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Thread: Bad People For CCW

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    Stay UP RANGE of her, always! Learn to duck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tye_Defender View Post
    I'm not sure what you are defining as "anger issues", etc. that make you feel she should not be allowed to own a gun but if she is old enough for a permit and has not committed a crime that would disqualify her then I don't understand the problem you would have with her owning a gun. Do you think she should be allowed to own silverware, sporting equipment, etc.? If she truly has the mentality of a fifth grader and major anger issues on top of that then that should have already manifest itself in some way, like someone being hit with a golf club or something. Don't you think?
    I understand your point and a lot of people agree with you. But..... I don't. Some people have an anger problem and just "flash". There is a big difference between going to the kitchen to get a knife, or working someone towards a window to push them out. Namely they have a little time to think.

    With a Concealed gun, it's draw and shoot and think about the consequence later. Sorry. Some people should not have guns on them.

    If they legally qualify then the best we can hope is that they will realize their own problem. But like the 60 year old, not everyone will.

    Quote Originally Posted by CelticWolf View Post
    My buddy and her often argue to the point of it getting physical. I have seen them slap, punch, choke, hit, yank hair and one ocasion she hit him with her car.
    I just don't want anything more serious to happen.
    Hitting him with her car. How can it get more serious then that?

    I'd say your buddy and her are both idiots and a match made in hell.

    Why on earth is he your friend? Dang guy, aren't there any decent people around to be friends with?

    Opps! Sorry. I responded before reading your later posts. It was nice of you to help during his time of grief. Now drop him like a hot gun barrel.

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    Thanks everyone for your advice. I knew yall could help me out. I'm just going to tell her that I don'r have the time to help her. Also bring up the legal issues involving CCW.

    My only thought is that any kind of course is an isolated experence. When the course is over, so is the ideology. I strongly believe that it wouldn't carry over to everyday life.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tye_Defender View Post
    This does not apply to the couple the OP was talking about, because they sound like they need some help. I wouldn't trust them around anything that could be used as a weapon, much less a knife, gun, or car!

    But, on the subject of whether some normal, yet not always level headed, people carrying: When I took my CC class the instructor, a police officer, asked a question, What percentage of the calls his dept. gets are gun calls? Some guessed 5% (they have to be mostly piddly stuff right), some said 25%, etc. The answer, 100% because even if there wasn't a gun before they got there the police bring a few with them.

    This really hit home for me. Every incident I am involved in is a "gun incident", making it extremely important that I not be involved. I don't know if others have had this realization, but I certainly did. I am far more level headed and polite to others now that I carry then I was before.
    The best advice to any noobie CCW'er
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8

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    Rocky, people do not have to have "credentials" to make judgements about the emotional stability or others or their suitability to be CCWed. I know quite a number of people who are flat out unfit to be carrying a firearm and if you knew them you'd feel the same way. You don't have to be an Albert Einstein to see a tragedy waiting to happen.

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    Maybe people like this need to be shown some very graphic pics of shooting victims. Let them know that it's not all fun and games. A visit to the morgue would be cool too, but those tickets are hard to get.
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18

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    I too recommend Ayoob's book, a session with a good CCW instructor can do wonders too.

    My instructor is a 25+ year LEO and SRT commander, almost a third of his graduates never even apply for their licenses. He stresses the anger issues, and the criminal and civil liabilities involved. He is not in a position to stop them from getting licensed but the responsibility becomes too onerous for many to seriously consider bearing...

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