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My First Time Having To Pull My Weapon

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Thread: My First Time Having To Pull My Weapon

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    One thing I would like to add is that I would reconsider leaving the store if there was a guy in some sort of proximity, whom I had already determined seemed suspicious.

    Happened to me once, where I noticed I had a "tail" in the supermarket. It turned out to be an idiot security guard (this big fat sweaty bald guy) who thought I had put a bottle of wine into my pocket. (Truth was, I had gone in specifically for a particular wine request by a friend, and they didn't carry it so I was walking out without a purchase.)

    This guard followed me past the checkout and toward one of the supermarket doors, and so I stopped and pretended to look at a poster near the door. When he stopped, too, I confronted him. (That's when we hashed out that I was not stealing something; and he ended up being loudly embarrassed by yours truly, to the point where he humbly apologized.)

    But the point is, I was thinking, "Oh crap, is this going to go down? Well, if I can 'shake' him before I'm out in the night in the parking lot and end up having to SHOOT him, let me try all other avenues." I consciously thought about the fact that it was wiser to find out if I was being followed IN the store than once I had LEFT the store, so I declined to leave.

    Now, if need be, I would have notified store management that there was someone following me and I did not feel secure leaving the store with him after me and they'd better do something about it or otherwise summon the police.

    When I think about what I'd have to go through if I shot the guy in the lot (and if I'd left the store I have no doubt he would have put his hands on me and that would have seriously erupted things...) I am very glad that I did not just casually decide to head outside and "see what happens."

    I would recommend that the next time someone seems to be casing you, don't risk heading out to where he might confront you. Shake the tail inside the establishment before venturing out. You won't get in trouble for going to a manager and saying that someone seems to be threatening your safety, and that you have a "funny feeling" and feel "threatened." Chances are, if your tail sees you apparently involving authorities, he'll make for the door and give up on you. If he sees you on the phone, looking his way, he'll know you're calling the cops and he will no longer be your problem. And if he's still around when the cops get there, you have your escort to your vehicle--and the guy might be picked up on warrants, for all we know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey View Post
    But I want to say that it sounds almost as though you ought to re-evaluate whether you should be carrying a gun. You see, I read hesitation in your final analysis. You say that if you had had to shoot, it would have changed your life for the worse. How can that be? If you had been forced to shoot, it would have been because shooting was necessary to save the life of you or your mother!
    Peaceful - taking a life, is taking a life. It does affect you - forever. As a healthcare professional - I have been involved with acts that in basically kills the patient. I have had to remove life support, and be there when that patient died. This affects you personally.

    Remember that he did not say his life would be changed for the worse - just that it would be changed and not for the better. I think we all agree that we are better off not being in a situation where we have to kill someone. Taking of life affects you.

    I think he is a perfect example of how to carry. He stopped when the threat was stopped. I don't see hesitation, I see calm, cool thinking! He did not hesitate - he used his gun appropriately and didn't rush to pull the trigger.

    Again to the OP - EXCELLENT JOB!!!
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    You done good. Congratulations on being a Sheepdog!


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    Well done!

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    Great job being alert to your suroundings and threats. Glad everything turned out in your favor and ya'll are OK.
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    Naw you were just being paronid. He wasn't watching you, just your imagination......

    Just remember being paronid does not hurt anyone.... Not being paronid may cost you your life and loved ones life also......

    You never know.... Good job......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoozyerdaddy View Post
    We just picked up here meds some of which was morphine and several other cancer related drugs. I noticed a guy standing there watching the big mouthed pharmacist practically yelling this and that even naming these pain meds so loud if could be heard easily 15 ft away. I just felt odd not nervous but wierd about this guy even now I can't put my finger on it. As usual I get "that funny feeling" about someone I try to look them right in the eye even more than usual, this guy avoided my gaze like I was medusa. That sent up another flag right away. Instead of going right to my van like normal I rolled around for about 20 minutes and I swear I saw this guy out of the corner of my eye several times trying to look like he was shopping .
    Awesome situational awareness, that's what it's all about. I have been "cased" a few times and I prefer to just confront the "subject" right there in the store with a friendly "how do I know you". It's non-confrontational and usually leads to them leaving you alone because now they know you are more likely to identify them. I have also used with great success my more confrontational favorites "don't talk to me, I don't know you" and "wrong guy, MF". For some reason these seem to work well in NYC.

    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    Second, good job in regards to "Situational Awareness". You say that you are suprised at the amount of time it took him to "close the gap", or rather the lack of time. The Tueller Drill showed that an "average" person can close a 21' gap in 1.5 seconds or less.

    I would only add this one thing, watch the hands! You were blessed and it was probably closer than you think.
    The Tueller Drill, although dated, is proof that if the guy wanted to hurt you you may not have time to react unless you got into his OODA Loop. This is a good example of doing that, you short circuited him and his plan and he couldn't recover. I also say WATCH THE HANDS, it's a crucial survival rule. Good job.

    I feel everyone should open their eyes and have hand to hand skills to address situations like this. A gun doesn't cure all. He never presented a weapon at you. IMO and just mine, based on my skillset, I would have hesitation going right to deadly force in the situation you described. I think if this was me there would be a guy with a broken this and that with me on top of him waiting for the police to arrive. Maybe, no gun needed unless his buddy popped out.

    Congrats on the cherry pop, good job!
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    Fantastic job of staying alert and knowing your surroundings.

    I'm very sorry to hear of the illness in your family. Mine went through similar tough times, and it was never made any easier by people who took an interest in medications. Though nothing will change the hardship she is enduring, your mother is very lucky to have you there to help.

    Congratulations on keep you and your beloved mother safe.
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    I don't think that anyone could post a better example of how good situational awareness can avert a potential tragedy.

    When the LEO found the blade it would have shaken me to my bones... That is the only thing that scared me while reading the OP... The BG got way too close, but it ended well due to training.

    Very nice.

    Did you speak to the management of the pharmacy about what you feel was the cause of the attack? I would definitely ask to speak to the Store Manager and the Head Pharmacist and ask that their employees be made aware of the cause of the incident. There is no need for them to let the world know that they just handed you a bag full of Schedule II Narcotics.

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    Well done. A muzzle of a gun in his mouth, i'd imagine he had a quick change of heart.

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    Great Job!!

    Thanks for posting. These encounters can come from anywhere. Situational awareness is key. Way to protect yourself and family. A + my man.
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    Just wanna say congrats on getting out of there safe from harm, Berea is not to bad of a drive from here so from one KY member to the next stay safe and keep your family safe also...
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    Quote Originally Posted by peacefuljeffrey View Post
    Part of me thinks that what I'm about to say is moot, since you already did handle a violent attacker, and pretty darned well.
    PJ I think this part of you is right. He did say had he seen the knife he would have shot, to me, this is what was needed. He did not see it but ended the situation, I am pretty sure he will handle himself right if the need to shoot should ever (hopefully never) arise.

    "The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose."

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    Good job.
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