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gregaratquestionWhat kind of legal backing would your company give you in case of overpenetration trouble
Very good question! I will look into that indepth tonight.

I tell you what, I would rather be judged by twelve than carryed by six. Working D class stinks big time. When working a D job you still are a target, withought teeth. I cant even carry pepper or a kubaton (I like pepper cause the critters at night can be quite brave around here! I have a squeeze bottle of vinegar for them. ), I still do carry a waved Delica, and a AAA cell mini-maglight to use as a kubaton, and ofcorse I carry a Surefire 6P with a 120 lumen lamp. Im just glald that the worse I have to deal with here working D class, is Wussy lill U.F. students. At least Im not working in Dade Co.!

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We have to qualify out to 50 yards with a handgun
Dang Razorwire,
I wish I went to your academy! Anyone could qualify where I was trained.