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My First Time Having To Pull My Weapon

This is a discussion on My First Time Having To Pull My Weapon within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; American Pit Bull thanks for the check there highschools been way to long ago I'll watch those puppies next post Promise ;) Kazzaerexyz when I ...

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Thread: My First Time Having To Pull My Weapon

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    American Pit Bull thanks for the check there highschools been way to long ago I'll watch those puppies next post Promise ;)

    Kazzaerexyz when I saw this guy when I pretended to wave was about 20ft away. I took my eyes off him for just a fraction of a second and we was about 12 ft then he rushed at us from a dead stop till I drew couldn't have been more than 1 second but it was to close I was trying to get my mom in the car ASAP.

    Monky you hit the nail on the head my mom was on the phone with a manager the next day we're promised it'll never happen again, and the big mouth will be talked to about it.

    Brianbat420 you're right about your post I thought God please let me get mom in the van then let me take the brunt of what happens next. I kept the wheelchair in a position where it'd be a barrier for him not me. And I swear I never woulda guessed he coulda closed the gap as fast as he did. Just another lesson I learned the hard way.

    Jeremiah good point and I wish I woulda did just that but I thought he'd just think I was paranoid and not take it seriously, I did grow up in Detroit and figured I was on my own. I hope this never happens again but if it does I'll remember what you said get that manager.

    Snowdoctor thanks for sharing the family info and I'll send a few prayers your way I wish you and yours all the best luck with what's going on God Bless
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    "Fear is nothing more than an emotional response to the perception of danger coupled with the belief that I can't handle it."
    "If you change that belief to 'I can handle it', you'll no longer experience FEAR. You'll simply see what you are facing is a challenge... an opportunity to test yourself.

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    wow..scary did good..glad you two are ok and the scumbag got OWNED!

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    Quote Originally Posted by monky View Post
    I would go have a LONG talk with the pharmacy at wally world about violating patient privacy..

    thankfully you and your mother were unharmed.. but i would seriously go have a talk with the idiots in the pharmacy, or even attempt to contact corporate wally world..
    I'll second that notion. You did a fine job and acted as we all hope we would if confronted by a thug. Congrats to you and your Mom. (Hope she can stay comfortable. Said a prayer for you both.)

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    Im glad you and your mother is ok, good thing you know how to "draw" like Picasso
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    Well done. You deserve the credit.
    Lex et Libertas — Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus, et Fidelis!

    "Not only do the people who put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us deserve better, we all deserve better than to have our own security undermined by those who undermine law enforcement." -Thomas Sowell

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    To the OP:

    First off, my best and warmest wishes to your family and what you are enduring right now.

    Second, good job in regards to "Situational Awareness". You say that you are suprised at the amount of time it took him to "close the gap", or rather the lack of time. The Tueller Drill showed that an "average" person can close a 21' gap in 1.5 seconds or less.

    Gunfights, in most civilian encounters are fights that turn in to gunfights, as you learned. You were fighting with the aggressor and it was an "up close and personal affair" judging by what I read. Like I said, good job on the situational awareness.

    I would only add this one thing, watch the hands! You were blessed and it was probably closer than you think. Now go relax, which is easier said than done, and give Mom a hug.


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    "After 10 days, it's been killing me,,,,." You needed to get this out and that's what your friends are here for. It is best to get it out, talk about it, your feelings, doubts, and what if's. You have done that some and if you need to do more, just let it out.
    NOW,,,,,,,,,,,, give yourself credit for doing a perfect job!! You can "what if" it to death but it won't change a thing and you did a perfect job! The end results are great and everyone is safe and you performed perfectly.
    AND,,,,,,,,, in sharing your experience, you taught and encouraged each of us that have read of your experience. I will take lessons right straight from the horses' mouth all day long as will anyone with good sense.
    It's all good!! You need to talk some more and let it out, e mail me. I got big ears and glad to help.
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    Fantastic situational awareness. And you handled the situation in what I would consider to have been the very best way possible. You saw the potential problem, and took care of your mother's safety, and instructed her properly to call 911. You were able to get out of the situation without firing a shot, and no one was seriously hurt or killed. My friend, it just doesn't turn out any better, unless you were a world class martial artist, and kicked his butt and then gift wrapped him for the cops. In the real world, your outcome was incredible. My hat is off to you sir, I can only hope that in a similar situation, I could handle it even half as well as you did.

    As far as the HIPPA comments, as a medical professional, I can assure you that you're right on. The loud mouth pharmacist was way out of line, and his boss should have a conversation with him to make him aware that his voice is so loud. Probably he doesn't even realize it, he's just one of those people with loud voices. He may also have a hearing problem, which would account for it. But bottom line, he needs to learn to speak more softly.

    HD, you said that you felt that if you took someone's life, it would change you forever. I agree wholeheartedly. Taking the life of another person is the most serious thing that another human could possible do. It's something that you would have to learn to live with. You would need counselling for quite some time. And to tell you the truth, if taking another's life DOESN'T affect you like that, you probably shouldn't be carrying. We aren't like the action heroes of the movies and TV. They can be flippant and callous about it. But we can't be like that, or we're going to take someone's life when it isn't warranted, and then we're screwed. So, you're only showing that you're a human.

    Congratulations my friend, you did a fantastic job.

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    Glad everyone is ok, and especially glad you were carrying. Job well done.
    "Remember the first rule of gunfighting..."have a gun""

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    You handled that great. Like the others have said, talk to the buffoon pharmacist and let him know what his loud mouth caused.
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    Glad you all are safe!
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    Glad you and your mom came out of this so well. Hope the perp gets caught before he hurts someone else. I'm with you brother on covering people in wheel chairs. Have had my wife in and then out again for several years at a stretch. They seem to be scumbag magnets. It's also the thing that tipped me into CCW. Keep that head on a swivel and NEVER doubt that funny feeling that so many discredit. It's either a quiet part of your brain trying to warn you or God tapping you on the shoulder. I hope you never need it again!
    If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good. ~ Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

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    I am also a health care professional, so dealing with HIPAA has been ongoing. I have seen people fired over isolated accidental things, much less significant than what I experience standing in line pharmacy line every single time. The problem with these pharmacies, is that they have no oversight regarding HIPAA.

    To the OP - my hat is off to you, as someone who has been involved with accidental loss of life - a none crime situation & no fault situation (just present, and involved) it does change your life. It makes you appreciate life much more, with that appreciation comes the constant "what if I did this" or "maybe I could have prevented it by doing that"

    The fact is, you did great! The key is, you STOPPED the threat, in the least confronting, least violent, and safest way possible.

    Congrats - and my best wishes for you, and your family this holiday season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoozyerdaddy View Post
    Thank God I didn't see it or I probly woulda fired, and I honestly believe if I ever took a life for any reason my own would be forever changed and not for the better.
    Thank you for the story; glad it all worked out for you and your mom.

    Now, about this last statement...

    Part of me thinks that what I'm about to say is moot, since you already did handle a violent attacker, and pretty darned well.

    But I want to say that it sounds almost as though you ought to re-evaluate whether you should be carrying a gun. You see, I read hesitation in your final analysis. You say that if you had had to shoot, it would have changed your life for the worse. How can that be? If you had been forced to shoot, it would have been because shooting was necessary to save the life of you or your mother! There should be NO ambivalence in your mind about whether that is a positive thing or not. It's unequivocally positive!

    Now, no one (who's normal) wants to kill someone; but if you are too worried about how it will "affect your life" if you do have to shoot and kill, that could translate into an inability to pull the trigger when you must. That, of course, would be very bad.

    Are you really sure you would be able to USE the gun, and not just as a deterrent or scare-factor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by monky View Post
    I would go have a LONG talk with the pharmacy at wally world about violating patient privacy..

    thankfully you and your mother were unharmed.. but i would seriously go have a talk with the idiots in the pharmacy, or even attempt to contact corporate wally world..
    GREAT job of handling the whole situation!
    Perfect in every way! Chalk one up for the good guys! (you)
    BTW.. after reading your post, I firmly believe that the Guy behind the counter MAY be resonsibile for "assisting" with several other robberies, as he may be working behind the counter, and giving the "heads up" to people of lesser human charactor (such as the one you encountered) who just "happen" to be within earshot of the Pharmacy window..from others with precriptions such as the ones you purchased. I'm sure Wally World would want a heads up from your perspective
    Just an observation from reading what you posted and good food for thought
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