Flying - due to gun restriction....

Flying - due to gun restriction....

This is a discussion on Flying - due to gun restriction.... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Due to tough weapon-restrictions on airlines Has that cause you to DRIVE more and fly less to far destinations ? Stop flying all together ? ...

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Thread: Flying - due to gun restriction....

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    Exclamation Flying - due to gun restriction....

    Due to tough weapon-restrictions on airlines
    Has that cause you to DRIVE more and fly less to far destinations ?
    Stop flying all together ?
    or do you still FLY and secure your weapons according to TSA/Airline policy ?

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    I've worked with too many of today's airline mechanics years ago to trust my life to them. I apoligize to the maintance folks that do good work; but, it only takes one goof to screw up. I enjoy seeing the sights and meeting new folks in strange different places, so I drive.
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    I have no choice but to fly 99.9% of the time.

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    I stopped flying years ago
    but its not because of the tough-restrictions
    I stopped because of the ignorant "power tripping" TSA agents and their rude attitude.
    They have to make it known to everyone that, you carrying a tube with gel 2 ounces over the limit and they can make it tough for you to make your flight
    Argue with them and they make attempts to get your name on the "Can Not Fly List" ( whatever the heck the name of the list is )

    I would ONLY FLY if I was going OVERSEAS, and theres still that possibility that I may first consider going by Ship.


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    We fly as little as possible. The long waits, taking clothing items off and on in the terminals. I would rather drive and see the sights our great land has to offer.
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    Haven't flown in quite a few years, no desire to do so today. Don't feel like putting up with the aforementioned power-trippers and stupid regulations. I'd probably get locked up for laughing when asked to remove my shoes.
    Can't imagine why anyone would put up with it outside of need. Not any kind of way to start or end a vacation. One of the biggest government intrusions into my life that hacks me off, but fortunately it's largely avoidable.

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    The last time I flew by commercial aircraft was 1985.

    Have not had a reason to since then, and I see no reason to in the foreseeable future.

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    Still flying

    If not for my job, I'd have no reason to fly. As it is, I tend to fly quite a bit. This past fall set a record: 9 destinations in under 5 weeks. I'l be the same this spring, and then some. Since most destinations are Federal Installations, "going without" is the rule of the day.

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    I hate flying, but in the military I was always flying somewhere. The worst time however, was in Pensacola. In 2002 I was transferring from one command to another. As was customary, I was in full Dress Whites. I got to security and was promptly strip seached in front of about 40 people. Down to my boxers and a t-shirt. I made my flight, and reported this to my CO at my next command. 3 weeks later, I got a letter in the mail from TSA. They said they where sorry and that it would never happend again. As you can guess, I was pretty upset.
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    The thought of crashing keeps me from flying.

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    There in nothing convenient about flying...expensive, full of hassles, uncomfortable, dangerous, probable target, delays, without a car at both ends (or rent one, not cheap)...

    I fly as little as possible...twice in the last 7 years...with no plans in the future...
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    I drive everywhere. I quit flying after I retired. The new regs on flying just give me another excuse to not fly. If I want to go somewhere and it includes flying, I stay home and save money, then buy a new gun or knife. Just the fact that I can't carry knives on a plane make me want more.

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    In the '80s and '90s, I flew two or three times a year (mostly for work). Now, I am fortunate that I do not have to. I avoid flying now because of the above stories: There are too many humiliations and transgressions in airliner transport. Because I will not fly, I have not seen many friends or relatives in years. Of course, they are free to visit me here, but, despite what our Chamber of Commerce says, Reno, Nevada is just another armpit of the world. My friends and relatives stay away and fly to better locales. We become estranged, or, better yet, know what it was to live before the invention of readily available commercial flight. Imagine how far flung the distances were when people had to walk, ride a horse, or creep along on a train at 25 mph? Just in case you need to know, trains did not routinely approach top speeds of 60 mph until after WWI (and then only on the then most modern routes). What is old is new again.

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    As others have already mentioned, the security checks going onto the concourse are an imposition and an indignity. For that reason, I only fly when I absolutely have to. If given the preference, I’d rather drive.

    That said, I still fly on occasion and always take a pistol and ammo when I do. When I first started doing this, the folks who had to check the gun through baggage were not very proficient and it added a little time (ten minutes or so) to the check-in process. It was a regular occurrence for my bags to be opened and physically checked after passing through the X-ray machine.

    The last time I flew (Salt Lake to Phoenix and back) things seemed to go a little more quickly and smoothly. After declaring my gun and filling out the little card they lock in the case with it, I followed my bags to the X-ray machine, handed the bags to the TSA agent, informed him there was a gun inside, and watched the bags go through the machine. Both times he waived me through and told me I was good to go without opening my bags.

    On this trip, I used an empty chamber indicator. You know, one of those red plastic things that holds your gun about a quarter inch out of battery, and has a flag that hangs out of the gun so range officers can tell your gun is safe after they’ve called a ceasefire. I’m not sure, but that may have made it easier for them to verify the gun was unloaded when looking at the image on the X-ray machine.
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    There are plenty of reasons not to fly. Hoops to jump through for bringing a firearm along is just one more reason.
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