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States to Retire In? (dupes combined)

This is a discussion on States to Retire In? (dupes combined) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; anyone know the ins and outs of montana? i'm considering it. p.s. i like the cold...

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Thread: States to Retire In? (dupes combined)

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    Fort Huachuca, AZ
    anyone know the ins and outs of montana? i'm considering it.

    p.s. i like the cold
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    good weather too!

    Colorado has good CCW laws, and a very explicit castle doctrine regarding one's living space. Within the dwelling, an intruder is presumed by statute to be a lethal threat and can be met with lethal force. I have read of instances of such shootings in the local news, and no one has been prosecuted (except one guy who shot his room-mate).

    Other good points:
    -vehicle carry is legal without a permit anywhere in the state
    -no CCW restrictions in restaurants serving alcohol, or even in bars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Miller View Post
    The rural counties of N. CA are very good about dispensing CCWs and the CA Homeowner's Bill of Rights sez you are "legally presumed to be in fear of losing your life or suffering great bodily harm" whenever an intruder forces his way into your dwelling. On top of that, the trout fishing on the northern Sacramento River is outstanding!!
    Yeah, but the entire state is still stuck with that stupid restriction of what firearms are permitted in CA. I heard of a guy paying $700 for a Kel Tec P3AT from another member in the state because they're banned from importation for not having a drop or external safety. That said, someone moving to CA can bring the pistol in and sell it in state to another member, but they cannot be ordered through a FFL.

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    Welcome to Louisiana:

    gun-friendly state
    hunting and fishing
    castle doctrine
    Gov Bobby Jindal
    great food
    friendly people
    low State income tax
    low cost of living
    Ozarks to the north
    Gulf to the south
    Ft. Polk, BAFB, VA hospitals
    Any kind of weather you want
    LSU football
    crawfish, catfish, oysters, shrimp
    Affordable real estate
    Historic cities (several listed as retirement choices, google Natchitoches)
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    Central Florida

    Great gun and self-defense laws.

    No state income tax.

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    AZ, You got open carry and CCW. What more would you want!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowie View Post
    Florida, lots to do and its pretty cheap to live here. Very gun friendly.
    Yes sir, and you NEED a gun with a BUG in 'J-Ville'...

    Lots of sun, NO income tax, a very gun friendly state!
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    South Carolina
    South Carolina...

    We got it all... nuff said...

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    Hartselle, Alabama
    I guess I'll just stay in Alabama when I retire. To me, this is God's country.

    It's not what you go thru in life, but how well you go thru it.

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    Best Retirement State

    When we moved to Texas 6 years ago, there was a pawn shop owner who had just shot and killed a BG who attempted armed robbery of his shop. The news played a tape of an officer on the scene when questioned about it by a local reporter the officer said in a good slow Texas drawl, "Well everybody knows pawnshop owners are packin!" What a refreshing a law and order (pro victim) attitude (after living in the north for many years). Of course we have good carry laws (castle doctrine), unless the exact legal langage of statute30.06 is posted in both english and spanish in one inch font with contrasting colors - you have not been legally notified that you may not carry in a particular business. Of course federal buildings, polling places, schools, etc are out of bounds - but I have not seen anyplace where I go in Fort Worth that is properly posted to hinder legal carry- though I have heard of one hospital downtown.

    Temperate weather, Housing is inexpensive as is the cost of living, No state income tax but there are higher property taxes ( however I think these drop off for senior citizens). We love it here!

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    Colorado and Utah. Utah allows school carry. Colorado allows carry in bars, resturants, and no guns allow is only trespassing if you refuse to leave after you've been made.

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    Utah is nice. Real ncie.

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    AZ is good, GA is a joke with their carry laws. MI is ok but we have to register our pistols, well actually "present them for safety inspection". Can only own MGs, no other NFA weaponry, which sucks (suppressors and SBRs are way cheaper).

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    Choose carefully

    Since this move is based on retirement, pick a gun-friendly state with no income tax, and with good weather.

    Be real careful to find out how your out of state pension will be taxed in your new local before you move there.

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    Houston, TEXAS!!
    Two words: Texas!

    You know you're at home when "fire" is pronounced in three syllables.

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