Carrying j frame with hammer

Carrying j frame with hammer

This is a discussion on Carrying j frame with hammer within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Is it a pain to carry a j-frame with a hammer for iwb or pocket carry?...

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Thread: Carrying j frame with hammer

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    Carrying j frame with hammer

    Is it a pain to carry a j-frame with a hammer for iwb or pocket carry?

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    I didn't like it personally. the hammer would constantly snag when trying to draw from pocket. Not that much of a snag problem from IWB for me though. I would go with either the hammerless version, or get the hammer "bobbed" by a gunsmith.

    But if your gonna go through the trouble of IWB carry, you might as well use a bigger carry piece. Going from J Frame to 3" 1911 Kimber wasn't that big of a change weight wise, but the 1911 is thinner, especially with thinner grips. So I found it easier to carry. Now the J frame is regulated to occasional pocket carry.
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    I pocket carry a model 60, the hammer is not a problem. Put your thumb over the hammer when drawing & it comes out slick.
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    #1 on the thumb over the hammer for the draw with a pocket revolver.

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    i like the hammer. I have a Taurus 731 w/ Uncle Mikes #3 i believe. It works great.

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    ayoob did a piece on this on personal defense tv....he showed how to draw a hammered snubbie from a pocket...flat hand with thumb over the works pretty darn good....with some practice.

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    I never did like hammers that were exposed in pocket carry, thus, 442. To each their own. Most things can be overcome by tricks of the trade. Me, don't have to worry about that much. Luck.
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    Yup, hammer is not an issue as long as you are willing to adjust a little bit.
    I had a chance to buy a light weight J frame with hammer last year for cheap, (I forget the model number... same as 642, just with the exposed hammer) I regret not doing it, and my only reason I didnt was the hammer.
    I carry my standard model 36 from time to time with no problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ejpecp View Post
    Is it a pain to carry a j-frame with a hammer for iwb or pocket carry?
    Here's a suggestion:

    Why don't you just try it?

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    Question How Would I Know ?

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    Just a minor point...w/hammer or w/o hammer...

    I bought my wife a S&W 637...thought about cutting the hammer down (this also requires adding a spring). The 'smith' advised against doing so, and here's why?

    He said that putting (as stated above) the thumb over the hammer would solve the snagging problem inside a pocket, but of most importance was a 'close encounter'.

    Let's say, the BG was both close and smart...when you pull the S&W 442 (hammerless) the BG quickly grabs at the gun grasping the pull the trigger...'NO BANG'

    Now you pull the S&W 637, cocking the hammer, the close up BG tries to grab the gun and grasps the pull the DOES go bang!

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    I carry a hammer with a spur SP101 in my left front pocket inside of a Galco Pocket Holster. No problem for me.
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    Proper holster selection and technique works every time. I'll sometimes pocket carry my Taurus 415ti if I think a titanium 41mag snubbie will solve the problem. The thumb shrouds and cocks the hammer in one smooth move. BG is welcome to pull on the gun.
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    I agree with drawing from your pocket with the thumb over the hammer. I do though prefer, more often, to holster carry OWB.


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    Quote Originally Posted by snowdoctor View Post
    ayoob did a piece on this on personal defense tv....he showed how to draw a hammered snubbie from a pocket...flat hand with thumb over the works pretty darn good....with some practice.
    I occasionally pocket carry an older Colt Cobra with an exposed hammer. I have no problem drawing as described above.

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