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This is a discussion on Wish Me Luck within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by chiboxer I'm glad it worked out for you. I'm wondering if the NRA would have represented you in legal action had you ...

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Thread: Wish Me Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiboxer View Post
    I'm glad it worked out for you. I'm wondering if the NRA would have represented you in legal action had you been unfairly terminated...
    Don't know about your state, but in Ohio an employer may prevent you from "bearing arms" on his property but incurs some responsibility to protect you if he does. The following is taken from the Ohioans for Concealed Carry website. There was no specific link to the law, but the Ohio Constitution states that "the people have a right to bear arms for their defense and security;"

    Quote Originally Posted by Ohioans for Concealed Carry
    In giving a "no-guns" notification to customers or employees, a business may incur an extraordinary liability should customers or employees be attacked while at the business or in the business' parking lot, since the management has specifically preempted the individual's right of self-protection.

    Further, businesses may incur an extraordinary duty of care and responsibility to protect customers and employees while they are on the business property. But even an attempt to provide extra protection does not negate the extraordinary liability incurred by usurping the personal rights of its customers or employees.

    Generally, when businesses consult their attorneys and their insurance companies concerning the extraordinary liability and the extraordinary duty to provide more extensive safety and protection for customers, the signs immediately come down.
    Maybe Q would discuss the possibilities with Red? -Jim
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    good out come keep us up to date on the policy

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    If your recollection is accurate, your security guy (who appears, by your account, to be neutral/leaning positive) better watch his Ps and Qs with Red...the tailpipe comment could be taken as sexual harassment...and HE could be looking for a job and replaced with a Brady-disciple.

    Hopefully, the policy won't change....
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    Glad it all worked out for you!!!!!
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    Glad it's worked out so far. Keep your chin up.

    Kathy Jackson
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    Great. Good luck.

    There is a possibility that the policy will not change. The recent shootings in CO/NE do demonstrate the need for reliance on self-defense. If it gets pointed out that an employee carrying is an asset they might not do anything. I'm sure they won't specifically allow it. I do like the "illegal firearms" part of the company policy. That gives some protection to those who carry legally and have legal firearms. The company has the ability to fire those who are illegal and if they come back to take revenge they do so with the knowledge that there are probably armed employees who will shoot back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jahwarrior72 View Post
    kramden: "honestly, red, the guy's got his permit, he's probably been carrying since he started here in april, and it's never been an issue before. why should it be now? because martha's got her thumb up her tailpipe about it? give him a break. he ain't some gangbanger or something."

    I am very happy for you jahwarrior........gald thier
    'power struggle' didn't have you out of a job.
    I LOVE kramden's attitude!

    Keep up up to date on the 411 at your work concerning this......and watch your six.....martha might still have a tailpipe issue and blame you for it.

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    Glad everything worked out 4 now.
    "It is better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep."
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    Soooo....you won't be "doing lunch" with Martha anytime soon or anytime?

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    That was awesome!

    Now that you positively know it was her, you should seriously think about reporting her for all of her transgressions during your confrontation. Let the supervisors know that she's not really concerned about you carrying, it was a vendetta because you tried to make her follow the rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcp1810 View Post
    Next time you see Martha, don't forget to give her a big smile and be sure to tell her to have a nice day!
    Wave too

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLSquirrelHunter View Post
    I don't get it. And I don't like the reference to a gender by clothing.
    I don't think the "skirt" label was a reference to a gender, as much as a particular type of person. That might be why you didn't understand the comment. I understand that labels are "bad" and I agree, but they help facilitate communication a little better because they create a mental picture for the reader. Instead of using a label I will describe the mental picture that I got by reading that short comment that included the label "skirt".

    The OP lets it known among some of his receptive guy co-workers that he carries, one of those guys is interested in one of the girls in the office and asks her out, etc. During the date, in an attempt to impress this girl, this guy does a little bragging. You know, "Back when I played football...", etc. This is received well and the conversation continues. Guy is establishing the opening move, titled "big strong man" and now it is girls move. Girl casually mentions work and how she is scared sometimes because it's in a "bad" neighborhood. This is Girls answer to "big, strong man" titled "pretty young thing needing protection". The Guy now needs to respond with some version of "I'll save you!" so he mentions that he carries a gun. Unexpectedly to Guy, the Girl is shocked by this. Guy has overplayed his hand and must now back-pedal just a little to keep from "losing" this hand. Guy tells her that a lot of the guys at work do. This is a desperate attempt to recover, since it adds additional "big strong men" to the conversation but Guy must do something. This reassures Girl that Guy is not some homicidal maniac and the date continues.... If Guy is even the slightest bit nice, Girl will brag to friends about Guy and how he is "big, strong man" and this is likely to include the gun, which invariably includes other co-workers guns.

    Girl in this story is sometimes referred to with a label. Some of those possible labels are "dish", "babe", "broad", or "skirt". Now you all know that she probably isn't really "pretty young thing" but it is the role she plays to get Guy. Fortunately for women, it is just a role that a small segment of your gender play. Unfortunately for men, Guy's behavior is very common among us. The "Back when I played football" comment is straight out of my "playbook". (Oh NO, I'm doing it right now!) I do believe it is not just a role we play. It is us! Ladies, if you are a "babe" and/or wearing a "skirt" know that it makes it harder for us to pretend we are anything other than "big strong man". I apologize for my gender and we throw ourselves on the mercy of the court! It is testosterone poisoning and it's our parents fault!

    Now, in an attempt at getting this back on topic, this is one reason not to let anyone know you carry. If you are going to carry where it might get you unwanted attention then you need to not do anything that will let that fact be known. If it is against the rules to carry at work and you are doing that, then you should be in the "nobody but my family and the guy I'm about to shoot will ever know I carry" keep-it-secret crowd. I believe this was group 2 in the Limatunes carry group definitions.

    I am in the third group, I don't keep it a secret but I'm not going out of my way to make it known. (Since I'm married, it doesn't come up in "big, strong man" ploys) If asked about it by someone I know, I answer truthfully. I even bring it up if the conversation is about self-defense, etc. I don't lie about it even if I know the person is anti-guns. This means I cannot carry anywhere that it is against the "rules". I don't carry where it is go-to-jail illegal (schools, post office, etc.) and I don't carry where it is be asked to leave illegal (posted/private property without informing, etc.). I do not want any negative attention about my carry status so I must not disobey any rules that will cause that. This was an informed decision that I made. I want to be able to talk to friends about my carry status and my God given rights to help protect them. Unfortunately, that means I must consciously wave my right to carry in some locations to try to protect others down the line.

    BTW: If you are a BG reading this and have now decided to attack in one of those locations that I have admitted I don't carry, keep in mind that there seem to be more in the keep-it-secret crowd then there are in mine! For example, everyone "knows" my friend doesn't carry. Goes shooting all the time but doesn't carry.... How odd!

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    we're having a company party this coming monday; i'm almost tempted to open carry, and offer martha a drink to bury the hatchet.

    on second thought, i think i'll just stay home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jahwarrior72 View Post
    we're having a company party this coming monday; i'm almost tempted to open carry, and offer martha a drink to bury the hatchet.

    on second thought, i think i'll just stay home.
    I wouldn't open carry, but I wouldn't stay home either, to me that is admitting that you were wrong.
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    Glad everything worked out for you. Hope it continues to do so.

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