is undoubtably faster access for me, however I prefer to minimize 'administrative' handling in the vehicle.

    Brief story: two days ago, I was running errands (the 'in and out of the truck' scenario). Stopped by the ATM for some cash. When I got it, I pulled out of the lane, moved up to the end of the bank's parking lot and starting arranging and sorting the money, paper work, etc. I was keeping alert, fortunately. A raggedy old van pulled up...maybe 10' to the left of me and 10' in front. A younger guy (younger than me) was looking out the window at me. Started to try to get my attention so I immediately, but as low key as possible, pulled my shirt up on the right side to get the .40 in the IWB. Kept it low down by my right knee. All in all, not very smooth or fast, but functional.

    The guy was trying to sell some 'speakers' or something.

    "Not interested, thanks."

    "Real cheap."

    " No thanks."

    "Want to see them?"


    He said something to the driver and they left. He never got out of the van.

    I learned, or relearned several things; when you're done at the ATM, get the heck outta there, when you stop under similar situations leave the vehicle in gear with the foot on the brake (a 5000lb. means of self defense), and mainly that had the pistol been in the console I would have had it ready at least 2 seconds sooner.

    Sorry, story wasn't as brief as I planned.

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    If I am going for a long drive, I put it in the center consol no holster. Figure it’s more conferrable, and quicker to get to. Then if I getting gas, or taking a leak, I simply tuck it in my pants it in the small of my back and pull my shirt out over it.

    If I’m just going to the store or dinner, I keep it on me.
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    It's my first post here and I shouldn't stir the pot, but after reading all the replies about taking your weapon off of your person and putting it somewhere in the vehicle I feel I have something to contribute. I drove a tow truck for a number of years and picked up plenty of wrecked vehicles. If you all think your weapon is safe inside your console you've probably never been in a fairly major accident. For instance I had to pick up my friends Jeep Grand Cherokee after he rolled it on an icy road. He told me he kept his eyes open the whole time because he knew I would won't the whole story and he said he held on to the center cosole during the roll with his elbow rested on top of the lid. When he came to a stop on his wheels, several of the items that were supposed to be in the console had been thrown around in the vehicle and 1 item was even thrown outside the vehicle. The point of the story is just because you latch the lid on your console doesn't mean everything will stay there in an accident, and for those of you that smash it between the seats or lay it on the seat don't expect it to stay there.

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    If I am wearing an IWB, I leave holstered, as I can get to it easily when in the car...BUT if I am pocket carrying, I take the firearm and holster and put it in my console...because I can't retrieve it sitting in my vehicle from my pocket...
    with keeping it in the pocket holster, it stands up well in the console and is easy to retrieve.

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

    NRA Certified Instructor--many disciplines

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    For me if it is loaded it is in a holster.

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    I carry IWB at 3 o'clock with my full size 1911. When I'm riding in the car I pull my shirt up behind the gun - its hard enough drawing with the seatbelt on, forget about trying to get around a cover garment. Its comfortable enough I forget about it during long drives.


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    S3Ymour said it before I could.
    "Deine Papieren bitte?" or "ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ !"
    (Choose only one)
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    If carrying IWB it stays where it is, but I usually carry tucked. I have actually thought about making a dashboard or between-the-seats holster, though.
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