California CCW wording / Application H E L P

California CCW wording / Application H E L P

This is a discussion on California CCW wording / Application H E L P within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Gentlemen and Women, I need your help. I am applying for my CCW in San Diego, California, and understand it is not a sure thing ...

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    California CCW wording / Application H E L P

    Gentlemen and Women, I need your help.

    I am applying for my CCW in San Diego, California, and understand it is not a sure thing that you make cash deposits at odd times of the day and after hours in a bad area.

    I am trying to word this so I am not overdoing it, yet, I want to get the point across that I need one.

    Anyone know what I should do next? My appointment / Face to Face interview is January 2nd and I want to make my Ducks are in a row.


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    Not knowing your "particulars" would be hard if not impossible for any of us to give you the advice you are looking I can off is, GOOD LUCK!
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    Fish, there is no magic answer. It depends on the area, and you are not in a friendly area, my friend. Tell them the absolute truth, and the fears you have about being unprotected with money in a bad area. They know when you're stretching it! Best of luck!
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    One definate GOOD REASON is to place the words "for all lawful purposes" (that way you're being up front and completly honest about it)among other particulars you wish to place on your application, as that's( the above reason) what in placed on the apps for Massachusettes resident Pistol Permits (Ma License to carry Firearms, Class A or B) When I was a resident of that State, it was for Life and Property.. until they changed the wording
    Good luck on your quest, and let us know how you make out..
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    check out people there are knowledgable and willing to help out.

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    and try

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    I can make some pertinent suggestions, for your GC and San Diego.

    1-Do not spin a story, exaggerate or manipulate facts.

    2-Approach the process with serious regard as to how you will be received. Look at "you" from the "Sheriff's" perspective. What do you think he wants to know about you? Are you a level-headed law-abiding citizen who will do everything possible to fly under the radar. Remember that from their perspective, the first goal of a CCW holder is to NOT generate any more paperwork for LE.

    3-Validate your statements on why you are more at risk than the general population. Documents, bank statements, invoices, etc. Show lots of proof if you can.

    4-Your character reference letters from three SD residents are important. Expect that the Sheriff's office will call and do a quick interview with each of these people. If you can get hefty references, like military officers, civic leaders, wealthy political donors, etc., that can only help your case. Do not underestimate this aspect!

    5-As wonderfully as you have written your GC statement, expect to have to write it again without the benefits of notes. So be prepared with some shortcut clues that cover your key points.

    6-NEVER play that "2A" card!!! That will blow up in your face. Re-read #2. If you were the Sheriff, would you like someone taking that approach? No. So do not take an adversarial approach when you're asking for something that he currently doesn't have to give you.

    7-While the Sheriff is expected to tighten the issuance of CCWs in San Diego in 2008, take heart that the officers at the range have a different opinion. In fact, they actually are (occasionally) vocal about how CA should be a "shall issue" state and the current process is BS. Unfortunately, until one of them gets elected sheriff, we need to work with a rather anti-gun political machine in SD.

    If you need any other assistance, you can PM me. Good luck!


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