Alabama senator wants to arm students

Alabama senator wants to arm students

This is a discussion on Alabama senator wants to arm students within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Disclaimer: I, IBEZ am NOT THE AUTHOR OF THAT ARTICLE... please see SOURCE, thanks source: A BAD IDEA THE ISSUE An Alabama state senator ...

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Thread: Alabama senator wants to arm students

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    Exclamation Alabama senator wants to arm students

    Disclaimer: I, IBEZ am NOT THE AUTHOR OF THAT ARTICLE... please see SOURCE, thanks



    An Alabama state senator has prefiled a bill in the Legislature that would allow certain students to carry firearms on college campuses.

    The tragedy at Virginia Tech last spring is still resonating with many, including a state senator who has prefiled a bill that would allow certin college students to carry concealed weapons on campus.

    Sen. Hank Erwin, R-Montevallo, said allowing qualified students to carry weapons on campus could prevent the sort of tragedy that claimed 32 lives, plus that of the shooter, at Virginia Tech on April 16. During a two-hour period, a student with a history of mental problems shot and killed 27 students and five faculty members.

    Erwin believes a few legally armed students could have thwarted the slaughter. He also said allowing students to carry weapons to class could prevent a similar tragedy from occurring on an Alabama campus.

    In theory, Erwin's reasoning seems logical. If a legally armed student could stop a rampaging gunman, it's possible many lives could be saved. But the reality of armed students roaming state campuses is much less romantic or plausible.

    First, few students these days have ever handled a pistol or spnt time on a firing range learning how to use one. Second, virtually no students have undergone training in how to react to the sort of chaos that ensues in situations like the one at Virginia Tech. The confusion and panic is difficult for trained police officers to manage; there's no reason to expect students to cope with the madness.

    And then there's the sheer unpredictability of armed students roaming a campus. Does anyone really cherish the thought of stressed out students carrying pistols on their hips or in their handbags during exams or during the alcohol-fueled celebrations associated with ball games? We think not.

    Erwin's bill would limit armed students to those enrolled in Reserve Officer Training Corps programs. As with state law, they would have to be 21 to obtain a concealed-carry permit and have a clean record. Regardless, it simply isn't a good idea to allow students to arm themselves as a matter of daily life on campus.

    Instead, a few armed faculty and staff - who have received firearms training - would make more sense. Mature judgment is needed in a crisis. Security systems are also necessary to help protect students in the event of a shooting - systems that make communication with authorities quick and easy.

    We encourage the Legislature to keep this bill bottled up in committee and focus in instead on more realistic approaches to campus safety.

    Disclaimer: I, IBEZ am NOT THE AUTHOR OF THAT ARTICLE... thanks

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    Interesting... unarmed students walk on campus. Armed students "roam".

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    Hmmmm....That report wasn't biased.

    When are they ever gonna get it?
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    Much of what was said in that article is exactly what the Brady Bunch says. It actually sounds like what they say when they are trying to defeat concealed carry in any state. All the mass killings and blood running in the streets on the day it becomes legal to CCW and all that garbage. IMHO they are making some judgments against a lot of young people unjustly. Not only that, but their use of the words,"virtually no students,,,,,,,,," sets them up as an all knowing person who knows all students on all campus's.
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    I'm ashamed that comes from my local newspaper. Although anyone who knows anything around here calls it the 'birdcage liner'
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    I believe if these students are given more than a basic carry course and extensively trained in firearm handling , drawing from concealment and practice shooting regularly (as a requirement to keep license) it's a GREAT IDEA . Alot of adults aren't really mentally qualified to carry but they have permits . Coming from a family of half LEO'S , I can say you have a few officers that can't handle that responsibility either!!! (I mean NO offense to any LEO'S ) I've seen too many come through academies that have no business having a gun or being allowed to carry a gun !!! So to say a student can't handle carrying a gun to class is just stupid IMO . Look at the serial killings at UF for example . The VT incident could've been stopped along w/ the mall shootings if at least 1 person was allowed to carry in those places . The best example : New Life Church in Colorado Springs and permit carrier Jeanne Assam . THINK ABOUT IT ....

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    Nice try Senator, but why only "certain students"? Shouldn't anyone with a cc permit be so allowed? By definition, they must meet certain standards and qualifications to obtain their license, no?

    Media bias against ccw? Tell me it ain't so!

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    Wow, I don't think I have ever read a more biased article.
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    It's things like this that make me proud to be from Alabama. Maybe if he can get something happening with this, everyone will see in a couple of years that there hasn't been a campus bloodbath anywhere and the idea will catch on.
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    Students who are targets should have a right to defend themselves since the school cannot do it

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    I agree with abuttermilk. When the author (not ibez) makes blanket statements about the student body it has to make one wonder what else they are blanketing.....
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    Limiting CC to ROTC would disqualify physically disabled students from carrying. These may be the ones who have the most need.

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    How about REQUIRING otherwise qualified students to get their permit if they are ROTC cadets? They are, after all, entering the profession of arms, might it be a good idea to actually have them get accustomed to them?
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    I like your thoughts OPFOR ccw should be required for ROTC students.

    As a side note while in graduate school (much older than 21) I was a reserve officer for the Univeristy Police department and a dispacther. There are a lot of students who are non traditional (read as older and more experienced).
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    Hmmm....I like the blanket statement of wanting to arm the mature professors who in theory could handle a situation like that better than the immature students.

    In being one that's not far removed from undergraduate days I have to say (and no offense meant to professors on here, I know these are the exceptions) that I had my share of immature professors who seemed to have more stability and emotional issues than some students and not someone I'd trust to defend my life.

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