Does anyone actually get tired of carrying everyday?

Does anyone actually get tired of carrying everyday?

This is a discussion on Does anyone actually get tired of carrying everyday? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't know about you all, but sometimes I get tired of carrying everyday. I just want to go without it, but I would really ...

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Thread: Does anyone actually get tired of carrying everyday?

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    Does anyone actually get tired of carrying everyday?

    I don't know about you all, but sometimes I get tired of carrying everyday. I just want to go without it, but I would really hate to leave it at home, and the one time I do, I end up in a situation where I need my gun. All too often I find myself coming home and disarming, putting my gun in its resting place. After these past few shootings and stabbings that have occurred, I believe that is all the more reason to keep carrying everyday, but sometimes I just wish I could make accurate predictions of the future, knowing I will come home safe and sound. I would like to open carry at home, but my Mother is strictly anti-gun and would prefer not to see a "scary" thing on my belt.

    The S&W 642 just may be my next gun. I need something I can just stick in my pocket, and go.
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    642 is mine next one too. For the same reason.

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    I just see it as a necessary evil.

    About the time I even contemplate NOT carrying it for some reason, something bad happens somewhere and forces me to rethink it.

    So as a result, I eventually quit thinking about it.
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    Yes, I get tired of carrying. Sometimes I dont just because I'm sick of it. I know thats not the smartest option... but its what I do. I have plenty of carry options too, from full size .45's on down to a NAA .22 and lots in between. It does get old... but it has saved my behind in the past so I continue to carry most of the time.
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    I remember a situation in my own front yard where I had a trowel in one hand and a flower to be planted, in the other.
    Situation arose that required greater persuasion than a planter's trowel afforded.
    That was the last time I did not carry, when legally able to do so.
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    It's just a part of me getting dressed now.
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    I started to feel that strap on all that gear, and sometimes it just isn't all that comfy....
    You gave yourself great advice...a 642 is the answer...I carry one alot now...more than anything else...many instructors, ayoob, farnum, wilson...all say the j frame is the most carried firearm for good reason...I now believe them.
    it will the best money you have ever spent on a it was for me...

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    Yep, sometimes I am really bad and only carry my NAA .22 revo in a pocket during the summer. Winter affords more easy options to carry , so does bother me.
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    Let's be realistic. Yes, anything can happen anywhere at anytime. But what are the odds of something happening? Unless you have to go into crime ridden areas of town, or work in a convenience store or other common target, or have pi$$ed a lot of people off the chances of something happening to most of us are almost vanishingly small.

    On the other hand, as my CCW instructor said, if you carry 364 days a year it will be the 365th day you will need it. I think we all live by that theory, which is simply another version of Murphy's law; "whatever can happen will happen."

    But the odds are nothing will happen. Statistics prove that.

    Having said that, and admitting I live in a small city of 20,000 where muggings are unheard of and the one or two murders a year tend to be people killing their wifes or girlfriends etc, I have virtually no concern for my personal safety from a criminal attack. Yet, I carry everyday. Why, because my Kahr PM 9 is light, easily concealed and I don't even notice it anymore.

    If I lived in a big crime ridden city and had to go into dangerous areas I would probably carry a 1911 or my XD 9 with a 16 round mag.

    So depending on your circumstances carry every day or skip now and then. The odds are way in your favor.

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    I feel the same way sometimes but recently I have been carrying alot more. I work in the county correctional facility as a correctional officer and now and then I see past inmates on the streets in town all have been cool and just said hi but one day I might come across one that I pissed off at work and now he has beef, well that is the day that I hope I am carrying especially if my family is with me.

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    I really dont, if im carrying my wallet, guess what? I carrying one of my XDs
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    If I have pants on, I have a weapon ON me...never get tired of having it with me. It's like a watch, I can't leave home without it.

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    I've only been carrying for a little over a year. My heavier pistols are a little "inconvenient" but I don't mind it. My 642 in an OWB is almost like not carrying anything extra. But I prefer to have my XD , so I give up a little comfort on the body for a little more comfort in the mind.
    I'm sure we all could carry for a long time, never need the gun, and start carring less and less. Then something happens close to home and we are reminded again to always carry. If ya think about it, that is just the mindset of the .. You know the ol " You've gone through your whole life not needing a gun , why do you need to carry one everywhere you go"?
    What I get tired of is when I'm with friends that dont know I carry, and I have to know just where we are going so I can figure out how to disarm ( without them knowing ) if we go into somewhere like Illinois or posted places. I'm going with a friend to a concert on school grounds next month. He doesn't know I carry. I'll have to disarm before going in the concert, so I figure I'll just leave my 642 in my coat pocket in the car and he'll never know. That's what I get tired of, the "sneaking around". That all boils down to the "gun free zones".

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    As a complete concealed noob, I first started only really using my p3at as pocket carry. But As a desire for "more firepower" switched to my XD. Only thing I personally hate is that a) I have gianed a little weight,so I got a slight gut and love handles,and my holster selection is slim to none, so it makes it really hard to conceal my XD, and uncomfortable. So far for my IWB, I'd had to use a 'conceal garmit' b/c a tshirt wont hide it,...but dickies work shirts work nicely, I just feel ackward wearing one basically 24/7

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    Yes and no ......... how's that for ambiguity LOL.

    Many know I am totally dedicated to carry and - I carry heavy full size, from choice. I never take the gear off unless obliged to do so for legal reasons, even if just around office and house. Reason? I want it to be there regardless, should I reach down and need it - no wish for ''oh crap - forgot it''!!

    As to comfort etc - it's pretty darned good but - there is an element of freedom perceived when it is not there - along with I confess a degree of ''undressedness''. I guess having less round one's middle does make for greater comfort overall - and it feels good but - for me not as good as the reassuring pressure of the piece against my lower ribs .... that is better.

    If we lived in Utopia, Nirvana ... call it what you will - and we had zero need for any form of self defence then great - I would enjoy the extra freedom from burden. But that ain't how things are - so I remain stubbornly totally dedicated
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